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You Always Need a Rucksack!

We are always on the go, be it talking over the phone, eating while running to the office or listening to music. Everything needs to be handy for us. Of course, our hands are not robots which can gather so many things together at a single time. This is the reason why backpacks are so important. We can pack all our essentials in it. Whether it is for males or females, no other bag has the storage capacity which backpacks have. They come in all sizes and are created in a way so as to provide us comfort all through.

For all those camps and trekking trips, rucksacks are the best. Instead of carrying air bags or the four-wheeled bags, rucksacks can simply be worn at the back. You can stuff in all your clothes, essentials, and other belonging in a single bag. After all, the joy of touring is not restricted to sophisticated places. Travelling is about fun and adventure. There is nothing easier and more convenient than carrying a rucksack. Also, you never know when you feel hungry on a trip or where you wish to put up your camp on a trek. A rucksack is so spacious that it can accommodate your sleep bag too.

Besides, rucksack can be used for many other purposes. Even if you are going on a small picnic, you can carry it with you. Most of the times, we tend to carry 4-5 bags with us and at the end of the trip, realise that we lost some or the other bag. With a rucksack, you do not have to worry about carrying other small or large bags. You can simply store everything in this single bag. It is also more convenient in terms of travel as it does not occupy the amount of space which other different sized bags take.

You can choose from a range of rucksacks online which come are so trendy. These rucksacks come in different prints and colours. Choose the one that suits your personality and brings out the best in you. These also look very cool and stylish when paired with funky clothes. Wildcraft rucksacks are one of the finest ones you can get your hands on. These are designed especially to suit your travel needs whether it is for trekking or expedition or cycling. So when are you buying the rucksack that defines you?

A Rucksack is Your Friend for Life!

Have you ever thought of the things that are always with you? Of course, family, friends, and God. But what about others? Remember the time when your mother would hand over the school bag, the lunch box, and the water bottle with you. No matter how grown up you may be, you still need these things to be with you all the time. The additions that have been made to this list include the technological stuff.  A phone or a tablet or a laptop or may be all of these are now with you wherever you go. You still need that one thing to keep them with you which is a bag or a rucksack.

The need of a bag can never be replaced because this piece of storage carries the world for you. Try stepping out of your home without it one day. The one thing you will miss the most in the whole day will be your bag. Because it is like a second home that travels with you wherever you go. This is where you keep everything from small to big, be it your cosmetics, umbrella, lunch box, water bottle, laptop, phone charger, wallet, and so much more. There is no way it can be replaced by any other thing.

Think of the times when you would jump at the thought of carrying a new bag to school? Times haven’t changed yet, we still enjoy purchasing new bags, and the difference is that today we understand how to buy them better. We look at the design, the material, the texture, the print, and so much more. Of course, the choices differ from one person to another. Whether you are going on a trek or on a school trip, you certainly cannot do without a bag or a rucksack.

There are a wide range of vibrant rucksacks that you can choose from. If you wish to purchase one for yourself, you can opt for rucksacks online. These are available with features for short journeys, long journeys, schools, colleges, and for various other purposes. If you purchase Wildcraft rucksacks, these come with features so as to prevent perspiration as well as promote breathability. No matter where you go, these bags are designed in a way to support you through all types of journeys. So the next time you plan on going on a journey, don’t forget to purchase a rucksack for yourself!

Fly High with Qatar Airways

In order to be able to fulfill your dream of flying abroad, the airline operators have made things extremely simplified for you. Not only have the prices been lowered in recent times, but with ever evolving technologies, and expanding horizons of hospitality, airlines have now started providing the next level of comforts for those who need extra comfort when they are travelling. This translate in to more convenience for the elderly or handicapped and definitely more luxuries for the business class traveler. By adding this sort of extra comfort to your journeys, and reducing the prices, airlines are creating a wider market for themselves, which could be extremely difficult for other mediums such as trains, buses, etc. to beat.

Especially when it comes to international travel, people have a number of complaints regarding the small space for leg room, uncomfortable back support on seats, ill quality of food, etc. these are some of the aspects on which airline companies such as Qatar Airlines, Jet Airways, etc. have been working on from a long time. Not only have they now managed to overcome these issues, but by introducing more advanced, latest aircrafts into their fleets, have gone the extra mile to provide sophisticated travelers with reclining massage seats, alcohol on board, etc.

