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Importance of NGO’s in UK

The UK NGOs community owes its origins to the humanitarian impulses that have continued through the ages. Many of the principal non-government organizations were the product of relief initiatives undertaken during or at the end of the world war. With the progression in time it has been clear that protecting human rights is gaining foremost importance all over the world. This has led to an increasing number of NGOs in UK which is envisioned by progressive and internationalist-minded men and women.

It has been widely accepted that the developed nations have the much-needed resources to help the third world nations to develop. The problems in developing countries are diverse and need immediate attention. Since independence, third world countries have been attempting to develop in many ways but these efforts have been met by certain challenges such as poverty, malnutrition and ill-health that has stunted the development process. The Government aids provided to these countries are of little help. With the countries’ poor economic state and the high debts to be paid, the government struggles at a daily basis to provide sufficient resources required to maintain the development, let alone make improvements.

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Empowered nations like the UK and US have the ability to create a substantial impact. Since the developed nations have colonised many countries in the past and exploited its resources, it is their duty to volunteer for humanitarian causes.

There are a number of UK NGOs who are working tirelessly to improve the poverty-stricken nations of the world such as India. One of the major roles of NGOs is enlisting advocates for child rights and social justice from among the educated, professional and business classes.


Therefore it is imperative that people of the financially affluent countries, volunteer for humanitarian causes. Becoming a volunteer for an NGO is beneficial for numerous reasons. It is a way to give back to the society or support a cause that you care about. Also, NGOs offer a great platform to meet new people, learn new skills or gain experience in a field you might like to work in. For people interested in a career in global health, international development or humanitarian aid, becoming a volunteer for an NGO is especially attractive. These fields require previous work experience and volunteering is a great way to gain this knowledge and see whether the field is the appropriate one for you.