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The AIRism Face Mask Will Help You Beat the Summer Heat

It’s been a year since the intervention of Covid-19 in human life. The virus has infected millions of people around the earth and has mercilessly killed thousands of people. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization), it is recommended to wear a mask and maintain social distance, which is not a cure, but it is one of the best ways to prevent this virus from spreading rapidly.

Well, some people say that you must only wear an N-95 mask that has enough layers to prevent the virus. On the other hand, some say that wearing a normal mask is enough. What’s important here is one has to cover the nose and mouth while breathing in public.

If you are looking to buy a cloth mask online then this guide will help you in understanding the essential factors, which can simplify your purchase. We will also discuss that why one should go with AIRism face mask to prevent scorching heat during the summer.

1. Fabric 

Fabric or type of material plays a vital role as it decides the functional value of the mask. If you are not a fashion geek, then you must not be aware of the information that different fabrics have different spaces between individual yarns. The size of the holes or gaps depends on the type of fabric. Larger holes can attract increased droplets of the COVID-19, while the smaller holes do not absorb droplets, which make them safe for use. AIRism uses nylon, which has smaller holes and also adds beauty and durability to the mask without compromising with safety.

2. How Tightly Stitched Mask Turn Out To Be Effective against COVID-19?

Apart from fabrics, the stitch of the mask will also calculate the productivity. Densely woven masks have smaller holes between yarns which can increase the safety levels of the mask. According to a recent research report, tea cloths and pillow covers are tightly woven to avoid stains; hence they are highly effective in preventing the COVID-19 spread. When you are out to purchase masks, ensure that you select the one which has tightly woven fabric.

3. Stretch of the Mask

A lot of mask shoppers are keenly interested in T-shirt cloth or knit material that looks beautiful. Knit material stretches a lot as it is used to make sports T-shirts which need some stretching for long-term use. The mask made up of a knit material will stretch a lot; hence it will increase the size of the holes and make it susceptible to the virus. Knit material is excellent for all the people who have breathing problems in other masks. On the other hand, it is not as safe as nylon or canvas. It is recommended to wear the knit mask over the N95 mask as it can increase the comfort levels for health care workers who have to strictly follow the protocols.

4. AIRism Mask Filters

 A mask needs to have different layers of filters to improve safety levels. The AIRism masks have three layers of safety which can prevent 99% of bacteria and dust and can promise you safe and fresh breathe. The high-performance 3 layered AIRism mask contains the first layer of mesh, which is well-known for its breathability. The second layer contains a filter that prevents bacteria and pollen. On the other hand, the third layer contains another layer of AIRism mesh, which improves the comfort levels of the mask. 

  • AIRism Face Mask (3Pack)
  • Made with mesh to provide additional comfort and sweat-free experience
  • Three-layered protection to minimize the exposure against COVID-19
  • Available in two colors (Black and White) & 3 sizes (S, M, L)

5. Significance of Quick-Dry and Sweat Absorbing Material

The mask needs to dry quickly, as you can reuse the mask after a busy day at work. The summer can test any mask as a lot of sweat can spoil the texture and make the mask unhygienic. According to recent research, mesh fabric offers increased comfort and breathability, and it is highly ranked in the furniture industry. Mesh fabric is also highly breathable; hence it absorbs sweat and provides an everlasting freshness while breathing. 

6. Fit

Apart from fabric, comfort, and safety, the mask needs to fit well, as you will use them for prolonged sessions at work or school. The mask must cover your mouth and nose without leaving any gaps. If there is any space between the mask and the mouth, then it is no use in wearing it as space will allow the virus to pass through and infect you. AIRism also offers a wide range of sizes such as S, M, and L, which makes it the best mask available online.  AIRism mask outperforms all other masks in the market as it composes all the features from comfort to self-deodorizing nature and is a perfect mask to prevent COVID-19 infection. The mask also uses mesh fabric, which can prevent the face from harmful UV radiation with the help of its UPF40 mechanism. UNIQLO offers a pack of three AIRism masks at just Rs 599, which is a great deal that you, should not miss.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Polo Shirts

All-time favorites among people of all ages, polo shirts have a rich history. A Polo shirt is a type of t-shirt that features a standard collar and three buttons. Polo shirts are usually made from materials such as cotton and synthetic fiber. Their semi-formal appearance makes them great for a variety of occasions. The widely accepted trend of using polo shirts as a part of an athleisure ensemble has gained them widespread fame. Their unique design makes them fit to be worn at the office, at home, at restaurants, at parties, and other significant events. Their versatility and touch of formalness through collars make them an ideal upper wear option for casual, leisure, and professional outfits. Their extremely stylish and professional outlook makes them perfect for meetings, light sports, conferences, dates, or even loungewear.