Image result for qatar airways business class

When it comes to buying tickets for these airlines, the big question on the mind of the traveler is that how much will it set them back by? As India is already the proud operator of some of the cheapest airlines in the world, it is essential for these airlines to come up with competitive pricing as well. All these airlines keep running offers and discounts that could help them to boost their traffic numbers. Not only this, but they are also tying up with some of the online tour operators such as Clear, Make My trip, Expedia, etc. in order to boost their number further.

As the 21st century has already seen a number of things around us make the online shift, even the travel industry is not an exception. Being able to book your hotel and flight tickets from the comforts of home is an added advantage.

The Future of Mobility

The basic structure of auto-industry across the world is changing swiftly. Think of the rising prices of energy, the growing effect of greenhouse emissions, and urbanisation are just a few of those challenges that the mankind is facing today. With this scenario at the forefront, there is an ever-increasing responsibility on the entrepreneurs and innovators to create a future that is environment-friendly and sustainable. The future of mobility is in question. And a brave step to combat this big challenge is taken by the leading face of the auto-industry, Mahindra & Mahindra.

Mahindra’s Nuvo Sport, KUV100, Quanto, Verito, Rexton, Tivoli are some of the latest additions to Mahindra’s family of cost-efficient, power-packed, and classy vehicles. Cars and tractors that were once mechanically driven can now be monitored by softwares. Modern engines of trains are being run on electricity and hydrogen in place of petroleum. Even the ownership models have seen a change. Today, even if people do not own cars, they have the choice of renting them out. This implies a prominent shift in the traditional ownership models from private ownership to sharing models.

The 5C’s which will revolutionise the way the future of mobility is looked at:

  1. Convenient: Technology is being used to make things simpler for consumers such as online shopping through which people can purchase cars online. There have been innovations through multiple car ownership models which enables even the sharing of a car. Therefore, convenience will act as key reason.
  2. Clean: Manufacturers need to work beyond engines that are just efficient. From the manufacture to the use as well as disposal of vehicles through the life-span should be aimed at being carbon-neutral. The means there is a necessity for sustainable manufacturing processes and zero-emission charges.
  3. Cost-effective: In developing countries such as India, there is a need of technology being accessible to all consumers. This means it should cater to every individual which is only possible if it is cost-effective in nature.
  4. Clever: The existence of remote diagnostics will be succeeded by driverless cars. There will be advanced developments such as semi-autonomous and autonomous cars which will include features such as self-parking. These may eventually turn to driverless cars.
  5. Connected: In the future, there will be creation of more connectivity in cars such as safety features to avoid accidents through car-to-car connections, car-to-infrastructure for efficient management of traffic and connecting cars with people such as through smartphones.

Fly with American Airlines

Established in the year, 1930, American airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. The airlines is commonly addressed as ‘AA’. It was also one of the founding members of the largest aviation group, One World Alliance. American Airlines has been a recipient of several awards such as ‘Best Elite Program’, ‘Best Customer Service’, ‘Best Promotion’, ‘Airline Program of the Year’, ‘World’s Leading Airline to North America’ and many others. The airlines has a wide network of connectivity such as American Connection and American Eagle. The airline offers bookings to more than 260 destinations across 50 countries in the world.

The seats on American Airlines comprise of Main Cabin extra which allows you to book seats at the front. This option is also available at all times such as during check-in or any other time. Preferred seats can also be booked by passengers anytime. While main Main Cabin seats are complimentary for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members, preferred seats are complimentary for AAdvantage Elite Status members. The other new service launched in American Airlines is Premium Economy Seats which will be in front of the Main Cabin on select aircrafts which will open to passengers from early 2017.

For all passengers travelling on international or domestic flights, there is a wide range of eatables that you can choose from to suit your convenience. The snacks and drinks are available for purchase depending upon the flying hours. You can select from wraps, sandwiches, fruit and cheese plates. All the non-alcoholic drinks are offered by the airlines. American Airlines provides access to free inflight entertainment where you can choose from 160 movies, 300 TV shows, 20 games, over 700 music selections, and even enjoy Live TV. You can also stream the movies to your personal device such as laptop, tablet or phone.

If you are flying within the US, you can enjoy access to Wi-fi on almost all flights. On international flights, Wi-fi is available on select flights. For those who fly frequently with American Airlines can take advantage of the AAdvantage loyalty program through which you can earn miles each time you fly with American Airlines, American Eagle, Oneworld as well as other participating airlines. These miles can also be used to upgrade to another travel class such as First Class or Business Class. There are a number of benefits associated with the program once you are a member. American Airlines is a great option to fly with.


