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All You Need to Know about Amex Card

American Express card also called an Amex card is an electronic payment card that is issued by the financial institution, The American Express Company. Amex card caters to affluent individuals as The American Express Company is known to be the high-end card issuer who generally has an elite and high spending customer base. However, Amex card is available to all including individuals, small businesses and corporate consumers all around the world.

With an Amex card you get to enjoy various benefits which are more and different from the one offered by Visa and MasterCard. As these cater to the elite clientele, the benefits are often a sign of statement of luxury with high spending limits and lifestyle benefits.

No annual fee

With an Amex card you can enjoy various benefits and avail luxuries facilities without incurring any fee. American Express Company offers certain credit cards through which you can enjoy travel, lifestyle and shopping experience without any annual fee.

Perks and privileges

With an Amex card, you get various different perks and benefits. The chief being a higher card limit. You get flyer and miler points that can be redeemed while booking your flight tickets. Moreover, you also get airport lounge access, voucher and coupons. You can also add your earnings through purchases in supermarkets and restaurants.

With Amex card, you can also enjoy additional benefits and credits like hotel, restaurant and airline credits every year along with your earning on purchases.

Return protection

An Amex card provides you return protection when you want to return any product that has been declined by the merchant. Under its return protection feature, you will get a refund of the amount spent on your purchases through the Amex card. All you have to do is send the concerned good to the company within the stipulated time period. With an Amex card, you also get to enjoy purchase protection and save money.

Travel benefits

With an Amex card, you can travel stress-free anywhere as it offers various benefits of a travel card.

  • Roadside assistance – As an Amex cardholder you will be provided roadside assistance in case you are stuck due to a car breakdown or accident. This 24-hour hotline can send you a tow operator or locksmith to help you out in an emergency situation
  • Travel accident insurance – Amex card offers you travel insurance to protect you financially against any travel accident.
  • Global assistance -While you are travelling abroad, with Amex card you can get assistance globally in terms of emergency medical transportation assistance.
  • Baggage loss insurance – With Amex card you can be assured that your baggage is insured against any loss without the need to avail any separate insurance policy.
  • Car rental loss and damage- Amex card also covers you in case there is damage or loss when you take a car on rent for your travel plans.

Extended warranty

With Amex card you can enjoy an extended warranty on certain purchases made by you. It extends the original warranty provided by the manufacturer to a certain extent.