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Enjoy a Comfortable Flight with Kuwait Airlines

Travelling to another destination requires a lot of planning. It isn’t about packing your bags and reaching the airport. In fact, it is about the journey that begins right from the airport until you reach the other destination. Whether you are travelling for a holiday or going on a business trip, your comfort and safety is of utmost importance. If you are flying international, Kuwait Airlines is one of the best options you can choose. The airline promises quality services at affordable prices. With a philosophy of a global reach and a local touch, a journey with this airlines is sure to leave you happy.

Before flying with Kuwait Airlines, it is recommended that you find the check-in time for the airport you are flying from. This is because the airlines lists out a different check-in time for every place. For example, in Abu Dhabi it is 2 hours before the departure whereas in Bangkok it is 3 hours and it can reach up to 4 hours during the peak season. The baggage allowance for Kuwait Airline also differs in terms of destinations and the class of travel. You can also carry some items mentioned by the airlines under free baggage allowance. Also, if you have excess baggage, you can pay for the same and carry it.

For some reason, if there is any change in your flying schedule, you can manage your bookings in accordance with your needs. Onboard the flight, Kuwait Airlines offers a variety of meals to suit people of every age. Whether it is for a small child or an old person, you can request for your preferred meal on the flight. For example, baby meal, diabetic meal, low fat meal, vegetarian raw meal, etc. The cabin crew in the flight are at your service for anything that you need.

Kuwait Airways also extends complimentary services to its passengers. For those of you flying First Class can avail of Limousine services at London airport. The passengers on board have headsets for watching movies, magazines and newspapers for reading, toys for children, and blankets for better comfort. The airlines also provides carry cots for infants below the age of 2 years. Apart from these, you can also enhance your comfort on the flight by booking seats online in advance. Special services are also provided to those who require medical attention and unaccompanied minors.

Kuwait Airlines cabin understands the needs of a first time traveller and provides complete assistance right from arrival to departure procedures. There is also a special services unit that manages all services in the Oasis and Dasman lounges. There are also special provisions such an extra seat to carry precious items such as musical instruments, metals, or courier baggage. If you wish to welcome a special guest at the time of arrival or departure, the special services unit takes care of the same. If you have a pet, there are special arrangements made for the same. Kuwait Airlines aims at re-establishing its network to more than 46 countries across the globe.

Enjoy Extraordinary Services with NasAir Airlines

Selecting a good mode of transport is as important as your respective destination. This is due to the fact that if a journey does not sail smooth, it disturbs the whole purpose of the trip. Your travel needs are an essential element for a successful trip. A well-planned trip also includes an organised and structured plan so as to turn your trip into a memorable one.

The online mode of booking tickets has made life easier since it enables a clear understanding of what you require and you can also compare features provided to you by various airlines. You are no longer required to book through a travel agent, rather, you can now book your desired airline from the comfort of your home or office. If you are a resident of Saudi Arabia, then you can try Nas Air, a low-cost national carrier of Saudi Arabia that caters to all your needs pertaining to comfort. It operates across six countries and covers the MENA region entirely.  Flynas Airlines aims to serve its esteemed travellers with affordable prices and also provides them extraordinary customer service.

Bookings made with Flynas Airlines can certainly help you save a good amount of money. Also, it was globally recognised at the World Travel Awards in the year 2015, for being the leading low-cost airline in the Middle East. If you book Flynas Airlines online, you will receive a host of personalised services such as special assistance for pregnant ladies, children and even for those who require certain medical attention. Most times, such conditions become a barrier for passengers who wish to travel; however, when flying with Flynas, you can sit back and enjoy all the perks that the airlines provides its customers with.

Also, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you can pre-book your seats through the web check-in service, provided to you by the Flynas app, which can be downloaded on your smartphone. What’s more, you can even select your preferred cuisine from the menu, before you even get on to that plane. While most  airlines do not allow you to carry your own eatables, Flynas Airlines makes that exception and you are permitted to bring along your snacks or drinks, as a part of the cabin baggage. Flynas Airlines ensures that every customer is satisfied with the services provided to them, each time they fly!

