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Work for more than just increments!

Post-graduation, landing a good job that pays well and lets you grow a credible career graph is what lies on the minds of every hitherto college student. However, somewhere in the quest for greater earnings and the status that comes with it, losing out on the goals to give back to society and community can become a part and parcel of life. But a growing number of people choose to consciously seek a job that is less about pay and more about serving the downtrodden in society. NGOs are perhaps on example of this. Here’s what to know about working at one!

A no-bottom line job

Unlike typical, profit-churning corporate entities, careers at an NGO is likely to be vastly different from a vanilla desk job. For starters, the bottom line is irrelevant since any surplus earnings earned by you through the NGO goes back into its initiatives for the downtrodden. Moreover, a majority of your day-to-day work will not deal with meeting client or donor targets but rather formulating ideas that can allow for maximum visibility and support toward the causes that your NGO stands for.

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Work unlike any other

Unlike typical jobs, your task would consist more of putting into place arrangements, understanding and garnering support at the local levels for various drives by activities such as distribution of leaflets and flyers. Apart from this, you would have to deal with permissions regarding donations, stalls, clean-up drives and such. Doing this kind of work for a much subsidized monetary reward is something that goes a long way in learning. It can teach you to work at something without a payoff and even give you a lot of compassion and know-how in dealing with people who cannot help themselves and are less fortunate than us in terms of opportunities.

Where to start?

Plenty of NGOs exist at practically every scale of the spectrum when it comes to looking to work at one. One may start off working with a local camp or even take up something larger such as one of the jobs at CRY. While the small size may allow for better exposure and learning, decisions such as starting careers at CRY may allow you to see how things work on a larger scale.