Polo shirts enjoy their popularity because they can be paired with a lot of things. You can easily throw on a blazer over your plain men polo shirt for a last-minute zoom call. You can head out for a much-needed vacation with just a couple of shorts and polo shirts in your backpack. Tired after a week at work? Just slip on your favorite sweatpants and polo shirt and you are ready to have a binge-watch weekend. Stressed about making a perfect first impression on a much-awaited date? Pair your polo shirt with a pair of skinny or slim-fit jeans and throw on a vest or a jacket. Womens polo shirts also look great with capris, torn jeans, short shorts, denim skirts, joggers, and even boxers!

We all love our polo shirts but how much do we really know about them? Let’s take a look at five things you might not know about our favorite clothing item.

1. Polo Shirts Originated In India

Although there are many, who dispute the theory of how polo shirts came into being, one of the widely known facts is that they were designed in India. British soldiers, living in Manipur during the 1800s discovered the design for polo shirts, and it changed the game entirely. They loved the design so much, that they took the shirts with them back to Britain. At the time, the elite class of the British population was getting more and more involved in light physical excursion games such as cricket and tennis. The polo shirt offered maximum mobility without compromising on style or formal look. The popularity of polo shirts slowly began to grow along with popularity for tennis and cricket. Rest, as they say, is history.

2. The Connection Between “Polo” And Polo Shirts

But wait. If polo shirts were used by cricket players and tennis players, and as we all know, golf players, why are they named after polo? Players of horse riding sport polo found this unique design very comfortable. Their sport involved a lot of movement and was extremely unpredictable. The usual apparel of a polo player at the time was extremely uncomfortable and at times, distracting. Players were wearing dress shirts or buttoned-down shirts. Which, you can all agree, not the best thing to wear when you are on a running horse, trying to score points against other players, also on running horses. The short sleeve length and breathable texture of polo shirts were an instant hit. More and more players started opting for polo shirts. Fastened-down collars of polo shirts were extremely useful as they did not unfasten even at high speeds. Hence, polo players began using them and left their mark on our favorite clothing item.

3. Polo Shirts Were Popularized by a Famous Tennis Player

If you were asked, what sport do you associate polo shirts with, most of you would picture Tiger Woods on a lush green golf link and say ‘golf.’ while polo shirts have become the official choice of clothing in golf players, they were, funnily enough, popularized by a tennis player. In the 1900s, tennis players, like polo players also had to rely on the whims of their long-sleeved dress shirts. Can you imagine playing tennis in a tucked-in dress shirt? Players faced restrictions in movement because obviously, the shirts kept spilling out. It was impossible for a tennis player to run, jump, and move with agility during incredibly tensed tennis matches. A tennis player, Rene Lacoste, decided that he had enough. He had noticed a new type of shirts polo players were wearing and it intrigued him. He picked them up, started wearing them and realized that they were perfect for tennis! When he won the US Open Championship in 1926, the polo shirts became famous along with him.

4. The Crocodile Logo of Polo Shirts & its Secret Meaning

You might have noticed that most of the polo shirts come with a crocodile logo on them. Ever wonder what was the meaning behind them? Well, the credit for this trend also goes to Rene Lacoste. After the great success of his polo sportswear, he started wearing polo shirts with a crocodile logo. Now, a number of manufacturers produce polo shirts with a crocodile logo on them as a reminder of Lacoste’s legacy. The crocodile logo cranks the coolness quotient to the max, providing the shirt a high-end, premium feel.