Fly Comfortably for Long hours with Gulf Air

If you are a tourist in the Middle East or happen to reside there, then one of the best airlines you can fly with is Gulf Air. Not only is Gulf Air the national carrier of Bahrain, but it is also one of the biggest commercial airlines that connects the Middle East to the other parts of the world. Gulf Air provides direct flights across Europe, Asia, Africa, and connecting flights to the continent of North America. It covers the major cities of Paris, Frankfurt, and Rome in Europe. Kuwait, Dubai, Amman, Muscat and most of the other destinations in the Middle East are easily accessible through Gulf Air. In the region of North America, the airlines has code-share agreements with Egypt Air, American Airlines, and few more.


If you don’t have much time at hand, you can apply for Web Check-in or Early Check-in in order to skip the long queues at the airport. If you are an Economy Class passenger and wish to change your seat, Gulf-Air provides you the option of upgrading your seat for better comfort. However, this is subject to availability and timely request. When you are on-board, the airline provides a range of meals. Some of these meals are baby meal, fruit platter meal, low calorie meal, Vegetarian Jain meal, Moslem meal, and many other mul. You are required to put in your meal preference at least 24 hours prior to your travel schedule.


Gulf Air offers premium services to its passengers through Falcon Gold. The cabin is equipped with flat beds with an in-built massage feature. With a 15.4 screen, you have access to unlimited shows for your entertainment. Whether you wish to read, sleep, or dine, the control unit allows you to adjust according to your preferred position. For those travelling with children, there is also a Sky Nanny who ensures that your children are taken good care of with several refreshments and other modes of entertainment for them. Gulf Air is renowned for its signature products that are family and business friendly. The airline caters to the evolving needs of its passengers from time to time. The airlines is committed to providing a smooth and comfortable flying experience to all its passengers on-board. With a range of customised options, passengers at Gulf Air have the best of everything.

Baggage is no Hassle when Flying with Qatar Airways

Is carrying baggage always an issue while flying to other destinations? Do you wish that baggage could be managed in a little better way by your airlines? Well, if that is the case, you should opt for Qatar Airways which provides a range of options for its customers in terms of baggage allowance. The airways has a specific baggage limit depending upon the class and destination of travel. For example, if you are flying in the region between Doha and Casablanca, there is a certain weight and dimension limit set in accordance to whether you are flying in First Class, Business Class, or Economy Class.

However, there are times when everything that is in your baggage is of importance and cannot be reduced. This is mostly the case when you are shifting to another place or going to attend a wedding or for other reasons. If you are flying with Qatar Airways, you don’t need to fret over excess baggage. This is because you can purchase excess baggage at any of the Qatar Airways offices, ticketing offices at the airport, or even at the time of departure from the airport. Moreover, you can also purchase excess baggage through the online mode. The Airways lists out rates for separate regions that are applicable on excess baggage.


If you are travelling with infants, the Airways permits you to carry a pushchair, a stroller, or a collapsible carrycot free of charge. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your infant’s need at the time of travelling. For those of you who need to carry equipment such as a bicycle, musical instrument, or golf equipment, the Airways accepts them as a part of the checked in baggage. However, in case the weight of these exceeds the permitted allowance, the equipment would be subject to additional baggage charges. For those passengers carrying sports weapons or ammunitions, the accurate export and import licenses need to be presented. Also, the weapons must be unloaded and safely packed.


Flying world-class also comes with a lot of safety, which is why the airlines restricts passengers from carrying a few items. These include insect repellents, pepper spray, screw-drivers, guns or firearms, blunt instruments, liquids that do not meet the mentioned criteria by the Airlines. Lithium batteries, flammable solids and liquids, are few others items whose transport is monitored by Civil Aviation Regulations. In case of delayed baggage, Qatar Airways takes every measure possible to return your baggage at the earliest which in most cases is within 24 hours. Besides, the airlines also reimburses any expenses that you may have incurred due to the late delivery of your baggage. If your baggage has been damaged, you can file a complaint at the Qatar Airways services desk. In case you have left any personal belongings in the aircraft, there services desk at the airport is available to provide complete support in case of any problem faced by the passengers.

