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Experience a Hassle-free Flight with Saudi Airlines

Very few of us pay considerable attention to flight tickets and bookings before setting off for a trip. It is important to understand that your journey is equally important as the destination and meticulous planning is the need of the hour. The holiday season has just set in and it is definitely a good idea to start planning your holiday, from the airplane tickets, to the eventual hotel or guest house that you intend to book. A good flight experience makes for a relaxing holiday as well. While you purchase your travel tickets, you need to ensure that everything is set in the right manner.

In comparison to older times when one had to physically visit a travel agent and get tickets booked, the online mode has made it much simpler for people to make reservations from the comfort of one’s home. If you are looking for international flight bookings, then you must doubly ensure that you choose the right flight which provides you with utmost comfort during your journey since you will probably have to spend longer hours travelling.   In the Middle East, Saudi Airlines is renowned as one of the leading air carriers, which has a proven record of customer satisfaction for more than 60 years.

Saudi Airlines extends its connectivity to all the major destinations of the world. You can choose a flight to other destinations through Saudi Airlines online and book your preferred seats. There are multiple benefits you can enjoy while flying with Saudi Airlines such as the Al Fursan program, through which you can earn miles, irrespective of whether you are travelling international or domestic flights. For those of you who wish to avoid standing in queues, Saudi Airlines web check-in provides the luxury of booking the seat of your choice after which you can print the boarding pass, even before you reach the airport.

The baggage allowance for Guest Class travellers in Saudi Airlines is up to 25 kilograms. For those who have chosen Business Class and First Class as their preferred mode, the passengers are permitted to carry two pieces of luggage each, with a limit of 25 kilograms. There is a host of other luxuries you can avail while flying with Saudi Airlines. If you require a specific meal, you can forward your request to the airlines team. There is plenty of in-flight entertainment available in most of the aircrafts, such as personal video screens with channels that cater to people of all ages. Saudi Airlines offers promising services to each of its passengers.

A Gulf you’d happily jump into!

What once started out only as an alternative mode of travel has now gone on to become a global industry that spawns millions of jobs and an entire dimension of commerce. Commercial aviation is big business today as it attracts investors and loyal customers year after year. But the high costs and higher expectations of onboard treatment notwithstanding, many flyers continue to seek an option that provides commendable service at reasonable rates, which is what Gulf Air excels at providing to customers worldwide. Here’s what to know about the airline!


Gulf Air was founded in the year 1950 and has been headquartered at Bahrain’s International Airport ever since. The airline is the national carrier of Bahrain and is wholly owned by the Government of Bahrain, operating as a public company. However, Bahraini legislation allows it to operate under special ordinances that are drafted to promote its expansion.


Although the airline’s fleet is only about 28-strong, Gulf Air flights allow a flyer to connect to over 43 international cities around the world. While Gulf Air Airways connects one to most Middle Eastern hubs like Riyadh, Dammam, Dubai and Doha, making a Gulf Air booking for getting to spots like New York and Rome is just as easy to do!


The rush for Gulf Air ticket fares shows just how sought-after the airline is in the region. With an assortment of seating choices to specialized culinary options like Jain meals, R&R is hardly a problem. Other on-board perks like the ‘sky nanny’ for mothers and provision of neonatal essentials like cotton buds ensure that passengers can have a peaceful and uninterrupted flight.

Moreover, if a Gulf Air online booking becomes habitual for you, be prepared to enjoy some of the many perks like lounge access and discounts that their frequent flyer programme offers.

So take care, just fly Gulf Air!

Flynas for the ultimate experience!

Air travel has gone on from being a purely niche area of travel to becoming one of the greatest money-spinners in modern transportation. Today, hordes of airlines fiercely compete to capture the millions who choose to fly from city to city or even on a continental scale almost each day. However, the balance of reasonable rates and a competent standard of treatment mean that customers still prefer economical airlines, which is where Nasair comes into focus. Here’s what to know about the airline!

