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The Causes Addressed by Children’s NGOs in UK

Children have been the most affected section of the world in the past decades. Being dependent on others for their survival, children often face many unpleasant circumstances where they are forced to live a life of neglect and lack. Most kids in the UK feel unloved due to the way they are treated by their caretakers. It is only natural for NGOs to work towards addressing this issue.

Most of the children’s NGOs in UK are started by those who have already experienced the bitterness of having a bad childhood or, perhaps, witnessed one. With children being vulnerable and more prone to fall prey to wrong things, these organisations are making an effort in curbing the rise of juvenile delinquency and other such circumstances.

By giving proper aid and care to children, NGOs in UK address the following issues:

Proper nourishment: Hunger often leads to crime. More often than not, children in foster homes or places where they are neglected by caretakers tend to find the much needed attention elsewhere. In many cases, the neglect is that of starving the children ‘for their own good’. This leads to children stealing and going the wrong to get something right.

Protection: Child abuse, both physical and sexual, is a common phenomenon in almost every country. Without someone to protect them, these children are bound to suffer the harm caused. By finding a good environment for them to live in, and giving them the love they deserve, these NGOs ensure that the children are properly cared for.

Education: While not all children have the privilege, every single one of them desires to be educated to become someone better. Most consider education to be a privilege when it is, in fact, a basic right of every child. This is exactly the change that children’s NGOs are trying to bring about.


Help Transform a Life by Donating

One of the greatest concerns in a country like India that is brimming with people everywhere is poverty. While that in itself is a huge problem, most of the people deprived of basic necessities are young children. Most of the orphans and remand homes see kids come in and go out every single day, making it matter that requires serious intervention.

Most NGOs and government organisations to have come up with many solutions to get children access to their basic rights. Free education for girls and food provided in schools seem to be the biggest contributors to many children being sent to schools by their parents. This, however, has only managed to work in some areas due to the many shortcomings people saw in them depending on their financial circumstances.

This has led to many organisations starting a fund where one can give in donations for children. While it may be a small amount for many, these funds have been useful in changing the lives of thousands of children by providing them with the following:


Many organisations have been trying to open schools everywhere that provides free education to children. To get the dreams within reach of every child, donations have paved a path to make those dreams for their future a reality. Through access to knowledge and education, many children have brought about a change in their living which has only been possible through the generosity of people.


Access to nutritious food is another thing that not only children but everyone in the world require. Eating right to keep your health in check is only possible if you do indeed have access to nutritious meals. Many children are deprived of the basic right to healthy food even once a day for which donations have been a major help. With many people donating for children’s welfare, organisations all over have been able to feed the underprivileged children.

Sheltered Life

With the funds given as child donation, organisations have built shelters in the form of orphanages and homes for children that provide children with clothing, shelter, food, and protection. These organisations also teach the children various things that would help in building their future and choosing an occupation by supporting them through providing opportunities.

By making even the smallest of donations, you can help in transforming the lives of kids all over the country.

Working for a true cause!

Upon finishing graduation, one of the most common things we desire is working someplace meaningful, where the post or money may not be much but the exposure and experience makes up for it. One such alternative that has seen an increasing number of people take to it, is the realm of non-governmental organizations; also known as NGOs. Here’s what to know.

A gratification unlike others

More often than not, your job will depend on the kind of work you handle or the size of the pay-check that you take home. However, in the case of an NGO, the latter becomes immaterial as your work is completely geared towards improving a life that faces more hardship than usual. The kind of gratification one receives here at the end of the day is not only a huge confidence booster, but also a professional edge when it comes to serving the community, something society approves of, globally.Cry

Opening horizons

The kind of workload we handle ensures that at the end of a week, we seldom have the time, energy or patience to deal with aspects outside of work, let alone the idea of giving back to society. This changes when we work in any capacity, whether volunteer-based or full-time, for such firms. For instance, in an NGO for child rights, one may have to deal with cases such as tending to a traumatized child rescued from an abusive home, or make toys/find clothes for the children. This not only opens up our minds to empathy but also makes us tolerant and compassionate.

The bonus on paper

To let institutions and employers know of your contribution to, say, an NGO in UK, would be a tremendous addition to your educational and career prospects. Persons with experience in this realm are considered highly competent not just because of their hands-on knowledge of dealing with people but also for knowing the importance of lending a hand in the community’s situation.

So will you work for someone else without earning from it?

Building another’s dream!

