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5 Beneficial Ways to Book Cheap Flight Tickets

Got your eye on the next weekend getaway? Or ready to take off somewhere? Well, the cost of air travel is the biggest part of travel expenditure and thus, finding a cheap flight becomes much more important. Because, booking flight tickets or hotel is simple and easy, but cracking a cheap deal isn’t. The cost of flight should be as important as deciding the travel destination. Well, to some extent, paying more on airfare can be avoided by following these below-mentioned steps that may help you in minimizing the cost of travel:

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  • Try to book wisely in advance: This is the first thing one should keep in mind while finding a cheap deal. If you don’t have that flexibility which allows you to take advantage of super-cheap airfare sales, then you must book tickets well in advance. Therefore, in order to get the lowest price, travelers must buy flights about two months before departure.


  • Check-out low-cost airlines: Do not forget that budget airlines exist for a reason. Therefore, booking flights from a no-frill airline is a good option. This is the sure-shot way of booking cheap flights online. These airlines may not offer you the same luxury as that of premiere airlines but, will lure you with extraordinary prices.


  • Opt for direct flights: This tip is not for everyone, but it may work for a few travelers. Usually, flying on direct flights is more expensive than the indirect flights. For example, a direct flight from Cleveland to Chennai is much higher than an indirect journey from Cleveland to Boston, then Boston to Dubai and Dubai to Chennai. You should consider multiple layovers to save more money. Though, it will be a bit annoying, but will help you to save more at your vacation destination rather than spending on flights booking.


  • Choose for economy class: Choosing economy class is the best way to save money on flight tickets. Rather than opting for a business class, you must opt for an economy class that helps you in saving hundreds of dollars. But, for this, you may have to sacrifice your comfort levels, such as limited dinner menu, baggage allowance etc.


  • Subscribe yourself to promotional offers: Travel websites notify you about special deals or coupon deals or the last-minute offers on air tickets. Thus, if you act quickly on them, you can save a lot of money.


On the whole, if you are planning for a holiday trip, then you must follow these above-mentioned tips that will help you in getting cheaper and exclusive deals.

A Trip to UAE: Dubai, Visa and Budget Options

There is something about Dubai that is homey and exotic at the same time. While the sharp spices and ethnic fabrics help you connect, the modish architecture and sizzling beach clubs let you marvel at its sight. And the golden sand, well that just pampers you snuggly. Moreover, the geographical position of the emirate involves less travelling hours, which makes for a quick escapade. Getting a Dubai visa too isn’t a hard drill.

The UAE visa process involves a short and simple procedure. UAE tourist visa for Indian citizens can be availed for a period of—14 days (single entry), 30 days (single or multiple entry) and 90 days (single or multiple entry). However, your UAE stay can’t exceed 30 days as per the Dubai visa requirements.

You can apply for UAE visa online. It will ideally require:

  • Duly filled visa application form,
  • Original passport for verification,
  • Onward and return confirmed tickets and
  • Recent passport size photographs (4.3 cms x 5.5 cms) preferably in a white background,
  • Applicable visa fees

A UAE visa also involves an age criteria. Men aged less than 22 and women below 30 years of age need to be accompanied by their father, mother or husband. If you are going for a solo trip and do not cross this age bar, a no objection certificate from your parent/guardian needs to be attached with the application.

Plan a relaxing month long trip or go for a quick week’s break, or better still visit twice and thrice if you can’t get enough of the place. Ideally your visa should take five working days to process. As long as you stick to the rules, there is no reason why you would be denied your Dubai visa.

This abroad trip, like any other, won’t burn a hole in your pocket. A vacation is supposed to be soothing and fun and that isn’t possible if the expenditure exceeds your budget. In such a case, it just becomes a straining trip that leaves you meddling with your finances to make ends meet. But not Dubai. The largest city of UAE is as extravagant as it is modest.

If you are looking for budget options, browse through our list below:

Budget Flights Budget Hotels Budget Tourist Ideas
IndiGo Savoy Central Hotel Apartments Budget Shopping

The Karama Market, Meena Bazaar and Textile Souk

SpiceJet Premier Inn Dubai Investments Park Hotel  Budget Restaurants

Kamat, Aldamyati & Iskandaron Restaurant, Dapoer Kita Restaurant

Air-India Express Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport Budget Sightseeing

Free tour of Jumeirah Mosque, free history lesson at Dubai Museum, free monthly art night the Dubai International Finance Centre’s galleries.