5. Polo Shirts Are the Epitome of both Modern Fashion & Tradition

In modern times, polo shirts are worn by a majority of people. Sportsmen, celebrities, actors, and models prefer wearing polo shirts owing to their comfort and style quotient. When paired with trousers or shorts, polo shirts like this AIRism PIQUE DOT PRINTED POLO SHIRT can look extremely cool. Polo shirts are versatile and any man of any age can feel comfortable wearing them. They are one of the ever-green, all-time favorite pieces of clothing. A large number of clothing brands today produce polo shirts with various designs, materials, colors, and textures. If you are a sportsman and looking for a breathable and agile piece of clothing, polo shirts like AIRism FLY FRONT POLO SHIRT might be perfect for you. Looking for a versatile piece of clothing when you are planning to travel on a tight budget? Shirts like this DRY PIQUE SHORT SLEEVE POLO SHIRT can be paired with almost any bottom wear in your wardrobe.

Cardigan Outfit Tips for Women

When it comes to winter fashion, few items like a classic cardigan top the list. A cardigan is a knitted sweater or jacket made of wool with an open front. This piece of garment is super cozy and perfect for the winter season. They are easy to wear and are perfect for traveling. You can wear them on the plane or with a casual outing, or even slay it with a dress, tights, and boots for a wonderful date.

Cardigan for Women

There are different variations available in cardigans – colors, patterns, styles, designs and they look great with almost any outfit. Have a look at few womens cardigan outfit ideas, and slay them for your next trip

1. Maxi Cardigan with Black Skinny Jeans

Ankle boots and jeans are cardigan’s best friends. This is one of the timeless combinations. A maxi cardigan with blue skinny jeans, a tucked-in tank top in any color, ankle boots and you are good to go. A maxi cardigan in the color beige or grey is a must-have for winters. While are many ways to style with a maxi cardigan, this combination with jeans for women never fails to impress the admirers. This stylish cardigan will definitely give you a high-fashion feel.  

2. Pop your Cardigan over a Sweater Dress

A simple sweater dress, with black tights, boots to complement the look, and a cardigan. This will give you a stylish and toasty look for sure. Here you can even go for a printed cardigan. Yes! A printed cardigan is a statement worthy outfit in itself. We know that a printed scarf or a stole is a perfect way to spice your look, but instead why not go a little bold with an entire printed cardigan.

3. Style your Cardigan with a Pencil Skirt

For a more feminine but modern look, dress up in a black pencil skirt with a tank top tucked into it. Pair it with classic heeled booties, wear it with an elegant neckpiece, and complete the look with a swipe of a hot lipstick. Go for a belted cardigan here to bring things together. With a belted cardigan your look becomes more refined and sleek. There is a great collection of belted cardigan at Uniqlo having Belted Long Cardigan in color yellow and black gives a timeless appeal. Adorn this belted cardigan with ease and look stylish as ever.

 4. Slay it with Slim Dress

Go for camel colored long cardigan with a pretty chic maroon slim dress and similar color ankle booties. Accentuate this look with an elegant handbag.

5. Bold Cardigan with a Mini Dress

Choose a bold color short cardigan like yellow and pair it with a blue mini dress. A simple belt tied on the waist makes this outfit look pretty and attractive. For the feet, wear a pair of good heels to add a more feminine and classy touch to the look. You can spice up this look with a good sling bag. For this look, you may try a blue Mercerized Cotton A-Line Mini Dress with Fine Merino Crew Neck Cardigan.

6. Nude Cardigan with Flared White Dress

The cream beige or pale pink cardigan looks sassy with a flared white dress. For a more elegant look, complement this outfit with a straw mini bag and heeled sandals in beige or white. Many leading fashion brands have great collections of cardigans to choose from.

7. Cardigan with Printed Shorts

Floral or printed shorts look impressive paired with a white crop top and long cardigan in beige or off-white color. Adorn a good long necklace, for feet go for sandals or sneakers for a sportier look.

8. Striped Cardigan with Denim Shorts

A long white cardigan with black horizontal stripes teamed with a white tank and denim shorts looks amazingly perfect. Finish this combo with trendy sunglasses, a light-colored leather handbag, and beautiful caged sandals. This attire will give you a perfectly chic look.

9. Oversized Cardigan with Denim Shorts

An oversized knitted grey cardigan can be worn as a layering piece; you can style it with a white cami top tucked in denim shorts. You can accessorize this look with a beautiful pearl neckpiece.

10. Go Monochrome

Wide-leg black pants paired with a black cardigan can give you a perfect casual. Complete this outfit with a pair of good white slip-on shoes. Try a Fine Merino Crew Neck Cardigan with wide-leg pants.