Regardless of whether you have superlative ambition or not, everyone wants to gain experience which makes up for small salaries and long hours of work. Moreover, there is a select but growing group of professionals and graduates who seek jobs that are not all about fat pay-checks. Thus, for people who look for more than a job description, the kind of work that inspires real change and actually sees physical improvements in another life is very appealing to take up. Which brings us to some of the most prominent organizations that exist in the aforementioned regard; non-governmental organizations. Here are some aspects one should know about them.

The basics

An NGO is essentially an organization that is not profit-driven but instead has objectives such as the overall improvement of conditions faced by a particular, typically marginalized section of society. These can include orphans, underprivileged families, disaster survivors, political refugees and even victims of domestic abuse or riots. The NGO attempts to organize drives, activities and other initiatives that can collect not just ground support, but also coverage and funds which can be channeled towards improving the lives of such cases in society.cry america

Lessons learnt here

Working in any kind of non-profit organization can be a tremendous eye-opener for someone, regardless of what stage in life they do this. Working, for instance, at an NGO for children will entail tasks such as organizing movies and excursions for the children, finding old clothes and toys for them and teaching them basic subjects like English or Math to name a few. This kind of environment not only nurtures a sense of compassion among volunteers but also helps them develop sensitivity to the problems of inequality and how they affect people.

Where to start

There is literally no shortage of such ventures trying their best to make things better for the downtrodden. One can look up and join alongside some prominent NGOs in America without much trouble.

So lend a hand to a conscientious brand!

A place to work for society!

In a competitive age, most people around you will determine your worth by the monetary ambitions you are able to achieve once the rosy days of college and irresponsibility are over. However, for some individuals around the planet, work that they enjoy is more than just interesting tasks or even a fat pay-check at the end of the month. For such people, the idea of serving or giving back to the society that equipped and educated them is a highly prestigious thing, because the remuneration is moral in nature.

Which brings us to one of the most involved forms of not-for-profit endeavours; NGOs or non-governmental organizations, the best places to work not for yourself, but for others. Whether you are interesting in being a contributor or just curious, here are some things to know about them.CRY UK

The basics

An NGO is a body that exists for the sole purpose of bringing betterment in the condition of certain sections of society. When not catering to the needs of the underprivileged, these firms often initiate programs or drives that seek to improve awareness and collective help across societies regarding an important issue (e.g. The Red Cross offers medical aid while Amnesty International seeks clemency to delinquents and convicts)

Why work for them?

While to some the thought of working without pay (or comparatively lesser pay) may be an ego booster, there is much more to extending a helping hand here. For instance, working in an NGO for child rights may see you teach children basic subjects, gather old clothes or food and even conduct activities for them. These are possibilities that most children born in rough backgrounds will hardly experience if not for the concentrated effort to make this happen for them. While the experience may give you a professional edge, the abstract return from it is much more fruitful and cherished, as one learns how to work without expecting and can realize how deeply issues like poverty or exploitation can affect society.

Where to start?

Plenty of NGOs in UK or outside of it exist to be able to begin working for one. Places like CRY UK are a good option.

So ditch chasing cash and bring someone’s life back on track!

A Place to Protect the Young

We live in times wherein contradictory states or situations tend to thrive and exist even despite our best attempts at order. One such sphere that sees the majority of idealism being betrayed is the true extent of peace and health exuded by the society around us.

No matter what laws are enacted and what measures are enforced by the judiciary or executive, there are plenty of sections in society that continue to get a raw deal, remain increasingly susceptible to exploitation and get simply ignored, because voices have not been raised by the right people over their treatment on an every-day basis.

One such section is of children, arguably the most impressionable and consequently, vulnerable group in society. Despite legal provisions and advocacy, millions of kids are regularly subjected to horrible treatment such as exploitation, racketeering and poverty just to name a few.Cry america

Every child is entitled to some basic aspects like food, shelter, care and education. And due to the skewed controls that fail to safeguard them, the basic rights of children are often upheld in the world by non-profits, also known as NGOs.

A NGO (non-governmental organization) is essentially a legally existent entity whose raison d’etre is not profit, hence the moniker ‘non-profit’. These look to take care of the needs and requirements of sections of people who are disadvantaged or lag behind their peers due to a social or physical shortcoming that keeps them that way. The NGO does this by way of drives, teaching, recruitment, fundraising and even community service or volunteering activity that aims to raise a voice over the need to better conditions for them, in turn garnering the human and monetary support that is needed to realize these initiatives for the affected groups.

The best NGOs are global in outlook and highly mobile, with online as well as thriving on-ground units that aim for maximum reach and impact through their programs and branding.