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Work toward Eradicating Child Abuse

Children being the most beautiful creation of god are, unfortunately, often the victims of the brutalities of human nature. While child abuse is existing globally, it has taken the most dangerous form in India. According to a study conducted by the government of India, children in India are not even safe in their homes.

Child abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual. Government study also stated that millions of girls and boys under the age of 18 have been subjected to forced sexual violence in India. Health surveys suggested that a large number of school-going children have gone through verbal or physical bullying in India. To stop this brutality of child abuse in India, many organisations are helping a great deal in curbing it.

NGOs all over India are contributing to put a stop to child abuse in India by creating awareness and launching various campaigns. One of the most important campaigns carried out by them is stopping child labour. There are millions of child labourers in India who have had to forego education and a happy childhood in order to work for a living.

These campaigns have helped in creating awareness regarding these alarming finds and also ensured that children get their basic rights and are not prone to exploitation. Many individuals, too, have begun to take initiatives in helping in the noble cause and stopping child abuse in India. Whether you are affiliated to an organisation, or helping out in your own little way, there is a lot one can do to bring back the lost childhood of children by protecting them from these brutalities and offering them the care and love they need.

Ensuring that children are provided education, and are nurtured for by being given proper food and shelter, can be of tremendous help in reducing the number of child abuse instances in the country.