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Education is a Fundamental Right for Children

So many young children wander about the streets, barefoot and malnourished, some teary-eyed and a few unaware of the happenings around, yet smiling and whiling away to glory. At a time, when they should be studying in schools, there is nobody to guide them about the fact that these are the most precious hours of their lives. Education for children is the most essential part of their growth, however, there are many who are deprived of a normal life due to unfortunate circumstances. NGOs such as Save the Children, CRY India, Plan India, etc. work for the rights of child education.

As per the United Nations Convention, every child is born with fundamental rights such as right to development, right to survival, right to protection, and right to participation. Therefore, right to education falls under these fundamental rights. In the Indian context, Right to Education Act was enacted by the parliament on 4th August, 2009. The Act states that all children between the ages of 6 and 14 must receive compulsory and free education. According to the Act, every private school is required to reserve 25 per cent of the total seats for poor as well as children who belong to other categories.

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A child’s future depends upon the kind of education he or she receives. Education is indispensable for the development of a child’s identity and personality. It paves the way for the physical and intellectual capabilities that each child can develop in the course of time. It also plays a crucial role in the conservation of moral and social values. Education is that powerful tool that makes one independent, personally as well as professionally. Thus, it serves multiple objectives and provides a quality-filled life to every child. Therefore, every child is entitled to education by all means.

Many NGOs in India have been working for the rights of children education. There are many volunteers who work regularly with NGOs and devote their time towards teaching underprivileged children. The volunteers include students, professionals, homemakers, and many others who believe in the noble cause of providing education to all. Many organisations such as MAD, Pratham, and CRY India have undertaken a large number of initiatives in the form of campaigns and missions to spread literacy to as many children as possible. Therefore, education is no more a dream for many as there are thousands of NGOS who have been actively involved to making this dream a reality for many disadvantaged children.