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Experience a Wonderful Journey on the Best Airlines of Dubai

Travel plans are as important as planning a trip. This is especially important when it comes to flying international. If you are on the lookout for flights to Dubai there are plenty of airlines for you to choose from. The journey of visiting this glittering metropolis begins with the flight that you choose. With an array of some of the best airlines catering to thousands of travellers every single day, every airline flying to Dubai has something special to offer.

Air Arabia.JPG

Air Arabia

Air Arabia is renowned as the largest low-cost airlines in the Middle East. Flying to more than 101 destinations across the continents of Asia, Europe, North Africa, and Middle East, Air Arabia is dedicated to providing comfortable and affordable flying services to its passengers. Whether you wish to book additional tickets or place an order for more number of meals, you can make these changes by simply dialling the Air Arabia call centre number. Moreover, you can also select your preferred choice of meal prior to your journey. In case your travel plans have changed, you can modify the same, 24 hours prior to your flight.  The ‘Fun Onboard’ program is unique to the airlines with a fun interaction session for fellow passengers and lots of entertainment for the children. What’s more, Air Arabia also offers coach transfers as an easy travel option to the airport.


Fly Dubai

Fly Dubai is the national airlines of Dubai that operates from Dubai International Airport at Terminal 2. The airlines provides its services across 51 destinations to Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. The high-tech airlines is known for its hospitality and varied range of facilities it offers to its passengers. Booking your tickets with Fly Dubai also helps you get assistance in arranging your visa quickly from any of Fly Dubai’s destinations. You can receive all the visa assistance through its travel shops in Dubai. The in-flight entertainment is available in basic packages which include music, games and TV shows, as well as premium packages which include movies too. If you are flying in economy class, you can also upgrade your package to the premium one and get a broader choice of entertainment. You can also indulge in duty-free shopping through the Fly Dubai Shop simply from the comfort of your seat.

Air India

Air India

Air India is also one of the airlines that extends its operations to Dubai. The airlines helps you redeem miles through its frequent flyer programme called Flying Returns. Dubai is one of those destinations that is thronged with visitors throughout the year. So prior to making a trip to Dubai, you must spend some time on your choice of airlines so that you don’t miss out on a world-class flying experience. The extensive services provided by each of these airlines makes it easier for you to choose your choice of aircraft. All of this information is now available to you at the click of a mouse!

NGO Events: An Essential Step towards Building a Better Society

With a number of NGOs operating in India and across the world, there are a variety of events that are conducted in order to raise awareness as well as collect funds. These events are held on a large scale where renowned artists from various fields are invited in the presence of a large audience. The volunteers of the NGOs work towards the upliftment of the underprivileged people including children, men, and women. Every NGO is dedicated to a specific cause, for which they organise events and raise funds. There are a multitude of NGOs involved in working for different causes such as British Red Cross, CRY UK, Care International, Actionaid, and many others.

CRY UK events hold programs such as Mastana, which is a cultural event that includes music, drama, comedy, and dance. An event that is organised annually with a fusion of western and eastern cultures. The participants in the event are university students. There are huge number of performers as well as a large audience for events by CRY.

British Red Cross organises events such as The Marathon De Paris which is one of the biggest events in Europe. Participants in these marathons run for people afflicted with emergencies and natural disasters. People in Paris actively participate in such marathons to contribute their bit towards the society.

Actionaid, an NGO that works for poverty-stricken people, those who are discriminated and for the ones whose voices are never heard. The NGO holds events to raise money for refugees on occasions such as Christmas that many do not get to celebrate.

Care International aims at relieving people from war-affected countries and eradicating poverty from the poorest countries of the world. The NGO also conducts events such as Snowdown Sunrise Trek, which is a women-only event, in order to support women empowerment across the world.

NGOs have been strongly volunteering, across the world, for a whole bunch of causes to bring about an impactful change in the society. Such NGOs are largely driven by dedicated volunteers as well as donors who believe that there is a greater section of people in the society who need to be taken care of and deserve a better standard of living. In this effort of transforming the society, any person who wishes to donate or participate in the events can log on to the websites of NGOS such as Care International Events, CRY events, or Actionaid events.

