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Seven Tips to Follow Before Travelling Internationally

Be it your first trip or the hundredth one, it is always helpful to plan for an international travel beforehand. Here is the list of few things to keep in mind before travelling overseas.


The first and the foremost important thing to consider before travelling abroad is the foreign exchange. Getting your currency exchanged at the best possible rates and from a trusted broker is extremely vital. These days you can get it done online. Always remember to keep the receipt of your exchange handy while on a foreign land. Because there are good chances of you being asked for a proof of all foreign exchanges.


Research well about the transport facilities of the country you are visiting. In some countries, there is a common tendency to loot people coming from abroad. Hire a personal guide if possible.


Whether you are on a vacation or a business trip, there is a possibility of you falling sick. What will you do in such a situation? The best solution is to buy a travel insurance policy before leaving for the trip. Your travel plan will compensate for your medical expenses abroad. Moreover, your travel insurance company will provide you with on call assistance to help you find a good health care centre.

Important documents:

Do not forget to hang on to the very important documents including passport, visa, identity proof etc.


When it comes to safety, your experience will vary from place to place. Unfortunately, some places do not have good security services. But it is still advised to report any unusual activity experienced to the local security officers.


The airline you choose to travel with, will provide you with a set of guidelines regarding luggage allowances. However, it is advised to pack light and smart.


There are a lot of places in the world that do not allow smoking in public places. And a few Middle Eastern countries have dressing restrictions. Make sure you follow it all.