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Importance of NGO’s in UK

The UK NGOs community owes its origins to the humanitarian impulses that have continued through the ages. Many of the principal non-government organizations were the product of relief initiatives undertaken during or at the end of the world war. With the progression in time it has been clear that protecting human rights is gaining foremost importance all over the world. This has led to an increasing number of NGOs in UK which is envisioned by progressive and internationalist-minded men and women.

It has been widely accepted that the developed nations have the much-needed resources to help the third world nations to develop. The problems in developing countries are diverse and need immediate attention. Since independence, third world countries have been attempting to develop in many ways but these efforts have been met by certain challenges such as poverty, malnutrition and ill-health that has stunted the development process. The Government aids provided to these countries are of little help. With the countries’ poor economic state and the high debts to be paid, the government struggles at a daily basis to provide sufficient resources required to maintain the development, let alone make improvements.

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Empowered nations like the UK and US have the ability to create a substantial impact. Since the developed nations have colonised many countries in the past and exploited its resources, it is their duty to volunteer for humanitarian causes.

There are a number of UK NGOs who are working tirelessly to improve the poverty-stricken nations of the world such as India. One of the major roles of NGOs is enlisting advocates for child rights and social justice from among the educated, professional and business classes.


Therefore it is imperative that people of the financially affluent countries, volunteer for humanitarian causes. Becoming a volunteer for an NGO is beneficial for numerous reasons. It is a way to give back to the society or support a cause that you care about. Also, NGOs offer a great platform to meet new people, learn new skills or gain experience in a field you might like to work in. For people interested in a career in global health, international development or humanitarian aid, becoming a volunteer for an NGO is especially attractive. These fields require previous work experience and volunteering is a great way to gain this knowledge and see whether the field is the appropriate one for you.

List of the Best NGOs Working Toward the Betterment of Society

Non-governmental organisations or NGOs have gained momentum all over the world, with more and more organisations making attempts to change the situation of today. With most people living in lack, NGOs make it a point to address issues pertaining to deprivation of basic rights and necessities. Being independent of the government and other profit-oriented companies, these organisations have managed to help numerous lives with their continuous efforts.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross has, for years, being working toward supporting the public. Being one of the best humanitarian organisations, it was founded in 1881 by Clara Barton and a few of her acquaintances. The main cause for it being established was to reduce and eradicate human suffering through the help of volunteers or donors.

This foundation believes in humanity, impartiality, unity, voluntary service given by people, neutrality, impartiality, independence, and universality.

Child Rights and You (CRY)

Child Rights and You or CRY helps children all over the world based on the four underlying principles it functions on as mentioned below:

  • The NGO believes that every child has the right to good health, proper nutrition, nationality or a sense of belonging, and a name.
  • Children have the right to protection, physically and mentally, from neglect, abuse and exploitation.
  • They have the right to development through means such as education, recreation, leisure, and care.
  • The right to express themselves, the right to information, and also the right to religion.

These basic fundamental principles ensure the betterment of children through the various efforts of the foundation.

Make a Wish Foundation

Having been founded in the year 1980, Make a Wish Foundation works towards granting wishes of children diagnosed with critical illnesses. By helping out in fulfilling the wishes of these children, the foundation believes in making a difference in the lives of these kids and other around them by bringing joy to their lives.

The granting of their wishes certainly helps children be more optimistic even where treatment is concerned, giving them and their parents a hope to see better days.

Through the unwavering determination of these NGOs, many people in the world have experienced joy and comfort with the many ventures and activities carried out by these NGOs to change the lives of people for the better. Various other NGOs, too, have begun to work toward certain areas that their attention where making a difference in the world in concerned.

The Causes Addressed by Children’s NGOs in UK

Children have been the most affected section of the world in the past decades. Being dependent on others for their survival, children often face many unpleasant circumstances where they are forced to live a life of neglect and lack. Most kids in the UK feel unloved due to the way they are treated by their caretakers. It is only natural for NGOs to work towards addressing this issue.

