Donate toward a better future!

One of the biggest perks that our country is thought to have is a burgeoning population of youngsters, something that indicates a very high rate of workforce capability in the future. As per statistics, over half of the national population being under the age of 30.

However, the ugly reality of this situation exists in the current deplorable situation of the young in India, with over millions of children regularly being at the mercy of nefarious elements and anti-social activities like trafficking, prostitution, begging on the streets, hard underage labour and drug usage.

To combat this, the UN-mandated CRC has formulated measures that allow for controlling these issues. But for ordinary members of society like us, being a constant part of the effort may not always be feasible or even possible given our time. In such a scenario, donations are a good alternative. Here are some reasons why!Cry

Ease of doing

If the issue or cause in general moves or provokes you to think or act, then one doesn’t necessarily have to worry about the lack of time or the barriers like distance or place in this regard. Plenty of people who work long hours, reside far away or do not live in their native country still manage to be a part of the movement by being able to donate. Moreover, the presence of country-wise chapters ensures that making a donation is not as difficult as it may seem at first.

Digital access

The emergence of e-commerce and online systems of payment make it easier than ever to make an online donation. And should you be worried about the possibility of your amounts never reaching the end-user, lay them to rest. Internet sites, on the contrary, manage to cut down the number of intermediaries whose hands the money passes through, bolstering the chances of an underprivileged child being cared for by way of your donation online.

So don’t worry about intent and time, just donate online to put right a life!


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