11. Cardigan with Jumpsuit

Blush pink collarless cardigan with a bright colored jumpsuit will surely turn heads to you. You can spice up this look with classy-heeled sandals. Another style you can try it with a black jumpsuit with a long beige cardigan, complete this look with cool sunglasses and loafers.

12. Style a Short Cardigan with Plaid Pants

For a more preppy look go for plaid pants in grey shades with a light brown short cardigan. You can team this with a nice marron top, eyeglasses, and a pair of heeled sandals. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to experiment with different outfits and style yourself to look cool and stylish. Try wearing your cardigan in different styles, but ensure whatever you wear, you must feel comfortable and confident.

Here is Why We Love Lambswool Sweater

Here is Why We Love Lambswool Sweater

The spring is on the threshold. Start imagining the delights of crisp mornings, chilled evenings, piping hot ginger tea, steaming coffee with conversations, and the warmth of a sweater. Looking attractive this season is a fine art perfected by stylish sweaters for women.

Sweaters for women

Lambwool sweaters are the hot favourites of the spring & winter lovers. Along with absolute comfort and elegant style, they have amazing natural properties. Plus, they can be styled smartly to achieve different looks for different occasions.

What is Lambswool? 

Lambswool is rare wool. It comes from a young lamb, which is shorn for the first-ever time in its life. The lamb is around seven months when its first coat of wool appears.

Lambswool is the wool of any breed of sheep. So the micron count varies as per the breed. Each lambswool staple has about 50 mm of length. This wool is soft on the skin.

Benefits of Lambswool 

Fine and Shine 

The lambwool is authentic, soft and very fine. It has its own shine and freshness. Your lambswool sweater will never go unnoticed. Choose any shade, pastel, dark, bright, contrast; it will radiate its innate beauty.


This type of wool is flexible and durable. You can wear your beloved sweater year after year. You do not have to worry about the wool getting worn out after years of use. It will feel the same soft after years too.


Lambwool is breathable and a natural insulator. The wool has a natural crimp, so the fibres create small pockets of air, which can trap and release the heat. Thus the wool can maintain the body temperature of the wearer.

Irresistibly Warm

If you want to revel in the warmth and bask in the luxurious feel of the sweater, lambwool is the best choice. Its heat-regulating properties keep you warm during spring and cool during the summer.

Easy to Care 

Lambswool is easy to care. It should be hand washed because washing it in a machine can damage its texture and softness. Soak it in water with a special detergent made for wool. Squeeze it very lightly. Do not rub, wring, or stretch. With your hand, reshape the sweater and let it dry naturally.

See? So easy! No wonder the lambswool sweater is loved by one and all. With so many varieties in necks, colours, and patterns, you have ample scope for choice.

Attractive Varieties 

The attractive varieties of the lambwool sweaters look great on jeans and other bottom wear.  The simple yet elegant turtle neck sweater is the much loved classic style. This minimalistic style pairs easily with any clothing.

The V neck sweaters have a plunge at the front which can be styled with a necklace for women and a neck tie for men. A turtleneck sweater has an iconic look of beauty combined with grace. A roll-neck sweater is slightly casual and looks very laid back.

The UNIQLO Lambswool Sweaters

The UNIQLO lambswool sweaters have 19.5 micron 100% wool that comes with an unparalleled soft texture.

How Online Personal Loans have Revolutionized the Banking Sector

Digitalization and recent innovations over the different financial verticals have revolutionized the banking sector and their lending techniques. Loan products like instant loans and online personal loans have come into existence that has revolutionized the lending system to a great extent. Getting a personal loan is way more convenient than conventional loans. Additionally, these loans can be accessed through phones and financial apps without entering a bank. Earlier, banks and NBFCs did not have flexible guidelines for individuals who required small loans.
Moreover, the processing time for these types of loans was quite long, that if one is in an emergency, they can’t get these loans on time. The hesitance of banks and NBFCs to enter the probably risky small loan fragment has empowered digital moneylenders to rapidly fill the void and gain a huge client base. Online loans such as instant loans don’t need physical documentation which saves a lot of time and is flexible as compared to other loans. These loans can be availed in just a few hours making it on the top priority of most of the loan seekers.