Earn more than just money from work!


Living in an era where one is typically judged by the quality of their car and the size of their paycheck, joining a line of work that pays less by principle is perhaps more than just an aberration. However, for a chosen number of people, this is more of a calling as such a profession allows one to serve those who haven’t had it as easy as us. Perhaps the best examples of this are NGOs. So whether you are just reading up or intend to join one, here’s what to keep in mind!

The basics of it!

An NGO, which also stands for a non-governmental organization, is a body that is involved in targeting and helping out a particular demographic of society which faces a socio-economic or environmental problem. This could include anything from victims of domestic violence, rape victims, displaced refugees from a conflict zones and so on. The task of the charity is to formulate ways to bring in support and visibility to their cause, thereby attempting to improve their standards of living and make things easier for them.

How they work

Work at such a place would involve a myriad number of tasks, from collecting old items from homes to appealing shops to donate stock, setting up drives and camps at colleges and even speaking to the press through bytes or social media. One’s daily job, for instance, could be about curating posts regarding the violations of child rights for the NGO’s Facebook page or Twitter handle.


Why work here?

Working at any such place improves one’s appreciation for the problems that plague society and instils compassion and understanding within us. Moreover, in terms of professional appeal, employers can find it interesting to find experience in such a field, as it proves your penchant for patience when dealing with difficult and wary people, something most corporate giants have to excel at handling.

Where to start?

There are plenty of prominent NGOs here, such as CRY UK, which represents the British chapter of the globally known CRY. One must simply go in with an open mind and attempt to help as much as possible. Because in this field, help is not just sought but urgently required.

Education is a Fundamental Right for Children

So many young children wander about the streets, barefoot and malnourished, some teary-eyed and a few unaware of the happenings around, yet smiling and whiling away to glory. At a time, when they should be studying in schools, there is nobody to guide them about the fact that these are the most precious hours of their lives. Education for children is the most essential part of their growth, however, there are many who are deprived of a normal life due to unfortunate circumstances. NGOs such as Save the Children, CRY India, Plan India, etc. work for the rights of child education.

As per the United Nations Convention, every child is born with fundamental rights such as right to development, right to survival, right to protection, and right to participation. Therefore, right to education falls under these fundamental rights. In the Indian context, Right to Education Act was enacted by the parliament on 4th August, 2009. The Act states that all children between the ages of 6 and 14 must receive compulsory and free education. According to the Act, every private school is required to reserve 25 per cent of the total seats for poor as well as children who belong to other categories.

cry india 1.jpg

A child’s future depends upon the kind of education he or she receives. Education is indispensable for the development of a child’s identity and personality. It paves the way for the physical and intellectual capabilities that each child can develop in the course of time. It also plays a crucial role in the conservation of moral and social values. Education is that powerful tool that makes one independent, personally as well as professionally. Thus, it serves multiple objectives and provides a quality-filled life to every child. Therefore, every child is entitled to education by all means.

Many NGOs in India have been working for the rights of children education. There are many volunteers who work regularly with NGOs and devote their time towards teaching underprivileged children. The volunteers include students, professionals, homemakers, and many others who believe in the noble cause of providing education to all. Many organisations such as MAD, Pratham, and CRY India have undertaken a large number of initiatives in the form of campaigns and missions to spread literacy to as many children as possible. Therefore, education is no more a dream for many as there are thousands of NGOS who have been actively involved to making this dream a reality for many disadvantaged children.

Fight for the safety of future generations!

Living in the modern world has seen humans accomplish some breath-taking feats and achieve great heights in fields like science and art. However, despite exponential progress and countless testaments to being the toughest species on the planet, there are a number of socio-political problems that continue to plague societies worldwide. While some, such as extremism and poverty, tend to get global coverage, others such as the issue of child labour are yet overlooked. So for those who wish to know about the situation around child rights, here are the essentials!

