The Causes Addressed by Children’s NGOs in UK

Children have been the most affected section of the world in the past decades. Being dependent on others for their survival, children often face many unpleasant circumstances where they are forced to live a life of neglect and lack. Most kids in the UK feel unloved due to the way they are treated by their caretakers. It is only natural for NGOs to work towards addressing this issue.

Most of the children’s NGOs in UK are started by those who have already experienced the bitterness of having a bad childhood or, perhaps, witnessed one. With children being vulnerable and more prone to fall prey to wrong things, these organisations are making an effort in curbing the rise of juvenile delinquency and other such circumstances.

By giving proper aid and care to children, NGOs in UK address the following issues:

Proper nourishment: Hunger often leads to crime. More often than not, children in foster homes or places where they are neglected by caretakers tend to find the much needed attention elsewhere. In many cases, the neglect is that of starving the children ‘for their own good’. This leads to children stealing and going the wrong to get something right.

Protection: Child abuse, both physical and sexual, is a common phenomenon in almost every country. Without someone to protect them, these children are bound to suffer the harm caused. By finding a good environment for them to live in, and giving them the love they deserve, these NGOs ensure that the children are properly cared for.

Education: While not all children have the privilege, every single one of them desires to be educated to become someone better. Most consider education to be a privilege when it is, in fact, a basic right of every child. This is exactly the change that children’s NGOs are trying to bring about.

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