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Fly Comfortably for Long hours with Gulf Air

If you are a tourist in the Middle East or happen to reside there, then one of the best airlines you can fly with is Gulf Air. Not only is Gulf Air the national carrier of Bahrain, but it is also one of the biggest commercial airlines that connects the Middle East to the other parts of the world. Gulf Air provides direct flights across Europe, Asia, Africa, and connecting flights to the continent of North America. It covers the major cities of Paris, Frankfurt, and Rome in Europe. Kuwait, Dubai, Amman, Muscat and most of the other destinations in the Middle East are easily accessible through Gulf Air. In the region of North America, the airlines has code-share agreements with Egypt Air, American Airlines, and few more.


If you don’t have much time at hand, you can apply for Web Check-in or Early Check-in in order to skip the long queues at the airport. If you are an Economy Class passenger and wish to change your seat, Gulf-Air provides you the option of upgrading your seat for better comfort. However, this is subject to availability and timely request. When you are on-board, the airline provides a range of meals. Some of these meals are baby meal, fruit platter meal, low calorie meal, Vegetarian Jain meal, Moslem meal, and many other mul. You are required to put in your meal preference at least 24 hours prior to your travel schedule.


Gulf Air offers premium services to its passengers through Falcon Gold. The cabin is equipped with flat beds with an in-built massage feature. With a 15.4 screen, you have access to unlimited shows for your entertainment. Whether you wish to read, sleep, or dine, the control unit allows you to adjust according to your preferred position. For those travelling with children, there is also a Sky Nanny who ensures that your children are taken good care of with several refreshments and other modes of entertainment for them. Gulf Air is renowned for its signature products that are family and business friendly. The airline caters to the evolving needs of its passengers from time to time. The airlines is committed to providing a smooth and comfortable flying experience to all its passengers on-board. With a range of customised options, passengers at Gulf Air have the best of everything.