Working for a true cause!

Upon finishing graduation, one of the most common things we desire is working someplace meaningful, where the post or money may not be much but the exposure and experience makes up for it. One such alternative that has seen an increasing number of people take to it, is the realm of non-governmental organizations; also known as NGOs. Here’s what to know.

A gratification unlike others

More often than not, your job will depend on the kind of work you handle or the size of the pay-check that you take home. However, in the case of an NGO, the latter becomes immaterial as your work is completely geared towards improving a life that faces more hardship than usual. The kind of gratification one receives here at the end of the day is not only a huge confidence booster, but also a professional edge when it comes to serving the community, something society approves of, globally.Cry

Opening horizons

The kind of workload we handle ensures that at the end of a week, we seldom have the time, energy or patience to deal with aspects outside of work, let alone the idea of giving back to society. This changes when we work in any capacity, whether volunteer-based or full-time, for such firms. For instance, in an NGO for child rights, one may have to deal with cases such as tending to a traumatized child rescued from an abusive home, or make toys/find clothes for the children. This not only opens up our minds to empathy but also makes us tolerant and compassionate.

The bonus on paper

To let institutions and employers know of your contribution to, say, an NGO in UK, would be a tremendous addition to your educational and career prospects. Persons with experience in this realm are considered highly competent not just because of their hands-on knowledge of dealing with people but also for knowing the importance of lending a hand in the community’s situation.

So will you work for someone else without earning from it?


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