Essential facts

The airline’s headquarters are at the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It holds the distinction for being one of the only airliners in the world for having practically implemented the eco-friendly Sharklet specifications for its aircraft. The airline is well renowned for its trademark Airbus A320s, and since the beginning of the year 2015 it has also introduced Airbus A330s and A350s into the fleet. In recent times, NAS air has been rebranded by its proprietors as Flynas.



Making a single NAS air online booking will allow any passenger easy access to most important hubs in the Middle Eastern Region, such as Jeddah, Dammam, Doha, Dubai and even Cairo to name a few. However, this is hardly all as the airline’s tenacious network allows travellers access to many international cities around the world, such as the likes of London and Amsterdam, proving that NAS airways have got what it takes to give the biggest of global carriers a good challenge!

Salient features

NAS Airlines boasts of a number of impressive services onboard that seemingly justify the immense praise and revenue that heads its way each year, namely:

  • Having your NAS Air flight status pop up online regularly is now a good thing, since frequent flyers who are regulars with the airline now have access to lounges, discounts and a host of other benefits.
  • The airline has juggled many roles effectively, such as being the official carrier for Hajj pilgrims in September 2014 as part of the National Air Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON)
  • Passengers can use the web-check 48 hours in advance, saving them last-minute rushes.
  • Special procedures exist to tend to pregnant women, senior citizens and children.

So fly nas!

The best of Qatari luxury!

Time has essentially become quantified to money, giving rise to the adage and justifying why so many people choose to pay extra for shaving off those precious hours off commute. While this has been implemented to limited extent on roads and rail, air travel continues to be the best bet for this. However, purely standard service doesn’t always cut it, as the long hours make flyers wish for an impeccable level of service. This is where Qatar Airways comes into the picture. Here are some things to know about it.

History and Statistics

Since it was founded in the year 1993, the airline has been headquartered at Doha’s Hamad International Airport, being the national carrier of Qatar. Distinguished for being one of the first Gulf-based airlines to join the one world Alliance, it started with humble origins, having just two aircraft flying to about 15 destinations in its maiden year of operations.  Under the control of the Qatari government, the airline has expanded to boast of a massive 167 aircraft.



The airline’s size and connectivity is almost unparalleled around the planet, with only a few close rivals. Qatar Airways flights travel to about 151 destinations worldwide, connecting flyers to international hotspots such as Miami, Durban, Beijing, Kuwait, Copenhagen and London.


When it comes to luxury, Qatar Airways ticket fares are often the most sought-after. This is because each Qatar Airways booking grants you a number of commendable perks onboard, namely:

  • Qatar Duty-Free allows you to browse through and purchase from an enviable collection of merchandise onboard, letting you skip the entire ritual at the airport itself.
  • It’s Oryx in-flight entertainment system is a class apart with one of the most comprehensive inventories of movies, books and music to be found in aviation.


Calling itself the ‘World’s 5-Star Airline’, every Qatar Airways flight’s status is backed up by the 75+ awards it has won in its lifetime.

So if you are looking for the right avenue to pay, trust us and fly Qatar Airways!

Set a young life right!

We live in an age where most people advocate for increased transparency and accountability at all levels of private enterprise and government. However, the entire process of holding someone accountable for everything they say, do, subscribe to and commit unlawfully has its own unintended side-effects. Marginalizing one of mankind’s most important resources, its offspring, is one such effect.

Children are the fastest-growing and even the most vulnerable segment of the demographics that currently exist on Earth. As a result of their legally ambiguous state and lack of a physical ability to seek help, they are often susceptible to nefarious issues such as prostitution, trafficking and even delinquency.

Because of their young state and a trend of allowing adults to make decisions for them, children can seldom make their own choices. Thus very often cases of mistreatment are either hushed up or underreported.

