Giving to make a difference!

In the world that is ruled by the power of money and competitive manoeuvring, most people around the world and across many walks of life tend to singularly pursue their goals without much consideration or thought to anything else. It is only during times of festivity that we tend to remember those around us who perhaps aren’t so fortunate or well-off. All the same, it is important to acknowledge that there are, indeed, several sections of society that do look to us for help from time to time. While not everyone is of the type to translate their efforts on the field, one way to go about this is donations. Here are some things to know about them.

An introduction

The act of making a donation corresponds with essentially pledging a certain monetary amount towards an endeavour or individual pursuant in the betterment of conditions for disadvantaged folks in society. These could include acid attack survivors, orphaned children, housing or war-affected people, children rescued from abusive homes or the streets and so on. The idea is that, even if one is unable to participate in efforts to uplift their condition, they can contribute significantly by means of being able to donate.


Why it works

This avenue holds credibility to be used for those people who have neither the time nor the ability to directly involve themselves in an effort to make things better for the downtrodden in society. With the pervasiveness of the internet, the capacity to donate online makes this easier than ever, even for laymen.

Increased security

While some people worry that their amounts may never reach the end user, online donation puts paid to this notion, since fewer physical hands actually get a hold of the money. Thus, the likelihood of someone’s life being better through your amount is greater here.

How to start

Many varied NGOs around the world and India have their online portals to make it easy for anyone to make a donation online. Take your time and research before making one!


Give to make a life better!

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