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Guys: Here’s How You Smell Good All The Time

Men, in your lifetime, you must have received many compliments. From ‘you look so handsome’ to ‘you’re so funny’, these make you feel good and give your confidence a real boost. However, when someone tells you ‘you smell so good’, it’s different.

When someone says that you smell good, it’s the real thing. You can fake confidence, smile, or even the one liners you crack but to fake the way you smell? No, you can’t fake that. To get such a compliment, you need to smell really good, here’s how you do it.

  1. Take Regular Baths

It a shocker when we hear guys don’t bath daily. No, you can’t mask that dirt with perfumes or deodorants. Bathing is an undisputable part of hygiene which you shouldn’t miss. Bathing not only helps you clean the dirt and germs of your body, you get a peace of mind when the water runs all over your body, something no deodorant will ever give you.

  1. Wear fresh ironed clothes

Some think that they can get up, take a bath, and wear the t-shirt from yesterday. While this might work for some, you don’t do that. You many think it’s still fresh since it was only worn yesterday, you forget it also houses yesterday’s sweat and bacteria. You may not feel it but others sometimes can smell it and fell repulsed. Always, always, wear fresh clothes.

  1. Invest in a good fragrance

There are fragrances and there are fragrances, you shroud invest in the latter. You can never ever underestimate the power a good fragrance can give your personality. Invest in branded or luxury perfumes or colognes than run of the mill editions. Go to websites like Myntra where you can get top brands at discounts. High-quality fragrances smell better and contain a higher concentration of perfume so they’ll last longer

  1. Spray it right

There are many theories, discussions, and magazine covers on how you should apply your perfume or deodorant. Contrary to popular belief, spraying it into the air and walking through is not the right way, although it does give a good laugh to those watching. You need to decide where you want to spray and the intensity of your spray; that’s the magic formula. For instance, you apply a two-three firm sprays on the collarbone, chest, arms, and neck. That’s good enough.

  1. Switch your fragrances every season

When you wear the same fragrance all year long, it will begin to not work in your favour. Perfumes and colognes contain ingredients which work well in one season and go down in another. Heavier fragrances do wonders in the winters but don’t smell as fresh in the summers. As the summer approaches, go for lighter notes, more floral or citrusy, you will smell amazing and fresh, of course!

There’s never any downside to looking and smelling good. Now that you’ve learnt how to smell fresh, follow these tips, turn them into habits, and get that compliment.

The Guide to Buying the Perfect Chinos

When it comes to tailoring basics, chinos should be placed on top of the list. Chinos work well for both the occasions, be it formal or informal. The adaptability of chinos means that selecting the right pair is a genuine matter. However, it does not mean you have to do this in a complex manner and here is a guide to help you purchase the right pair of chinos to get the best look:

Defining Chinos

These style of trousers originated from American military. The soldiers of the American army would wear chinos which were usually made of cotton material, usually slimming the body. In comparison to dress pants, these trousers are less formal in look but dressier than a pair of casual jeans. The most attractive feature of chinos is that they come in different colour choices and can be used for both formal and informal occasions.

Wearing Chinos

While colour is an important element when buying Chinos but the fit is essential too. The right pair of Chinos should match one’s height and build. These trousers should neither be tight-fitted nor very baggy. You can style Chinos with a light weight shirt. Add to this a branded belt which will complete the look. For a graduated aesthetic, opt for hem chinos. These can also be cuffed to complement a pair of loafers or brogues.

Styling Chinos

Very easy in terms of styling, chinos can be moulded in accordance with the occasion. A blue linen shirt which is teamed with a beige coloured pair of chinos is great for the day look. For a dressier look, you can go with a blazer that is contrast in colour. A personal touch such as knitted ties or attractive pocket squares can amplify the overall look. Pair these up with a t-shirt and hem chinos for a more casual look.

Coloured Chinos

This is the best part of shopping for chinos because you can pick a variety of colours. Pick up the basics such as white, navy, or khaki which work best in terms of basics. Emerald greens or blues offer a fresh impact for a casual and smart look. Opting for earthy browns lend masculine and rugged look. The key is to select classic tones of shades for that lasting look.

Pick your favourite pairs of chinos from popular online stores such as Jabong, Myntra, Koovs, etc.

Five Types of Dresses to Wear At a Day Party

You can never go wrong with a short black dress’, do you recall this advice? It’s time to amend it now. You can definitely go wrong with your black dress when you wear it for a day party. It might look like a safe option for the evenings, but the bright daylight has different demands.

Last few years have seen an increasing popularity of day parties with get-togethers at pools and beaches, official lunches and catching-up-with-friends for brunch rituals. This has arisen the demand of party wear dresses that look lavish in broad daylight. Here’s a guide to your day-party wardrobe:

  1. Blouson Dresses
    A blouson dress is a pick for those who are looking for a casual yet elegant look. These have a closure, usually a string or a belt at the waist that form the upper part of the dress like a blouse, while the lower hem falls straight. Loose on the upper half, it provides volume while the straight lower half is usually body hugging and defines your body finely. Something to wear for that formal brunch! Suits Best: Tall and slim.

Tip: A choker neck with a thin string helps you flaunt your collarbone further, which defines your figure.

