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Five Types of Dresses to Wear At a Day Party

You can never go wrong with a short black dress’, do you recall this advice? It’s time to amend it now. You can definitely go wrong with your black dress when you wear it for a day party. It might look like a safe option for the evenings, but the bright daylight has different demands.

Last few years have seen an increasing popularity of day parties with get-togethers at pools and beaches, official lunches and catching-up-with-friends for brunch rituals. This has arisen the demand of party wear dresses that look lavish in broad daylight. Here’s a guide to your day-party wardrobe:

  1. Blouson Dresses
    A blouson dress is a pick for those who are looking for a casual yet elegant look. These have a closure, usually a string or a belt at the waist that form the upper part of the dress like a blouse, while the lower hem falls straight. Loose on the upper half, it provides volume while the straight lower half is usually body hugging and defines your body finely. Something to wear for that formal brunch! Suits Best: Tall and slim.

Tip: A choker neck with a thin string helps you flaunt your collarbone further, which defines your figure.

  1. Bandage Dresses
    The dress showcases layers of patches woven together. These are made of bodycon material that provides a nice fit for your body. Short bandage dresses have a semi-formal look that make you look taller and chic. Suits Best: Slim and petite.

Tip: Go for a bright colour with chunky cork high heels to complement the daylight.

  1. Empire Waist Dresses
    This type of dress fits perfectly at your bust and is complemented with a flowy lower half. The design adds curves to your body. The swirl offer an easy-going and comfortable appearance, suitable under the bright daylight. Suits Best: Straight body shape.

Tip: Pair them with fancy boots for a casual day-time look.

  1. Kaftan Dresses
    Kaftan has a loose fit, flared sleeves with a flowy definition to it. These are comfy and casual, apt for a pool or beach party. Suits Best: Curvy women. It might look baggy on a lean figure.

Tip: Experiment with the glitters.

  1. Peplum Dresses
    These dresses have a frilled ruche attached at the waist. It flairs down like a narrow skirt and extends till the knees. It flaunts the body shape, cleverly enveloping any extra inches. Suits Best: Curvy Women with weight around their waist.

Five Tips to Help You Become an Online Shopping Ninja

Online shopping seems so fun and easy. However, most of the time, we are left clueless with so many options available at the click of a button. We have brought you some tips to ease your stress and turn you into an online shopping ninja.

  1. Subscribe to their newsletter

Yes, most of us don’t even battle an eyelid and decline the offer to subscribe to many online shop’s newsletters. Here’s why you shouldn’t? The newsletters often carry information about the upcoming sales and discount offers way before the rest of the world. Thus, you can plan your budget accordingly. There is also the occasional chance that subscribers get special discounts. A good way would be to create a separate email account just for these newsletters

  1. Know your measurements

You need to know your body size and measurements before you buy online. Let’s say you are buying dresses, a size too small or a size too big can ruin it for you. If you aren’t sure how to about it, take a measuring tape and ask someone to measure your hips, waist, chest, shoulders, and height.  A better option would be to visit a tailor who will give you the most accurate measurements. Make sure your measurements are as near to the sizing and measurements charts provided online.

  1. Do lots of research

The best advantages of shopping online are the amount of options you have. Don’t buy the first dress or jeans you see. Visit other sites, check the colour options, reviews, materials used, discounts offered, delivery options, and let’s not forget the price. Become a pro at research. After all your questions are answered, go ahead and buy it.

  1. Don’t splurge more to get free shipping

Many times, you are tempted to purchase a few more items because the online shop says ‘Free Shipping over INR 700’. If your total expenditure isn’t even near that amount, then it’s not worth it. It’s better to spend the money on shipping charges than on stuff you don’t need.

  1. Return Policy

It’s something which we don’t wish to, however, there are occasions when we need to return our products. Many sites don’t list clear details of their return policy. That’s when you need to call them and ask questions like Are returns accepted? Do I need to pay shipping costs? Is there a time limit for returns?

Online shopping has indeed made life easier for us. With places like Myntra and Flipkart which are leaders in the e-commerce sector, the shopping experience has been revolutionised in India.