Benefits of Online Personal Loan

  • Online Access
    Anyone can apply for a loan online just by visiting an online lending platform from their computers or smartphones and begin with the application process by simply filling in the application form present there, and upload the necessary documents. That’s all, you are done with the application process, no need to visit the bank or financial institution for further follow-ups.
  • No Collateral Required
    One of the significant features of personal loan is that it does not require security or collateral. Being an unsecured loan, you need not provide any guarantee or security against the amount you borrow. So, when you apply for a loan you do not have to pledge any of your valuable assets as collateral.
  • Quick Loan Disbursal Process
    To get your loan approved you first have to make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria and have a good CIBIL Score. After submitting your loan application your documents move ahead for verification. The lender then runs a check on your credit history and once they are satisfied with your repayment capacity, the loan amount gets disbursed on the same day.
  • Fixed Interest Rate
    Most loan lenders provide personal loans at a fixed rate of interest. Irrespective of the tenure you choose, the interest remains the same, which means you need not worry about the fluctuations in the interest due to changing market conditions.
  • Flexible Loan Tenure
    One of the benefits of a personal loan is that you have the liberty to choose the duration of your loan based on your repayment capacity. A long loan tenure means lower EMI, which can be repaid easily. With the help of an online loan EMI calculator, you can determine the tenure of your loan and the EMI to be paid every month.

Personal Loan Eligibility
The following are the eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled to qualify for a Personal loan.
You need to be a resident of India to be eligible for a loan
The applicant must be between the ages of 23 and 57 years
The applicant must be working with a public/ private company or an MNC
The applicant’s minimum salary requirements are based on the city of residence.

Documents Required
The following are a list of documents required for a Personal Loan
Passport-size photographs
Submit the KYC documents: Aadhaar, Passport, PAN, Driving license, Voter’s ID
The bank account statements of the last 3 months
The Fintech sector has been successful in challenging the status quo of traditional banks. It has a bright future as people today are experiencing a more flexible and convenient way to borrow money in less time. Offering faster loan application process and quick decisions on loans, borrowers can have access to the funds they need without having to wait weeks to even hear back from their bank.

Top Most Profitable Business Ideas with 80% Government Fund & Subsidy

Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) scheme was launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi where he said that more than 13 crore people have been offered loans. The mudra loan subsidy scheme provides loans up to 10 lakh to the non-corporate, non-farm small/micro-enterprises. These loans are offered by commercial banks, RRBs, small finance banks, MFIs and NBFCs.
The scheme has three categories under which the loans are disbursed:
Shishu Loan: This loan can be availed up to the maximum limit of Rs. 50,000
Kishor Loan: PMMY loans exceeding Rs. 50,000 and up to Rs. 5 lakh are designated as Kishor loan and in such cases, the interest rate will tend to vary depending on the bank sanctioning the loan amount and the creditworthiness of the borrower
Tarun Loan: This loan features PMMY borrowings in excess of Rs. 5 lakh and up to Rs. 10 lakh as per the MUDRA loan scheme.

Let’s have a look at 5 Profitable Business Ideas that are eligible for the MUDRA Loan Subsidy scheme
1. Papad Manufacturing Unit
Interestingly, one can start making papad under Mudra scheme.

Investment Required:
An initial investment of Rs 2.05 lakh is needed.

Government Loan on Papad Business:
Loan of Rs 8.18 lakh can be obtained in Papad business.

Subsidy Availed by the Government:
One can get a government subsidy of Rs 1.91 lakh under the Entrepreneur Support Scheme for Papad business.

2. Curry & Rice Powder Business
We are well aware that the demand for curry and rice powder is increasing in India. There are no doubts that starting it will be a profitable business idea.

Investment Required:
For Curry & Rice Powder business you will need an initial investment of Rs 1.66 lakh.

Government Loan that can be availed:
You will get a term loan of Rs 3.32 lakh & a working capital loan of Rs 1.68 lakh from the bank, under the Mudra scheme.

How much benefit can you get by running a Curry & Rice Powder Business?
Well, the surprising part of this profitable business idea is that you don’t need any experience for starting it. The same is mentioned in the project profile on the Mudra Bank website.

3. Wooden Furniture Business

How much do you need to invest in Wooden Furniture Business?
To start this profitable business idea, you need to have about Rs 1.85 lakh.

