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Earn more than just money from work!


Living in an era where one is typically judged by the quality of their car and the size of their paycheck, joining a line of work that pays less by principle is perhaps more than just an aberration. However, for a chosen number of people, this is more of a calling as such a profession allows one to serve those who haven’t had it as easy as us. Perhaps the best examples of this are NGOs. So whether you are just reading up or intend to join one, here’s what to keep in mind!

The basics of it!

An NGO, which also stands for a non-governmental organization, is a body that is involved in targeting and helping out a particular demographic of society which faces a socio-economic or environmental problem. This could include anything from victims of domestic violence, rape victims, displaced refugees from a conflict zones and so on. The task of the charity is to formulate ways to bring in support and visibility to their cause, thereby attempting to improve their standards of living and make things easier for them.

How they work

Work at such a place would involve a myriad number of tasks, from collecting old items from homes to appealing shops to donate stock, setting up drives and camps at colleges and even speaking to the press through bytes or social media. One’s daily job, for instance, could be about curating posts regarding the violations of child rights for the NGO’s Facebook page or Twitter handle.


Why work here?

Working at any such place improves one’s appreciation for the problems that plague society and instils compassion and understanding within us. Moreover, in terms of professional appeal, employers can find it interesting to find experience in such a field, as it proves your penchant for patience when dealing with difficult and wary people, something most corporate giants have to excel at handling.

Where to start?

There are plenty of prominent NGOs here, such as CRY UK, which represents the British chapter of the globally known CRY. One must simply go in with an open mind and attempt to help as much as possible. Because in this field, help is not just sought but urgently required.