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Do Some Fun Activities in Jaipur

Famously titled as ‘The Pink City’, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. A land that is testament to great sagas of the ‘Maharajas’ and ‘Maharanis’, Jaipur is a kingly state. Bestowed with grand palaces, it attracts tourists worldwide. Jaipur is all about traditions whether it comes to the food, the art, the culture, or the festivities. This enchanting historical city is filled with plentiful things that you will fill your heart with joy such as the magnificent folk dances, the colourful bazaars, and finger licking ‘marwari’ food such as ‘kadi pakoda’ and ‘gatte ki sabzi’. Here are a few things to do in Jaipur that will enhance your experience:

Handicrafts: Jaipur is famous for handicrafts. When you are in Jaipur you can learn the basic art of making them. Learn how to create decoration materials for home, decorate table corners and dry-fruit boxes. With expert guidance, you can add beauty to the little things in your home and take back learnings of Rajasthani art.


Dance: One of the most popular dance forms in India is Bollywood. Learn how to dance with professional dancers. You can also request them to add a bit of Rajasthani folk dance to the classes. Remember to put on your dancing shoes for a while. It is a great stress-buster and will add immense joy to your trip.


Painting: By paying a nominal fee, you can become an artist. Learn the art of drawing realistic images through a few sessions. You can learn the use of brushes, colours, image outline if you are a beginner. Now you don’t simply have to admire paintings, you can also make them with your hands.


Music Instrument Tour: If you love music, you can go on this unique music instrument tour. While on this tour, you can view some of the antique instruments such as Rabab, Surinda, Hattha, Kamaicha, and Algoja. This tour lasts for about 45 minutes where you get to understand the magnificent history of musical instruments from Rajasthan.


Cooking: Learn how to make delicious Indian dishes by taking cookery classes. You can get an insight into the basic flavours. Classes are conducted through demonstrations. At the end of the class, you will be handed over a recipe book which you can make use of while cooking at home.


Fitness Workshop: If you like fitness and dance, you can join one of the Booaika dance workshops. This form of dance is a combination of African, Hip-hop, Jamaican, and Latin dance forms. Learn the proper way to dance and lose the much needed calories to keep your body in good shape.


Poster-making Workshop: Learnt the art of making paintings by using poster colours. These colours are actually distemper paints that give the paintings the required finishing. Once you understand the trick of using them, you can create beautiful paintings out of them. These painting can be made on a canvas.

Make your trip to Jaipur an all-around learning experience and discover the artistic side in you.