Government Loan that can be availed:
One can get a loan of around Rs 7.48 lakh under Composite loan from the bank which comes under the Mudra loan subsidy scheme. For this, you will need Rs 3.65 lakh as fixed capital and Rs 5.70 lakh for 3 months working capital.

How much profit can you make by Wooden Furniture Business?
Remember you can get profits only after starting this business. If you remove all the expenses, then you can benefit between Rs 60,000 – Rs 1 lakh.

4. Light Engineering Unit
Light engineering includes nuts, bolts, washers or nails, etc. This business can be started under the Mudra scheme of the government.
Investment Required for Light Engineering Business:
For installing this unit you will require Rs 1.88 lakh.

Government Loan that can be availed:
Under the Mudra loan subsidy scheme, the bank will offer you a loan of Rs 2.21 lakh as term loan and Rs 2.30 lakh as working capital.

How much benefit can be made in Light Engineering Business?
Around 2500 kg of nut-bolt will be made in a month. Thus yearly, you can make a profit of around Rs 2 lakh by taking out the expenses.

5. Computer Assembling Business
The ones who are interested in business related to computers can opt for this profitable business idea of Computer Assembling.

Investment Required for Computer Assembling Business:
For starting this business, you will need an initial investment of Rs 2.70 lakh.

Government Loan that can be availed:
You can get a loan of Rs 6.29 lakh from the bank for this profitable business idea.

Benefits of Computer Assembling Business:
Yearly 630 units are made and by selling them one can make a profit of up to Rs 3 lakh. A fixed price has to be fixed for this business.

Serious Questions to Ask Before Applying for a Personal Loan

Your phone buzzes or you get an email pop-up saying you have a pre-approved loan facility. Isn’t it common these days? It certainly is a clever marketing strategy to make sure that you click on the link mentioned in that text or email. These kinds of messages flood your inbox throughout the day, but you must consider your need when you apply for a personal loan.

Sometimes there may be emergencies where availing a personal loan can be the last resort. That is when one should opt for a personal loan. While you apply for a personal loan, a few crucial questions should be assessed by every applicant. Evaluation of these questions helps in selecting the most effective cost loans for yourself.

Let us quickly run through the questions that you should be asking yourself while you apply for a personal loan-

What is a personal loan?
A personal loan is a form of borrowings that are not sought for any purpose in particular.
The utilization of such funds is not restricted and can be used for reasons like funding an emergency or relaxing on vacation. There are fixed rates of interest for such loans that differ among the various lenders.

How to apply for a personal loan?
The process is more or less the same for the different lenders. You can visit the nearest branch of your lender or even over the telephonic services if available. With the digital space growing leaps and bounds, one can apply for a personal loan via the online facility too.

Are there different types of personal loans?
Yes, there are two types of loans, namely a secured and unsecured loan. A secured loan is guaranteed by collateral. This collateral can be an asset which the lender can obtain ownership of in case of default by the borrower. Personal vehicles, jewellery, or other personal properties can be used as collaterals.
Another type of loan is an unsecured one where there is no requirement for any collateral against the funds borrowed. Such unsecured personal loans are based on your income, credit score, any pending debts due to the lender, and availability of credit.

What is my credit score?
A credit score is a measure used by the lender to determine your loan eligibility. The higher your credit score, the better it is. Generally, higher credit scores increase the chances of the full amount of loan applied for. You can check your credit score before you apply for a personal loan on payment of a nominal amount of fee. Analysis of the credit score helps you in getting a better understanding of the various debts having an impact on it.

How are my Finances?
Knowing your financial health helps in analyzing whether you can repay the amount so borrowed. A thorough analysis of your annual income and expenses helps in determining the serviceability of the debt. You sure do not want missed deadlines in repayments as they attract a hefty penalty.

How much should I borrow?
The most vital question to address when you apply for a personal loan is how much to borrow. This question should be addressed, keeping in mind your need and creditworthiness. Availing an amount that you are confident enough to pay is what you should borrow. This saves you from the hassle of using up the available credit limit.

How long will it take to pay off my loan?
Personal loans are available for different tenures. It is important to evaluate your capacity to pay the loans and select a tenure comfortable enough in which you can repay your loan. The tenure serves as an important factor in the determination of equated installments for each defined period.