Oman Air Marina View Hotel Apartments  Budget Ideas for Kids

Safa Park, Creek Park, Mushrif Park and Al Nasr Leisureland

Gulf Air Ivory Grand Hotel Apartments Beach Outing

Jumeirah Beach Park and Al Mamzar Beach Park

A fabulous trip to the land of Sheiks is ready for you, are you?

Kerala, a Tranquil Honeymoon Destination

When it comes to domestic honeymoon destinations, Goa is the first to strike our mind. While the state, no doubt, is adorned with exquisite beaches, delectable seafood and lively nightlife, some of us just prefer to have a more peaceful holiday. If you fall under the latter category, an undisturbed experience waits for you in God’s own country – Kerala.

Honeymooners, if you are up for something serene yet outlandish, we have got some interesting ideas—

Stay in a Tree House

What’s a better way to kick-start your married life than beginning it with a peck of fairy tale charisma. Who hasn’t dreamt of escaping in the wilderness and living with their prince charming? Now is the time to design that experience for you and your beloved.

Book a customized Kerala honeymoon package. Some of your best options here are –

  • Rangerwood Nature Castle Machan Treehouse
  • Tranquil Resort Wayanad Treehouse
  • Hiliya Resort Wayanad Treehouse Escape
  • Marmalade Springs Wayanad Treehouse
  • Dreamcatcher Resort Munnar Treehouse Honeymoon
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Get an Ayurvedic Massage

This South Indian state is best known for its natural treatments and Ayurveda. Indulge in a relaxing experience with an authentic Kerala Ayurveda massage. You will be offered a range of therapeutic options like—Abhyangam, Ilakkizhi, Podikkizhi, Panchakarma, Udvarthanam, etc.

Book an appointment for a couple massage and revitalize your body, massage and soul. Mentioned below are some of the best spa resorts in Kerala—

  • Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere
  • Blue Ginger Spa Resorts Wayanad
  • The Windflower Resort & Spa, Vythiri
  • The Zuri Kumarakom
  • Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort

Romance under the Waterfall

Kerala is popular as a waterfall holiday destination. And what is a better location to romance than the surroundings of luscious streams and emerald green landscapes. Mind taking a dip?

Some of the best waterfalls here are—

  • Adyanpara Waterfalls, Malappuram
  • Arippara Waterfalls, Kozhikode
  • Chethalayam Falls, Wayanad
  • Dhoni in Palakkad

Keezharkuth waterfalls, Idukki

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Want Cheap Air Tickets? We Tell You How

You’ve got the boss’s approval for your trip! Well done buddy, well done. It was worth the buttering up. Can’t keep yourself from Googling that place now, can you? We’ve all been there.

When you Google the prices those plant tickets, you are left for a rude shock. No sign of any cheap air tickets.  ‘How did the prices go so high?’ Inflation and holiday season—that’s your answer.

Fret not, relax, and take a few deep breaths. The following article is what will help you now. Simple tips that will take a few days to execute and get you those cheap tickets.

  1. Always Delete Your Cookies

We know you delete your browser history before you let anybody use your computer, do the same with cookies. These help websites recognise it is you and therefore they alter prices each time you visit their website—to panic you about prices and make you purchase them at a higher cost.

  1. Love Thy Wednesday

Nobody loves Wednesday even if it’s their birthday—middle of the week after all. But, looking to score cheap air tickets, then you better love this day.

Middle of the week sees minimal booking activities which rises during the weekends. There’s a good chance you will get to buy tickets at their lowest prices at this time.

  1. Use Your Wallet

We do not mean the literal one, we mean the mobile one. The one which has been raking in all the moolah since demonetisation. Since there are so many wallets in the markets, they are offering superb discounts and cashbacks on booking air tickets with them. Take advantage of that.

  1. Choose Alternate Airports

If you have the bandwidth, choose another airport in the same city. The same airlines will have different fares and timings for these two airports. You never know—you could score cheap air tickets and at a great time too.

  1. Book Early

The most clichéd rule and yet it is most effective. If you knew you were going to take a trip, why don’t you book your tickets early? You can use the ‘booked tickets’ angle to persuade your boss as well.

The earlier you book, the lesser you will pay. See, five simple tips, you can use some of them right now as well. Before you close this tab—please like and share. Goodbye.