Knowing them

With the rising levels of nefarious activities like prostitution, child trafficking, forced beggary, bonded labour and even delinquency pervading the world, the United Nations found it necessary to articulate and officialise the fundamental rights of children. This has been done through the Convention for the Rights of the Child, which outlines the following four fundamental child rights as a precedent for all legal purposes and framework to work with. These are:

  • The right to survival (to life, health, nutrition, name and nationality)
  • The right to protection (from exploitation, abuse and neglect)
  • The right to development (to education, care, leisure, recreation and cultural activities)
  • The right to participation (for expression, information, thought and religion)

cry india.jpg

Problems faced in real-life

The rights are meant to be a guide, having influenced CPS laws in the US and labour laws in India. However, there are countless cases where these rights are simply denied to children being oppressed under any situation. While sometimes it is businesses that spearhead this opposition, at other times it may be lack of action from governments themselves.

Acting on them

The rights of children are something that can only be protected with acute awareness and action. Working in tandem with the local authorities or the police can help in seeking and rescuing kids being denied these privileges. One may also approach NGOs like CRY India to seek assistance as well.


Work for more than just increments!

Post-graduation, landing a good job that pays well and lets you grow a credible career graph is what lies on the minds of every hitherto college student. However, somewhere in the quest for greater earnings and the status that comes with it, losing out on the goals to give back to society and community can become a part and parcel of life. But a growing number of people choose to consciously seek a job that is less about pay and more about serving the downtrodden in society. NGOs are perhaps on example of this. Here’s what to know about working at one!

A no-bottom line job

Unlike typical, profit-churning corporate entities, careers at an NGO is likely to be vastly different from a vanilla desk job. For starters, the bottom line is irrelevant since any surplus earnings earned by you through the NGO goes back into its initiatives for the downtrodden. Moreover, a majority of your day-to-day work will not deal with meeting client or donor targets but rather formulating ideas that can allow for maximum visibility and support toward the causes that your NGO stands for.

Cry america.jpg

Work unlike any other

Unlike typical jobs, your task would consist more of putting into place arrangements, understanding and garnering support at the local levels for various drives by activities such as distribution of leaflets and flyers. Apart from this, you would have to deal with permissions regarding donations, stalls, clean-up drives and such. Doing this kind of work for a much subsidized monetary reward is something that goes a long way in learning. It can teach you to work at something without a payoff and even give you a lot of compassion and know-how in dealing with people who cannot help themselves and are less fortunate than us in terms of opportunities.

Where to start?

Plenty of NGOs exist at practically every scale of the spectrum when it comes to looking to work at one. One may start off working with a local camp or even take up something larger such as one of the jobs at CRY. While the small size may allow for better exposure and learning, decisions such as starting careers at CRY may allow you to see how things work on a larger scale.

Change the numbers in a child’s favour!

Despite the idea that a majority of the world’s contemporary problems have been solved through technology and socio-political progress, there continue to be several teething issues that still thrive in society, with the challenges posed to underprivileged children being one such example today. With more youngsters out there than there NGOs to protect them, the battle is an uphill task. So if you are just reading up or would like to get acquainted with the scenario facing children, here’s what to know!


A look at numbers

Based on trends and existing numbers around India regarding childrenstatistics are as follows:

  • Just over half (54%) of the existing children have immunization at the district level.
  • 4 of every 5 children in India are anaemic.
  • 22% of children are born with a lower than average body weight.
  • 47 of every 1000 children in India perish before their first year completes.
  • 1 out of every 2 children in India are malnourished.


The situation does not change much even in the First World. Extensive documenting of child statistics CRY America and other NGOs have done show the reality of the two primary problems plaguing American children; abuse and neglect.

  • 60% of victims who suffer abuse have shown signs of neglect when rescued.
  • Only 43 of every 1000 children managed to extract a complete investigation by CPS agencies based on tip-offs, calls and reports from neighbours or confidants; an alarming rate of only 4 children being tended to for every hundred calls.
  • About 12% of juveniles residing currently in the United States of America have received roughly some degree of maltreatment and victimization.