What is the rate of interest?
The interest on your loan is an essential factor in determining the affordability of your loan. It determines how cheap or dear a loan will cost to the borrower from among the different lenders. Lenders often charge different rates of interest for different borrowers depending on their creditworthiness.

These are the few questions that can help you in deciding the terms and conditions for your loan. Make sure you read the fine print on your loan agreement keeping in mind the various charges, fees, and penalties. Lastly, make the best use of your personal loan to fund your needs. Select wise and choose the best!

Best Ways Personal Loans can Help You Save Your Money

Everyone goes through a financial crisis at some point in their life. At such times, availing a personal loan might make sense as they provide quick cash and can meet the immediate expense without blowing up all your savings. If you’re looking to consolidate high-interest debt or finance a large expense you can apply for a Bajaj Finserv personal loan and get the financial assistance you need. You just need to fulfill the personal loan eligibility criteria and documentation process. Once approved the loan amount will get disbursed in your account. Most personal loans are unsecured, meaning you are not required to pledge collateral on loans. If used properly, personal loans can help you save a lot of money.

What is a personal loan?

A Personal loan is a kind of unsecured loan that helps you meet your current financial needs. These loans could be used for anything from credit card debts consolidation, to refinance student loans, wedding expenses, home renovation, travel expenses, etc. While a personal loan might help you take care of unexpected expenses, they can also help you save money.

The following are some of the ways persona loans can help you can save money.

  • Lower interest rates

The rate of interest on a personal loan is comparatively lower than the credit cards. Therefore, personal loans can be used to make purchases in lieu of credit cards as a money-saving strategy.

  • Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation means opting for a loan to pay off other liabilities and debts. To avail a huge, low-interest rate personal loan, you need to pay off your other small, high-interest rate debts. By doing this you can save money on a high-interest student loan or your credit card bill, for example, by repaying them faster or at once using a personal loan. Remember to check with your bank about their prepayment policies as some money-lending institutions charge penalties or charge additional fees for not completing the loan tenure.

  • Claiming tax benefits

While availing a personal loan you can claim tax benefits. Under Income Tax Act, if a personal loan is availed to renovate a house or make a down-payment for it, then you are eligible to claim tax deductions of up to Rs. 2 lakhs under Section 24(b). In order to avail of this benefit, you will have to produce proper receipts and documents to the bank.

  • Smart repayment plans

You can choose to use the most appropriate repayment plan on your loan on the basis of your current and foreseeable financial status to enhance your savings. For those who are expecting their financial situation to get better in the near future, due to a promotion, for example, can apply for the step-up repayment option. The EMI scheme starts off at low-interest rates that gradually increase over time.

  • Cover big expense

With an instant personal loan you get the liberty to repay the money over the years in small installments. Since the interest rates on personal loans are quite low, it is a cheaper way to cover big purchases.

  • Improve credit score

When you avail a personal loan, the complete loan amount is to be repaid in a fixed period. And if you repay the loan in full at a given time, it not only lower your credit utilization ratio but also improves your CIBIL Score.

All You Need to Know about Your Personal Loans

What are personal loans?

Personal loans are unsecured loans that you can take from a bank or a financial institution to meet your personal needs. A personal loan is a debt that you are required to repay in installments as per the lender’s repayment tenure. Moreover, lenders charge you an interest for the amount you borrow which is often higher than other loans.

Being an unsecured loan, you are not required to submit any collateral or warranty in lieu of the personal loan amount. However, defaulting on a personal loan can adversely affect your credit score.

What can you take a personal loan for?

A personal loan has no end use and so you can use it for whatever purpose you want to. It could be used to finance the following purpose –

  • Education
  • Wedding
  • Consolidation of debt
  • Business
  • Travel
  • Home renovation
  • Medical expenses
  • Emergency Situations


Every lender has different eligibility criteria to lend you a personal loan. However, as an overview they consider the following factors – your age, occupation, your income, the city you reside in and your capacity to repay.

Often there are different criteria for self-employed and salaried person.

Your eligibility is also determined by your credit score and credit history. While the amount of loan you get also depends on the city you live in.

Tips to help you get the best personal loan

 A personal loan is beneficial when you want to solve your urgent financial needs. It is easy and simple to avail with easy repayment duration so that you can repay the amount as per your convenience. If you are planning to avail a personal loan, look at these tips to get the best deal.