Fly in Class with Air Arabia

If you are among the ones who wish to fly across the globe and experience the tinge of global culture, then we have the airlines aids your globetrotting adventure. Yes, the airlines we are speaking of is Air Arabia. Holding high the slogan of ‘pay less, fly more’, the carrier offers airlines to numerous countries that include the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

History of Air Arabia

The airline was incepted in 2003, its first flight flew from Manama Airport in Bahrain. Since then, the company has been operating from three main hubs namely Sharjah International Airport in UAE, Mohammed V International Airport in Morocco, and Borg Al Arab International airport in Egypt.

Since 2003, Air Arabia has been known to receive several awards in the Aviation Sector. Moreover, it has won the MENA Travel Award for the Best Airline from the period of 2005 to 2008.

Expanse of Air Arabia

The company arranges several flights to more than 80 destinations. Flights are available to major airports in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe. Bookings are available online, and they allow you board a luxurious flight. In terms of comfort and luxury, very few airliners match the quality and class of the cabin interiors offered, while the technology and efficiency of the aircrafts seems to be setting global standards.

Provision for Baggage and Complimentary Services

While the aim of the airliner is to provide affordable air travel to the masses, it does not ever compromise on the quality of services. Starting from easy boarding with the web check-in facility to the variety of on-board snacks and beverages available in the flight, everything about this airliner is simply adorable. Moreover, the passengers also enjoy access to food and beverages designed in the style of ‘Sky Café’.

Whenever there are delays or cancellation of flights, the passengers can enjoy access to more than 600 Priority Pass airport lounges. And the best part of the journey will be complimentary access to several duty-free workshops and airline packages.

Booking a Flight

Booking with Air Arabia is easy and convenient. By simply checking the availability of seats as per the flights chosen, you can easily book the tickets and plan your journey accordingly. By checking the availability of the flights on, you will be able to book the tickets. Cleartrip also allows you to check the flight schedules, timings, routes, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Book a flight ticket with Air Arabia and get ready to explore the world.

Enjoy the SriLankan Airlines Experience

The award-winning SirLankan airlines is well-known for its reliability, safety, and punctuality. ‘Airline of the Year’, ‘World’s friendliest Cabin Staff’ are a few of the prestigious awards that the airlines has earned. This is also the national carrier of Sri Lanka. The airlines was previously launched in 1979 in order to make flying affordable for the citizens of the country. The airline is headquartered in Colombo at the Bandarnaike International Airport. Sri Lankan airlines extends its connectivity in 44 countries across 94 destinations which include Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and many others. The airlines aims at providing a pleasant and a reliable experience to all its passengers.

The airlines provides convenience to its passengers with the option of manage booking. This enables passengers to check their travel details in an organised manner. Through this option they can make changes in their flight bookings, create a request for specific services or even upgrade their booking. The option of check-in online allows passengers to check in without having to worry about the check-in times. Therefore, those may not be able to make it to the airport at the right time can do so through their mobile phones or laptops. One can also check the flight status on the website of the airlines.

Economy Class and Business Class are the two categories of seating offered by the SriLankan Airlines. In Economy Class, passengers can relax on adjustable seats and enjoy delectable cuisine which include up to three main courses when flying long distance. The in-flight entertainment comprises of more than 100 movies that one can choose from. There are also a number of video games which cater to kids as well as adults. Those with special food requirements can also order their meals in advance. Special care is taken of little ones by the friendly staff. Baby food, bassinets, and diapers are available on the flight to make your journey stress-free.

Those flying Business Class have flat beds to their advantage with ample leg room. Dividers are present between the seats so that passengers can enjoy their personal space. The airlines promises a special culinary experience coupled with the finest wines. All the seats are equipped with 15.4 inch screens on which passengers can access over 120 movies and 50 TV channels. Passengers are also provided with an amenity kit which comprises of a dental set, cosmetic items, and ear plugs. SriLankan Airlines promises a great flying experience to all its passengers.

Fly without a Pinch with Air Arabia

Passengers always prefer flying options that fit their pockets. This is why Air Arabia is one of the most sought-after airlines in the world. The airlines extends its connectivity to over 101 destinations across Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. The airlines has also been one of the first ones to be publicly listed owing to its success. This allows passengers to travel more often to multiple places besides enjoying tickets at affordable prices. The airlines also lists out the trending destinations each month for passengers to schedule their travel plans accordingly.

Air Arabia has won a number of awards for its exceptional services in the aviation field. There are mainly three hubs of the airlines which include Sharjah International Airport in UAE, Al Arab International Airport in Egypt, and Mohamed V International Airport in Morocco. There are special coach services provided by the airlines for passengers. There are particular pick-up and drop-off points that passengers can use. Passengers are required to pay a nominal charge in order to avail this facility. So if you can’t manage to drive till the airport, you can take advantage of these services. Such unique services make Air Arabia a very accessible flight to travel with.