When it comes to this problem of underprivileged children, CRY America’s findings are just about the tip of the iceberg. So a number of measures are required to tackle this, namely:

  • Increasing the amount of neighbourhood watch programs to nip instance of violence, abuse and exploitation.
  • Drafting stricter legislation to allow building a strong case in any lawsuit involving children.
  • Exercising sensitization among school administrators and teachers when it comes to children from difficult backgrounds.

So fight for the next generation’s rights!

The undisputed king of Arab Aviation!

Air travel is possibly one of the most important aspects that technology has brought about when it comes to convenience and speed in today’s world. With time being just as valuable as money, billions now take to planes to save the commute. However, while reasonable rates are what people expect en masse, a good number of flyers are read to pay the extra buck for a level of service that exceeds the ordinary and gives you a luxurious mode of treatment, which explains why Emirates air tickets demand the price that they do. Here’s what to know about Emirates, arguably the highest-earning airline in the Middle East!


Origins and numbers

Conceived in the year 1985, the airline is headquartered in Garhoud, Dubai. Run by the Emirates Group that is a subsidiary of the ICD (investment Corp of Dubai), it has become a benchmark when it comes to excellence on-board for its peers. Although starting out small, the current strength of the airline is a massive 245 aircraft, with Emirates flights connecting 164 destinations around the world, boasting of the Airbus A380s to effect.



An Emirates booking allows you to access destinations not just throughout the Arabian Gulf, such as Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, Bahrain and Baghdad but also nearly every international hub such as Perth, Mumbai, Oslo, Moscow, Madrid, London, Sau Paulo and L.A to name a few. So if you are at a terminal, just a look at the Emirates flight schedule tells you how far-reaching the airline is!


Getting Emirates tickets gets you access to on-board services which are unparalleled across the aviation circuit. From the award-winning ICE in-flight system that caters to every need regarding movies, music, games and books, to the exceptional experience guaranteed in their First-Class cabins, everything is geared for utmost comfort and luxury. For regulars, choosing Emirates air fares repeatedly rewards them with exclusive perks such as shuttle services from the airport to the hotel and even lounge access around the world.

So don’t leave it to fate, fly Emirates!

Singapore’s greatest jewel!

Travel and tourism is something that most people enjoy, especially when they have the time to kill and a lot of money at hand. Moreover, while some people are more geared towards the quaint and rustic, others still prefer the epitome of opulence and grandeur when it comes to treating themselves. Perhaps the best contemporary alternative mirroring this expectation is the Marina Bay Sands. Here’s what to know about it!

Basic facts

The hotel-cum-casino is a property jointly developed by the Singapore government and the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Being an integrated resort that benefits from exceptions listed in Singapore’s strict gambling laws, this property is thought to be the costliest in the world with a rough valuation of $8 Billion. Situated on the banks of the Marina Bay, the hotel is impressively portrayed through its three towers, each about 55 stories tall, with the famed SkyPark connecting them at the top.



Be it the open spaces, the artistic installations and canals or even the brilliant external finishing that gives the property an alluring look, the Marina Bay Sands pulls no punches when it comes to going for the best in design. Part of the shock and awe it elicits from first-timers is largely credited to this. Moreover, this is also continuant in the assorted parts of the hotel that are aimed to make it an all-round wonder of architecture.


Making a booking here is not for the faint-hearted. However, doing so will also mean that one has access to facilities that are practically unrivalled globally. From the world’s largest atrium casino which accounts for most of the gambling crowd, to even the theatre as well as the SkyPark, where the Infinity Pool will keep you satiated for ages at a go, no stone is left unturned to give you the experience of a lifetime. It is no surprise why reviews on Tripadvisor are so positive about the place, with most patrons missing the nightclubs, the luxury mall or in-house celebrity restaurants, weeks after they return!

After all, a trip here isn’t like checking into your typical inn!