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NGO Events: An Essential Step towards Building a Better Society

With a number of NGOs operating in India and across the world, there are a variety of events that are conducted in order to raise awareness as well as collect funds. These events are held on a large scale where renowned artists from various fields are invited in the presence of a large audience. The volunteers of the NGOs work towards the upliftment of the underprivileged people including children, men, and women. Every NGO is dedicated to a specific cause, for which they organise events and raise funds. There are a multitude of NGOs involved in working for different causes such as British Red Cross, CRY UK, Care International, Actionaid, and many others.

CRY UK events hold programs such as Mastana, which is a cultural event that includes music, drama, comedy, and dance. An event that is organised annually with a fusion of western and eastern cultures. The participants in the event are university students. There are huge number of performers as well as a large audience for events by CRY.

British Red Cross organises events such as The Marathon De Paris which is one of the biggest events in Europe. Participants in these marathons run for people afflicted with emergencies and natural disasters. People in Paris actively participate in such marathons to contribute their bit towards the society.

Actionaid, an NGO that works for poverty-stricken people, those who are discriminated and for the ones whose voices are never heard. The NGO holds events to raise money for refugees on occasions such as Christmas that many do not get to celebrate.

Care International aims at relieving people from war-affected countries and eradicating poverty from the poorest countries of the world. The NGO also conducts events such as Snowdown Sunrise Trek, which is a women-only event, in order to support women empowerment across the world.

NGOs have been strongly volunteering, across the world, for a whole bunch of causes to bring about an impactful change in the society. Such NGOs are largely driven by dedicated volunteers as well as donors who believe that there is a greater section of people in the society who need to be taken care of and deserve a better standard of living. In this effort of transforming the society, any person who wishes to donate or participate in the events can log on to the websites of NGOS such as Care International Events, CRY events, or Actionaid events.