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Make the best of a Kuwaiti experience!

Aviation in the modern times has evolved in a number of ways that make it easier for the usual frequent flier to go about their hectic schedules. However, despite the slick cabins, enthusiastic hostesses and the seamless stream of services onboard, regular air travel can become a highly taxing job. Thus, it is only natural that travellers are constantly on the lookout for a brand that promises quality, hassle-free treatment at reasonable rates. One such example is Kuwait Airlines, one of the prominent names in the Middle Eastern sector. Here’s what to know about it!


Since its inception in the year 1953, Kuwait Airways has been headquartered and operated out of Kuwait’s International Airport. The airline was privatized much later in the 1990s, when war and several socio-political changes forced the government to look at alternatives for funding loss-making subsidiaries. As part of this privatization, its logo and look also underwent a change to connect better with audiences.



Choosing to fly Kuwait Airways ensures that one can enjoy the best of both domestic as well as international connectivity when it comes to flying. While Middle Eastern hubs such as Dammam, Jeddah, Cairo, Riyadh, Dubai and Doha are all within reach, your Kuwait Airways booking also gives you the luxury of choosing flights to destinations like Barcelona, New York and Manila to name a few.


Making a Kuwait Airways online booking entitles you to a number of features unmatched by most of its peers; from complimentary night blinds and choice of meals (veg/vegan/gluten-free) to the enviable collection of media on-board the in-flight entertainment system, your comfort will take top priority. With niche services like on-board merchandise to items like the Quran preloaded for passengers, no stone is left unturned to ensure that your experience is flawless.


From accolades via the On-board Services Magazine in USA to the recognition conferred on it by the IASA, trusting on Kuwait Airways ticket fares will surely give you more than your money’s worth!