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Set a young life right!

We live in an age where most people advocate for increased transparency and accountability at all levels of private enterprise and government. However, the entire process of holding someone accountable for everything they say, do, subscribe to and commit unlawfully has its own unintended side-effects. Marginalizing one of mankind’s most important resources, its offspring, is one such effect.

Children are the fastest-growing and even the most vulnerable segment of the demographics that currently exist on Earth. As a result of their legally ambiguous state and lack of a physical ability to seek help, they are often susceptible to nefarious issues such as prostitution, trafficking and even delinquency.

Because of their young state and a trend of allowing adults to make decisions for them, children can seldom make their own choices. Thus very often cases of mistreatment are either hushed up or underreported.

To address this growing problem, several bodies have swung into action over the past 40 years. The UN-mandated Convention for the Rights of the Child carefully illustrates certain rights of children, allowing for better precedent toward their protection.


The rights

In terms of verbal choice, the spectrum of allowing culpability and any prosecution enough teeth to fight for a child, the child rights are kept as wide as legal terminology allows to assure maximum power to them. They are, namely:

  • The right to survival (the rights to life, health, nutrition, name and nationality)
  • The right to protection (protection from exploitation, abuse and neglect)
  • The right to development (development with respect to education, care, leisure, recreation and cultural activities)
  • The right to participation (participation in society for expression, information, thought and religion)

While these children’s rights may seem at first glance, a tad too simplistic, it must be noted that this has inherently allowed a simple template to countries for formulating their own child protection laws. Many nations such as the US, UK or India have a variety of laws regarding children involved in divorces, cases of abuse and even labour, based on these rights.


So know their rights to help them in an everyday fight!