Most of the children’s NGOs in UK are started by those who have already experienced the bitterness of having a bad childhood or, perhaps, witnessed one. With children being vulnerable and more prone to fall prey to wrong things, these organisations are making an effort in curbing the rise of juvenile delinquency and other such circumstances.

By giving proper aid and care to children, NGOs in UK address the following issues:

Proper nourishment: Hunger often leads to crime. More often than not, children in foster homes or places where they are neglected by caretakers tend to find the much needed attention elsewhere. In many cases, the neglect is that of starving the children ‘for their own good’. This leads to children stealing and going the wrong to get something right.

Protection: Child abuse, both physical and sexual, is a common phenomenon in almost every country. Without someone to protect them, these children are bound to suffer the harm caused. By finding a good environment for them to live in, and giving them the love they deserve, these NGOs ensure that the children are properly cared for.

Education: While not all children have the privilege, every single one of them desires to be educated to become someone better. Most consider education to be a privilege when it is, in fact, a basic right of every child. This is exactly the change that children’s NGOs are trying to bring about.

Help Transform a Life by Donating

One of the greatest concerns in a country like India that is brimming with people everywhere is poverty. While that in itself is a huge problem, most of the people deprived of basic necessities are young children. Most of the orphans and remand homes see kids come in and go out every single day, making it matter that requires serious intervention.

Most NGOs and government organisations to have come up with many solutions to get children access to their basic rights. Free education for girls and food provided in schools seem to be the biggest contributors to many children being sent to schools by their parents. This, however, has only managed to work in some areas due to the many shortcomings people saw in them depending on their financial circumstances.

This has led to many organisations starting a fund where one can give in donations for children. While it may be a small amount for many, these funds have been useful in changing the lives of thousands of children by providing them with the following:


Many organisations have been trying to open schools everywhere that provides free education to children. To get the dreams within reach of every child, donations have paved a path to make those dreams for their future a reality. Through access to knowledge and education, many children have brought about a change in their living which has only been possible through the generosity of people.


Access to nutritious food is another thing that not only children but everyone in the world require. Eating right to keep your health in check is only possible if you do indeed have access to nutritious meals. Many children are deprived of the basic right to healthy food even once a day for which donations have been a major help. With many people donating for children’s welfare, organisations all over have been able to feed the underprivileged children.

Sheltered Life

With the funds given as child donation, organisations have built shelters in the form of orphanages and homes for children that provide children with clothing, shelter, food, and protection. These organisations also teach the children various things that would help in building their future and choosing an occupation by supporting them through providing opportunities.

By making even the smallest of donations, you can help in transforming the lives of kids all over the country.

Earn more than just money from work!


Living in an era where one is typically judged by the quality of their car and the size of their paycheck, joining a line of work that pays less by principle is perhaps more than just an aberration. However, for a chosen number of people, this is more of a calling as such a profession allows one to serve those who haven’t had it as easy as us. Perhaps the best examples of this are NGOs. So whether you are just reading up or intend to join one, here’s what to keep in mind!

The basics of it!

An NGO, which also stands for a non-governmental organization, is a body that is involved in targeting and helping out a particular demographic of society which faces a socio-economic or environmental problem. This could include anything from victims of domestic violence, rape victims, displaced refugees from a conflict zones and so on. The task of the charity is to formulate ways to bring in support and visibility to their cause, thereby attempting to improve their standards of living and make things easier for them.

How they work

Work at such a place would involve a myriad number of tasks, from collecting old items from homes to appealing shops to donate stock, setting up drives and camps at colleges and even speaking to the press through bytes or social media. One’s daily job, for instance, could be about curating posts regarding the violations of child rights for the NGO’s Facebook page or Twitter handle.


Why work here?

