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Exceptional On-board Services of Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways is one of major airlines from the Middle East that serves more than 38 international destination across 24 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The scope of in-flight entertainment in most of the airlines in the Middle East is the bare minimum, hence the passengers are often left to twiddle their thumbs. However, Kuwait Airways goes out of the way to ensure that the passengers are satisfied. It is the flag carrier airline of the state of Kuwait and was founded in the year 1953.

The Kuwait airways fleet has the best aircrafts which are fully equipped to offer utmost comfort and safety to its passengers. It offers its customers three classes of travel in most of its aircraft i.e. The First Class, Business Class, and Guest Class. Even for all the on ground activities such as reservation, check in, boarding and baggage handling etc. customer satisfaction remains the top priority for the airline. When it comes to online flight services, Kuwait Airways provides an extensive range of food option to suit the different dietary needs of its customers. One can choose from a wide range of options such as, special meals for babies, diabetic meals, vegetarian meals, low calorie meal, sea food meal and much more.

Kuwait Airways is ever supportive of people with special needs; they provide special services such as carry cots for infants below 2 years of age, special seats and support for the disabled. You may also make use of the in-flight entertainment options to watch movies, videos or listening to music. There is also a comprehensive collection of snacks that you can chomp on to cure any cravings or to help tide over till meal-time. All meals provided on board are made with fresh ingredients and checked for quality. If you are flying first class with Kuwait Airways, you can avail limousine services from the airport.

The airline aims to please its passengers, and it succeeds in doing so at every level. Whether you are flying alone for a business trip or with friends and family for a leisurely vacation, you can expect to have the good time start right from the moment you set foot in the airport.

Fly international at the Best Rates with Air India Express

Flying across the borders is always an expensive affair. The number of international tourists and businessman has increased manifold over the past few years. Booking an air ticket with a foreign airline often burns a huge hole in your pocket. Thanks to Air India Express, you can get international flight tickets at reasonable rates. Air India Express is the first air carrier in India to offer low cost flying across the borders. Indians have always been a pocket friendly crowd and value for money is a part of the Indian culture.

Air India express offers great value for money along with efficient and timely services. Although it is a low cost carrier, it does not compromise on its services to compensate for the low costs. It is operates on an efficient business model that utilizes the resources of the airline at an optimum level. It uses a brand new fleet of state of the art Boeing 737-800 aircrafts. The vision of the airline is to become the most efficient low cost carrier in terms of quality, convenience and comfort.

Fleet information:- The airline offers only one class economy seating to fit its budget. The aircrafts of the Air India Express have an average seating capacity of 180 seats. These aircrafts offer the highest safety standards and comfortable seating.

On Board services:- Although it is a low cost carrier, Air India express provides all essential services such as free standardized on board meals and basic entertainment facilities. Exceeding customer expectations is the main objective of the airline.

Routes and destinations:-It offers direct flights to short range international flights to the Middle East and South East Asia. The airline is headquartered in Kochi, Kerala and operates more than 200 direct flights per week. Passenger can choose both morning and evening departures for flights to Dubai on a daily basis. The airline has also two daily separate non-stop services in the busy routes between Kozhikode and Bahrain & Doha in its new schedule.

Enjoy Comfortable Journeys with Air Berlin

Flying can be an exciting and nerve wracking experience at the same time. Flying to new and far off destinations while suspended miles above the earth makes a flight journey indeed a thrilling experience. Be it leisure travel journeys or business trips, a comfortable flight journey can be a great start or end to an exciting endeavour. With Air Berlin, you holidays begin with the flight journey itself.

It is one of the leading air carriers of Germany and has been operating since 1979. Air Berlin is distinguished for setting high standards in the aviation industry. You do not have to be travelling in the business or first class to have a comfortable journey. The economy class of the Air Berlin also offers a superior comfort level.


Improved comfort and more leg room:-

The comfort level provided by Air Berlin in second to none, in terms of the relaxation. You will have a choice of four different seats in the main cabin, the standard seats of A and B category, the preferred seat and the XL seats for extra leg room and comfort. If you want to arrive at your destination feeling more relaxed, you can reserve the comfortable XL seats for a little extra fee.

Shop while you Fly:-

On the medium and long haul Air Berlin flights you can shop for exclusive products during the journey. You can access a variety of products such as high quality perfumes, exquisite jewellery, fashion accessories or children’s toys.

Guaranteed entertainment:-

With Air Berlin in-flight entertainment programme, you are guaranteed to be entertained exhaustively. The inflight entertainment in Air Berlin includes:-

  • In-flight TV with series, cartoons and music videos
  • A variety of Feature films for more than four hours of entertainment.
  • An extensive selection of newspapers and magazines

Gourmet Meals:-

On flights that are more than 60 minutes, Air Berlin offers an additional choice of gourmet meals created by Sansibar. If you wish, you can also choose a wine from the Sansibar cellar, to complement your meal. Customers can book the gourmet meals 24 hours prior to departure by viewing the menu online.

Fly Egypt Air for Delightful Journeys

Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip to Egypt, the generous services provided by Egypt Air will be the perfect start to your journey. The Cairo based Airline offers direct routes that extend to all major international destinations in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Besides being the national flag carrier, it is also a member of the Star Alliance group. The Star Alliance Network provides a true end-to-end service for frequent flyers which ensures a convenient, smooth and efficient worldwide travel experience. As a result, the passengers can experience several benefits such as faster and smoother journeys, rewarding frequent flyer programs, upgrades and airport lounges.

Egypt Air makes sure that it complies with the highest standards in term of customer service, security and technical infrastructure to ensure that the passengers have a safe and comfortable travel experience. The airline operates the finest Boeing and Airbus aircrafts to offer state of the art comfort and safety for its passengers. Apart from the safety and the technical aspects, the in flight services are also designed to offer utmost comfort while travelling. The Airline also offers exclusive services such as:-

Special meals: – All the meals provided in the Egypt Air are prepared by adhering to Islamic dietary laws. As different passengers have different dietary needs, the airline offers many special meals such as Sugar free meals for diabetics, Hindu meals without meat, fish and eggs, kosher meals, Low fat and low salt meals  and special meals for infants.

Travelling with pets: – Egypt Air accept animals for carriage on its flights. If you are planning to travel with your pet, you will have to contact the Egypt Air reservation department well in advance. However, there are certain terms and conditions that you need to understand. You can visit the official Egypt Air website for more details.

Young travellers: – The Airline provides due assistance for the travel safety of unaccompanied minors. On board, all the needs of the child will be taken care of by the flight crew. Once the plane lands the Airline ground staff representative will escort the child through customs and immigration to the departure gates.

Special needs assistance: – Egypt Air has set a number of guidelines to ensure that these special needs of the disabled are understood and provided for. While on board, seats that are close to the cabin crew are allotted to individuals with special need to ensure their comfort.