Importance of NGO’s in UK

The UK NGOs community owes its origins to the humanitarian impulses that have continued through the ages. Many of the principal non-government organizations were the product of relief initiatives undertaken during or at the end of the world war. With the progression in time it has been clear that protecting human rights is gaining foremost importance all over the world. This has led to an increasing number of NGOs in UK which is envisioned by progressive and internationalist-minded men and women.

It has been widely accepted that the developed nations have the much-needed resources to help the third world nations to develop. The problems in developing countries are diverse and need immediate attention. Since independence, third world countries have been attempting to develop in many ways but these efforts have been met by certain challenges such as poverty, malnutrition and ill-health that has stunted the development process. The Government aids provided to these countries are of little help. With the countries’ poor economic state and the high debts to be paid, the government struggles at a daily basis to provide sufficient resources required to maintain the development, let alone make improvements.

NGOs UK.jpg


Empowered nations like the UK and US have the ability to create a substantial impact. Since the developed nations have colonised many countries in the past and exploited its resources, it is their duty to volunteer for humanitarian causes.

There are a number of UK NGOs who are working tirelessly to improve the poverty-stricken nations of the world such as India. One of the major roles of NGOs is enlisting advocates for child rights and social justice from among the educated, professional and business classes.


Therefore it is imperative that people of the financially affluent countries, volunteer for humanitarian causes. Becoming a volunteer for an NGO is beneficial for numerous reasons. It is a way to give back to the society or support a cause that you care about. Also, NGOs offer a great platform to meet new people, learn new skills or gain experience in a field you might like to work in. For people interested in a career in global health, international development or humanitarian aid, becoming a volunteer for an NGO is especially attractive. These fields require previous work experience and volunteering is a great way to gain this knowledge and see whether the field is the appropriate one for you.

Fly Comfortably with Saudi Airlines

Flying international isn’t a simple affair. You have to consider a number of things before you make the decision of booking a flight. After all, the journey is long and you wouldn’t want to experience any kind of discomfort while you travel. Though there are a multitude of airlines available these days, a few are known for their exceptional services. One such airlines is Saudi Arabian Airlines which is one of the most successful airlines across the world. The airlines takes all measures to provide the best standards of comfort and hospitality services to all its passengers.

Saudi Airlines.jpg

If you are flying with Saudi Airlines, you can choose among its range of seating arrangements that are divided into First Class, Business Class, and Guest Class. The airlines provides world-class cuisine to its passengers that is made under strict hygiene and food safety. Saudi Catering service is the catering service for the airlines and has an international reputation with regard to its food quality. The Saudi Arabian airlines has mentioned a few recommendations for its passengers in order to help them maximise their comfort levels. This includes measures such as drinking fluids, eating light, wearing comfortable clothes, while onboard.

With an advanced state-of-the-art technology, you can get access to personal video screens on most of the aircrafts. The range of channels varies from 24 in some, and up to 40 in others. You can watch your favourite videos, movies, children’s programs and recitations from the Quran as well. Audio-on-demand is also available for passengers flying in First Class and Business Class. If this isn’t enough, you can also indulge in shopping through Sky Sales. The airline offers you the luxury of placing your order while onboard and getting it dispatched to your desired address.

Saudi Airways.jpg

If you are flying with Saudi Arabian Airlines, you are required to report to the airport 2 hours before the departure of your flight. If you have a special preference for a seat, you can also make your reservation in advance for the same. On many of the international flights, there is also a family seating zone that is available so that you can journey together with your loved ones. There is also a facility of getting boarding passes in advance at selected airports. Saudi Arabia promises all its passengers a great flying experience.

Make a Donation, Make a Life

More than one-third of India’s population is below the age of 18. India has the largest young population of the world. It is home to more than 400 million children. However, the state of the children in the country is impoverished. The following statistics will highlight the predicaments faced by the children of India:

  1. Out of every 100 children who enrol for school, 70 of them drop out of school before reaching the secondary level of education.
  2. More than 65% of girls get married and have children before the age of 18.
  3. India has the highest number of child labourers in the world.
  4. One in every three malnourished children in the world lives in India.
  5. India has the largest number of sexually abused children with at least one in every 10 children sexually abused at any point in time.


The above statistics throws some light on the appalling condition of the children living in India. Although many government policies were formed to protect the rights of children, they help little in improving the life of these underprivileged children.