Working at any such place improves one’s appreciation for the problems that plague society and instils compassion and understanding within us. Moreover, in terms of professional appeal, employers can find it interesting to find experience in such a field, as it proves your penchant for patience when dealing with difficult and wary people, something most corporate giants have to excel at handling.

Where to start?

There are plenty of prominent NGOs here, such as CRY UK, which represents the British chapter of the globally known CRY. One must simply go in with an open mind and attempt to help as much as possible. Because in this field, help is not just sought but urgently required.

Giving to make a difference!

In the world that is ruled by the power of money and competitive manoeuvring, most people around the world and across many walks of life tend to singularly pursue their goals without much consideration or thought to anything else. It is only during times of festivity that we tend to remember those around us who perhaps aren’t so fortunate or well-off. All the same, it is important to acknowledge that there are, indeed, several sections of society that do look to us for help from time to time. While not everyone is of the type to translate their efforts on the field, one way to go about this is donations. Here are some things to know about them.

An introduction

The act of making a donation corresponds with essentially pledging a certain monetary amount towards an endeavour or individual pursuant in the betterment of conditions for disadvantaged folks in society. These could include acid attack survivors, orphaned children, housing or war-affected people, children rescued from abusive homes or the streets and so on. The idea is that, even if one is unable to participate in efforts to uplift their condition, they can contribute significantly by means of being able to donate.


Why it works

This avenue holds credibility to be used for those people who have neither the time nor the ability to directly involve themselves in an effort to make things better for the downtrodden in society. With the pervasiveness of the internet, the capacity to donate online makes this easier than ever, even for laymen.

Increased security

While some people worry that their amounts may never reach the end user, online donation puts paid to this notion, since fewer physical hands actually get a hold of the money. Thus, the likelihood of someone’s life being better through your amount is greater here.

How to start

Many varied NGOs around the world and India have their online portals to make it easy for anyone to make a donation online. Take your time and research before making one!


Give to make a life better!

Beating the numbers with effort!

Despite everything that may suggest how things are quite completely under control with technology and communication, the true fact is that the modern world is besieged by innumerable real-world problems that continue to plague every layer of its society, such as the exploitation of classes based on monetary control. Perhaps one of the most afflicted due to these are children, whose true plight is visible only through a comprehensive look at the statistics of children CRY America and other NGOs release periodically.

The situation in India

Some child statistics CRY America has collated to gauge the situation for children in the East and West respectively:

  • 47 of every 1000 children in India perish before their first year of life completes.
  • 1 out of every 2 children in India are malnourished.
  • 4 of every 5 children in India are anaemic.
  • About 22% of children are born with a lower body weight than average
  • Only about 54% of children have immunization at the district level.


However, the situation is no different elsewhere around the world. Children’s statistics don’t exaggerate, with the documentation of underprivileged children CRY America has collated allowing us a closer look at the primary problems befalling children in the West; abuse and neglect:

  • About 12% of the juvenile population in the United States of America has faced maltreatment and been victimized to some extent.
  • Only about 43 of every 1000 children have received a proper investigation by CPS agencies based on tip-offs, complaints and reports filed on their behalf; an appalling rate of 4 children for every hundred distress calls dispatched by complainants.
  • 60% of abuse victims reported and rescued had shown signs of neglect.


In a scenario like these, a slew of measures is needed indeed to tackle the menace, such as follows:

  • Sensitization of schools toward children from difficult backgrounds
  • Increased social watch programming to report instances of exploitation
  • Better legal protection to build a case against perpetrators swiftly to name a few!

The odds may be stacked against children but a focused effort can turn things around!

Working for a true cause!

Upon finishing graduation, one of the most common things we desire is working someplace meaningful, where the post or money may not be much but the exposure and experience makes up for it. One such alternative that has seen an increasing number of people take to it, is the realm of non-governmental organizations; also known as NGOs. Here’s what to know.