The fleet is facilitated with state-of-the-art setup, thereby, ensuring the passengers are provided with the best hospitality and comfort services. In-flight entertainment with Air Arabia includes many things such as ‘The Fun Onboard Program’ so that passengers can share their talent such as by dancing, singing or through other performances. There is also a ‘Q & A’ session which helps passengers to get to know each other more. There is something in store even for the little ones which includes face-painting and drawing activities. There is an in-flight magazine from which you can browse various lifestyle articles and features.

Air Arabia consistently engages in extending attractive offers to its passengers. The airline also displays its monthly flying schedule on the website and various search filters so that you can enjoy the best prices. The airline provides a Mashreq credit card for passengers who fly frequents with the airlines. This gives passengers plenty of benefits to make use of. Air Arabia ensures a good travel experience for all at budget friendly rates.

Easyjet- Easy and Economical Way to Travel Europe

Easyjet Airlines is a British Airline company which was established in the year 1995. This is one of the few budget airlines operating in this region and its first headquarters was named “easyLand” at Luton Airport. This is a customer friendly airline company, which was established with the aim of offering passengers an affordable yet efficient alternative and it has achieved this through consistent modernization and route expansion in the years of its existence. The airline proudly boasts of the fact that it has regular flights flying to more primary airports and covering more popular routes than any other airline!

Even the customers have a lot of good things to say about the airlines, as Easyjet values the time of its passengers and have some of the most timely flight schedule in the industry. What’s more is that the on time performance delivered by the airline can even be tracked online by customers through their website, which is indeed quite rare to see despite all the technological advancement having taken place. This helps to maintain transparency with the customers and also makes the passengers aware of the situation they are likely to face during the journey.

As a token of appreciation towards the excellent work done by the airlines, EasyJet Airlines have received a number of industry awards, and some of the most recent ones are:

  • Best Low Cost Airline by the Business Traveler Magazine Awards 2013
  • Best Low Cost Airline at the World Travel Awards 2013
  • Best Short-Haul Airline by Travolution Awards 2013

The airline fleet consists of close to 200 aircraft’s at the moment. This consists the likes of Airbus A319 and Airbus A320 models, with a 100 more of the modern Airbus A320 neo models on order. In order to travel from the Middle East to most destinations in Europe, passengers may use Amman to connect to multiple route options for EasyJet flights. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of travelling across Europe, whether for tourism or business.

In India, there are a number of Online Tour Operators that allow passengers to book this cost effective airline. Websites such as, Travel Guru, Travel Yaari, etc. are some of the well-known portals to help you make your booking. What’s more is that when you book your flight tickets with them, you are given some exclusive deals and discounts to help you further cut down on the cost of you tickets. Bon Voyage indeed!

Top Rated Luxurious Resorts in Coorg

The most beautiful district in the state of Karnataka is also one of the favourite destination for travellers in India. Lush green hills, coffee plantations, stunning flora and fauna, scenic waterfalls, and panoramic beauty will make you want to visit this place again and again. The one thing that makes this place a favourite among travellers is that it has a lot to offer for every kind of traveller. You might be a solo traveller or a leisure seeker, Coorg gives you chance to explore the place at its best. Visit the most fascinating wildlife sanctuaries, mystical mountains and gorgeous waterfalls to relish the beauty of Coorg.

Also known as the Scotland of India, Coorg has some of the world class accommodation facilities. If you want to wake up to the view of stunning mountains and aromas of freshly brewed coffee, you will have to select on the right place to stay. Take a look at some of the best Coorg resorts.

Orange County: Located at the height of 867m bordered by the river Cauvery, staying at orange county let you experience the real essence of Coorg. Subtle aromas of coffee and beautiful villa style accommodation is ideal for spending a luxury time with your loved ones.

Amenities: Pool, coffee lounge, Ayurveda spa, library and much more.

Ambatty green resorts: All the prominent places in Coorg are not more than 5 Km from this resort. Ambatty green resorts has facilities like conference rooms, internet, LCD/ projector which makes it perfect for business meetings.

Amenities: Pool, golf course, and well furnished rooms

Palm era resorts: If you are looking for a serene accommodation, then palm era resorts is the perfect place for you.

Amenities: Non-smoking rooms, parking, room service, internet access, 24-hour front desk, 24-hour security, phone service, transportation service, wake-up service, daily housekeeping and outdoor parking.