However there are many NGO’s who work for the cause of child rights. Such organisations bridge the gaps in the society and put in concentrated efforts to raise the issue in order to seek more support from the public. As a responsible citizen of India, it is the duty of every Indian to help these children in any possible way. A simple step would be to donate some money. Donating will not only make you feel happy but will also help in building a better future for these children.


These days money can be donated easily through online donations at various NGO websites. Making donations to such causes is essential in ensuring that these unfortunate children have a better future. Donation is a way of giving back to the society. Giving is not about Donation, it is about making a difference.

Rights of children as per United Nations

We all have witnessed children begging on streets barefoot, with tattered clothes. Such sights are always disturbing. Every child deserves to enjoy pleasures of childhood, but is often exposed to child abuse. Child abuse exists all over the world and has taken its most disastrous form. Children are abused physically, emotionally as well as sexually.

According to a health survey, 65% of school children have faced physical or verbal bullying. Sexual violence has also been reported in millions of children under the age of 18. To stop this brutality from happening to children, United Nations convention on human rights have listed down child rights in three parts and 54 articles. Following are some of the basic rights stated by United Nations.

Right to Education.jpg

  • Right to education: Education is an essential part of child development. It increases intellectual abilities among children, and also plays an important role in developing moral and social values. Several NGOs are working towards ensuring every child gets his right to education.
  • Right to protection: According to United Nations, children have the right to protection from any kind of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Right to safe places for children to play is also included under this section. Exploitation and discrimination in any form is a violation of this right.
  • Right to provision: This right includes an adequate standard of living for children, healthcare facilities, proper nourishment, and access to schooling. Right to provision plays a crucial role in developing physical abilities.

Right to Provision

To ensure that every child has access to all the basic rights, several NGO’s  like CRY are working in the direction of helping children. Volunteers and organisations are creating awareness against child exploitation with the help of campaigns and missions. Such organisations also have donation programmes, where you can also contribute your part to this noble cause.

Discover the Beauty of Bangalore through its Resorts

Renowned as the IT hub of India, Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. The climate is quite generous and you will find abundant greenery wherever you go. Besides the big corporates, it boasts of having some of the most reputed educational institutes such as Indian Institute of Management and Tata Institute of Science. The piquant mix of academic institutes, strong culture, and the ready reservoir of world-class companies has turned Bangalore into one of the most sought after destinations.
‘The Garden City’ is full of parks and gardens that are spread across several acres. Indeed, there is no dearth to breathe in fresh air and go on morning walks. Whether you visit Bangalore for work purpose or leisure, a trip to Bangalore is incomplete without taking a retreat at one of the Resorts in Bangalore:
Clarks Exotica Resort & Spa
Situated in the heart of the city, Clarks Exotica is one of the largest hotel in Bangalore. Spread over an area of 70 acres, this hotel offers luxury par to cater all your needs. Whether you wish to stay in a room or a suite, you can enjoy a residential touch in every type of accommodation. With soothing interiors and smart technology, the hotel promises lavish comforts to all. You can indulge in the choicest foods at any of the restaurants from Blue Alps, Buvette, and Illusion. With a spa and a fitness centre, Clarks Exotica ensures that you get the best of everything.


Discovery Village
If you wish to spend a unique holiday then Discovery Village is an ideal place to unwind at. Equipped with modern amenities, the resort provides you the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself. Discover Village is well-known for a range of fun activities whether you are with family, friends, or office colleagues. The resort is built around the concept of a weekend getaway where you can enjoy lots of indoor and as well as outdoor activities. Some of the famous activities include zorbing, cave exploration, safari, bazooka and many others.

Discovery village.jpg

Angsana Resort & Spa
An ideal getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city, Angsana Resort & Spa brings you in close touch with the nature. The resort has plenty of soothing views such as waterfalls, a swimming pool, flowers, and lush greenery. You can sit by the lakeside that are in close vicinity to the resort. Besides, there are facilities such as the gymnasium and yoga rooms to complete your fitness routine. The rooms offer a blend of modern amenities with comfort. The dining facilities offer multi-cuisine meals for you to relish. The spa at the resort provides some of the best therapies to rejuvenate your senses.Angsana resort.jpg