A gratification unlike others

More often than not, your job will depend on the kind of work you handle or the size of the pay-check that you take home. However, in the case of an NGO, the latter becomes immaterial as your work is completely geared towards improving a life that faces more hardship than usual. The kind of gratification one receives here at the end of the day is not only a huge confidence booster, but also a professional edge when it comes to serving the community, something society approves of, globally.Cry

Opening horizons

The kind of workload we handle ensures that at the end of a week, we seldom have the time, energy or patience to deal with aspects outside of work, let alone the idea of giving back to society. This changes when we work in any capacity, whether volunteer-based or full-time, for such firms. For instance, in an NGO for child rights, one may have to deal with cases such as tending to a traumatized child rescued from an abusive home, or make toys/find clothes for the children. This not only opens up our minds to empathy but also makes us tolerant and compassionate.

The bonus on paper

To let institutions and employers know of your contribution to, say, an NGO in UK, would be a tremendous addition to your educational and career prospects. Persons with experience in this realm are considered highly competent not just because of their hands-on knowledge of dealing with people but also for knowing the importance of lending a hand in the community’s situation.

So will you work for someone else without earning from it?

Building another’s dream!

Regardless of whether you have superlative ambition or not, everyone wants to gain experience which makes up for small salaries and long hours of work. Moreover, there is a select but growing group of professionals and graduates who seek jobs that are not all about fat pay-checks. Thus, for people who look for more than a job description, the kind of work that inspires real change and actually sees physical improvements in another life is very appealing to take up. Which brings us to some of the most prominent organizations that exist in the aforementioned regard; non-governmental organizations. Here are some aspects one should know about them.

The basics

An NGO is essentially an organization that is not profit-driven but instead has objectives such as the overall improvement of conditions faced by a particular, typically marginalized section of society. These can include orphans, underprivileged families, disaster survivors, political refugees and even victims of domestic abuse or riots. The NGO attempts to organize drives, activities and other initiatives that can collect not just ground support, but also coverage and funds which can be channeled towards improving the lives of such cases in society.cry america

Lessons learnt here

Working in any kind of non-profit organization can be a tremendous eye-opener for someone, regardless of what stage in life they do this. Working, for instance, at an NGO for children will entail tasks such as organizing movies and excursions for the children, finding old clothes and toys for them and teaching them basic subjects like English or Math to name a few. This kind of environment not only nurtures a sense of compassion among volunteers but also helps them develop sensitivity to the problems of inequality and how they affect people.

Where to start

There is literally no shortage of such ventures trying their best to make things better for the downtrodden. One can look up and join alongside some prominent NGOs in America without much trouble.

So lend a hand to a conscientious brand!

Donate toward a better future!

One of the biggest perks that our country is thought to have is a burgeoning population of youngsters, something that indicates a very high rate of workforce capability in the future. As per statistics, over half of the national population being under the age of 30.

However, the ugly reality of this situation exists in the current deplorable situation of the young in India, with over millions of children regularly being at the mercy of nefarious elements and anti-social activities like trafficking, prostitution, begging on the streets, hard underage labour and drug usage.

To combat this, the UN-mandated CRC has formulated measures that allow for controlling these issues. But for ordinary members of society like us, being a constant part of the effort may not always be feasible or even possible given our time. In such a scenario, donations are a good alternative. Here are some reasons why!Cry

Ease of doing

If the issue or cause in general moves or provokes you to think or act, then one doesn’t necessarily have to worry about the lack of time or the barriers like distance or place in this regard. Plenty of people who work long hours, reside far away or do not live in their native country still manage to be a part of the movement by being able to donate. Moreover, the presence of country-wise chapters ensures that making a donation is not as difficult as it may seem at first.

Digital access

The emergence of e-commerce and online systems of payment make it easier than ever to make an online donation. And should you be worried about the possibility of your amounts never reaching the end-user, lay them to rest. Internet sites, on the contrary, manage to cut down the number of intermediaries whose hands the money passes through, bolstering the chances of an underprivileged child being cared for by way of your donation online.

So don’t worry about intent and time, just donate online to put right a life!