  1. Bandage Dresses
    The dress showcases layers of patches woven together. These are made of bodycon material that provides a nice fit for your body. Short bandage dresses have a semi-formal look that make you look taller and chic. Suits Best: Slim and petite.

Tip: Go for a bright colour with chunky cork high heels to complement the daylight.

  1. Empire Waist Dresses
    This type of dress fits perfectly at your bust and is complemented with a flowy lower half. The design adds curves to your body. The swirl offer an easy-going and comfortable appearance, suitable under the bright daylight. Suits Best: Straight body shape.

Tip: Pair them with fancy boots for a casual day-time look.

  1. Kaftan Dresses
    Kaftan has a loose fit, flared sleeves with a flowy definition to it. These are comfy and casual, apt for a pool or beach party. Suits Best: Curvy women. It might look baggy on a lean figure.

Tip: Experiment with the glitters.

  1. Peplum Dresses
    These dresses have a frilled ruche attached at the waist. It flairs down like a narrow skirt and extends till the knees. It flaunts the body shape, cleverly enveloping any extra inches. Suits Best: Curvy Women with weight around their waist.

Get Ready for Winters with Hoodies

Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India, is known for its tropical climate. However, it witnesses mild winters, which steeped down to 11 degrees this year. The peculiar weather of the city calls for clothing that is warm, but not too winterish. Implying that if you go for the winter collection, it might leave you sweaty and sweltering, especially later in the day. On the other hand, you are sure to suffer the chills if you don’t cover up. In such a scenario what should be Mumbai’s winter wear?

Hoodies should be declared as the official clothing for cooler months in the city. They are available in wide range of colours, styles and fabrics, and you can pick yours exactly how you would like to have your cuddly-fit. They either come equipped with a zipper in front or in a pullover style, and comprise a string to adjust the hood closer to the face.

These hooded sweatshirts come in different fabrics:

  • Fleece hoodies are very popular due to their soft and mild warm cover.
  • Fleece and wool blends in hoodies is the warmer counterpart of Fleece sweatshirts, and are apt for winter mornings or evenings you plan to spend near the sea.
  • Brushed cotton has a velvety feel to it, and its thin covering is like a shawl wrapped around your body. You can wear it all day long without any discomfort.
  • Nylon and cotton blends are more suitable for humid and rainy climate.

Hoodies are handy, convenient and require very less maintenance. Most of the fabrics are hand washable and don’t even require ironing. Woollen fabrics, however, would need dry-cleaning. These exterior covers can be removed when the temperature increases during the day time, and its light-weight makes them very easy to carry around.

Hoodies are available in all sizes from XS to XL. You can order a slim-fit, zip up or an over-sized from Myntra to match up your style.

Five Online Shows We Can’t Wait to Watch in 2017

The last few years has changed the way Indian audiences consume entertainment. Today a sizeable population consume content online including movies, online TV shows, and text. It’s the TV shows, in particular, which have carved a huge fan following for themselves. 2017 is the year when many of them return; here are the ones we can’t wait to watch.

  1. Pitchers (Season 2)

It was a sweet finish when Jeetu, Naveen, Yogi, and Mandal were able to secure seed funding for their start-up. A great journey filled with laughter, romance, struggles, and pitchers of beer. Now the real test begins for the quartet, the test of building a company. We got a sneak peak of what they were up to in the last scene of TVF’s Permanent Roommates and it has left us nothing but intrigued.

  1. Permanent Roommates (Season 3)

One of the earliest web-based shows, this show captures the lives of a young couple as they plan their wedding after a three-year long-distance relationship. Permanent Roommates managed to capture the heart of many couples with their relatable storytelling. We saw ourselves in Tanya and Mikesh as they struggled to plan their wedding, manage their parents, and deal with the realisation that they will soon become parents. After two amazing seasons, many await season three to see what new experiences will Tanya and Mikesh face together.

  1. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (Season 2)

This sitcom came as a wave of fresh air at a time when saas-bahu serials ruled the television screens. From sophisticated Maya Sarabhai’s disdain for her daughter-in-law Monisha’s middle class antics to poor Sahil stuck between wife and mother; add to this impish Indravadan and the indescribable Roshesh, you got yourself perhaps one of India’s finest shows. When it was told that they were returning after a hiatus of ten years as an online TV show, good days had finally arrived.

  1. Little Things (Season 2)

This show concentrated on the things that matter the most in a relationship; little things. Season one which had just five episodes managed to strike a chord in a way many online shows couldn’t. The fights, the conversations, the dancing, and the eating; whatever Kavya and Dhruv did was among the most adorable things on the web last year. We hope the trend continues this year too.

  1. Tripling (Season 2)

When you add family and a road trip, fireworks are expected to follow. That’s what we exactly saw. However, the fireworks were so relatable that within the first ten minutes of the first episode, the show struck a chord. A script with the right blend of humour, reality, and emotions along with a commendable cast made the show a blockbuster hit as the first season ended. Who knew a show on a road trip with siblings would become so famous.

While these spectacular TV shows are yet to return, until that time, why don’t you visit Sony Liv and watch the best of TV online. From classic shows like Aahat and CID to today’s most watched ones like Indian Idol and The Kapil Sharma Show, Sony Liv is sure to keep you entertained.