To address this growing problem, several bodies have swung into action over the past 40 years. The UN-mandated Convention for the Rights of the Child carefully illustrates certain rights of children, allowing for better precedent toward their protection.


The rights

In terms of verbal choice, the spectrum of allowing culpability and any prosecution enough teeth to fight for a child, the child rights are kept as wide as legal terminology allows to assure maximum power to them. They are, namely:

  • The right to survival (the rights to life, health, nutrition, name and nationality)
  • The right to protection (protection from exploitation, abuse and neglect)
  • The right to development (development with respect to education, care, leisure, recreation and cultural activities)
  • The right to participation (participation in society for expression, information, thought and religion)

While these children’s rights may seem at first glance, a tad too simplistic, it must be noted that this has inherently allowed a simple template to countries for formulating their own child protection laws. Many nations such as the US, UK or India have a variety of laws regarding children involved in divorces, cases of abuse and even labour, based on these rights.


So know their rights to help them in an everyday fight!

Giving to make a difference!

In the world that is ruled by the power of money and competitive manoeuvring, most people around the world and across many walks of life tend to singularly pursue their goals without much consideration or thought to anything else. It is only during times of festivity that we tend to remember those around us who perhaps aren’t so fortunate or well-off. All the same, it is important to acknowledge that there are, indeed, several sections of society that do look to us for help from time to time. While not everyone is of the type to translate their efforts on the field, one way to go about this is donations. Here are some things to know about them.

An introduction

The act of making a donation corresponds with essentially pledging a certain monetary amount towards an endeavour or individual pursuant in the betterment of conditions for disadvantaged folks in society. These could include acid attack survivors, orphaned children, housing or war-affected people, children rescued from abusive homes or the streets and so on. The idea is that, even if one is unable to participate in efforts to uplift their condition, they can contribute significantly by means of being able to donate.


Why it works

This avenue holds credibility to be used for those people who have neither the time nor the ability to directly involve themselves in an effort to make things better for the downtrodden in society. With the pervasiveness of the internet, the capacity to donate online makes this easier than ever, even for laymen.

Increased security

While some people worry that their amounts may never reach the end user, online donation puts paid to this notion, since fewer physical hands actually get a hold of the money. Thus, the likelihood of someone’s life being better through your amount is greater here.

How to start

Many varied NGOs around the world and India have their online portals to make it easy for anyone to make a donation online. Take your time and research before making one!


Give to make a life better!

Make the best of a Kuwaiti experience!

Aviation in the modern times has evolved in a number of ways that make it easier for the usual frequent flier to go about their hectic schedules. However, despite the slick cabins, enthusiastic hostesses and the seamless stream of services onboard, regular air travel can become a highly taxing job. Thus, it is only natural that travellers are constantly on the lookout for a brand that promises quality, hassle-free treatment at reasonable rates. One such example is Kuwait Airlines, one of the prominent names in the Middle Eastern sector. Here’s what to know about it!


Since its inception in the year 1953, Kuwait Airways has been headquartered and operated out of Kuwait’s International Airport. The airline was privatized much later in the 1990s, when war and several socio-political changes forced the government to look at alternatives for funding loss-making subsidiaries. As part of this privatization, its logo and look also underwent a change to connect better with audiences.



Choosing to fly Kuwait Airways ensures that one can enjoy the best of both domestic as well as international connectivity when it comes to flying. While Middle Eastern hubs such as Dammam, Jeddah, Cairo, Riyadh, Dubai and Doha are all within reach, your Kuwait Airways booking also gives you the luxury of choosing flights to destinations like Barcelona, New York and Manila to name a few.


Making a Kuwait Airways online booking entitles you to a number of features unmatched by most of its peers; from complimentary night blinds and choice of meals (veg/vegan/gluten-free) to the enviable collection of media on-board the in-flight entertainment system, your comfort will take top priority. With niche services like on-board merchandise to items like the Quran preloaded for passengers, no stone is left unturned to ensure that your experience is flawless.


From accolades via the On-board Services Magazine in USA to the recognition conferred on it by the IASA, trusting on Kuwait Airways ticket fares will surely give you more than your money’s worth!

Luxury Hotels in Dubai that Offer the Best Accommodations

One of the most populous cities in United Arab Emirates, Dubai is home to some of the most breath-taking constructions in the world. With beautiful sights and destinations to see, Dubai is also one of the major commercial hubs in the Middle East. Some of the most famous tourist destinations can be found in Dubai, from the beaches and recreational places to the hotels and artificial islands.

For those who love to travel, vacationing in Dubai should definitely be on your list to witness some of the most stunning sights the world has to offer. With the many luxury hotels and resorts open for visitors, and the Dubai hotel packages offered by many travel companies, you can make the most of your vacation by enjoying a wonderful stay at some of the best hotels in Dubai, some of which are mentioned below.

Dubai Hotels

Warwick Hotel

Warwick Hotel in Dubai offers the best amenities like a swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasium, spa, lounge, bar, and restaurants where you enjoy scrumptious meals. You can also organise business meetings and conferences at the hotel in one of the many meeting rooms the hotel offers. The hotel also provides babysitting services and shuttle services, along with a multilingual staff present to help out

Atlantis, The Palm

Nestled on The Palm, in Dubai, Atlantis is a luxury hotel on the manmade island, offering the best luxuries and thrills to those staying at the hotel. The hotel was built surrounding the myth of Atlantis albeit the Arabian ambience, and was the first of all Dubai hotels to be built on the island. The Aquaventure water park and Nasimi beach, affiliated to the hotel, offers a wonderful respite to all staying at the Atlantis, adding to the bliss of staying here.

The Ritz-Carlton

Offering a wonderful opportunity to witness the culture and tradition of the land with a camel ride on the shores of the beach, or a tour of the Jumeirah Mosque, The Ritz-Carlton gives you a wonderful opportunity to bask beside the five exotic swimming pools or the private beach, letting you have the time of your life. Guests can enjoy the breath-taking view from the hotel that includes Burj Khalifa along with the many attractions Dubai offers.

By opting for Dubai holiday packages, you can stay in one of Dubai’s best hotels along with experiencing the best of Dubai.

Beating the numbers with effort!

Despite everything that may suggest how things are quite completely under control with technology and communication, the true fact is that the modern world is besieged by innumerable real-world problems that continue to plague every layer of its society, such as the exploitation of classes based on monetary control. Perhaps one of the most afflicted due to these are children, whose true plight is visible only through a comprehensive look at the statistics of children CRY America and other NGOs release periodically.

The situation in India

Some child statistics CRY America has collated to gauge the situation for children in the East and West respectively:

  • 47 of every 1000 children in India perish before their first year of life completes.
  • 1 out of every 2 children in India are malnourished.
  • 4 of every 5 children in India are anaemic.
  • About 22% of children are born with a lower body weight than average
  • Only about 54% of children have immunization at the district level.


However, the situation is no different elsewhere around the world. Children’s statistics don’t exaggerate, with the documentation of underprivileged children CRY America has collated allowing us a closer look at the primary problems befalling children in the West; abuse and neglect:

  • About 12% of the juvenile population in the United States of America has faced maltreatment and been victimized to some extent.
  • Only about 43 of every 1000 children have received a proper investigation by CPS agencies based on tip-offs, complaints and reports filed on their behalf; an appalling rate of 4 children for every hundred distress calls dispatched by complainants.
  • 60% of abuse victims reported and rescued had shown signs of neglect.


In a scenario like these, a slew of measures is needed indeed to tackle the menace, such as follows:

  • Sensitization of schools toward children from difficult backgrounds
  • Increased social watch programming to report instances of exploitation
  • Better legal protection to build a case against perpetrators swiftly to name a few!

The odds may be stacked against children but a focused effort can turn things around!