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Protection of Child Rights is Crucial to Global Development

Have you ever noticed how a smile on a child’s face makes you smile too? What happens when you see a child cry? It’s heart-wrenching to see any child cry, giving off a detestable feeling. Many children are destined to be born to parents who can give them a world full of happiness while there are others whose parents can barely even look after them. Some children do not even have the good fortune of being raised by their parents. While the count of such children across the world is difficult to gather, it is of utmost importance for ensure that these children enjoy the freedom they deserve.

Children across the world struggle with injustice that, further, leads to more problems. Poverty and lack of education are some of the most common issues faced by children which leaves them wandering on the streets as beggars or slaves in factories under inhumane conditions. A few others lead a life without any purpose and guidance, turning them into thieves, terrorist, or drug distributors. Many of the children are kidnapped and their body parts sold for organ trade. Child trafficking is another criminal activity in which children are abused for sexual exploitation or brainwashed into becoming terrorists.

There are numerous NGOs worldwide that are working towards bringing the existence of children to normalcy. Smile Foundation in India focuses on providing education to children along with their families and communities to bring about a change in the society. CRY is an Ngo that works for child rights in UK and supports initiatives which aim at restoring the rights of children, mentally and physically challenged children, the girl child, etc. Save the Children in the USA provides health, emergency, and education programs in order to create a better future for children.

In any country, children oriented programs hold top-most priority. Every child is as precious as the other, irrespective of which caste or strata of society he or she belongs to. As stated by the United Nations Convention, freedom is entitled as the fundamental right of every child without discrimination of any type. Children are the future of the society and require a harmonious environment where they receive love, understanding, and happiness. Thus, it is important for every country to improve the living conditions of children, especially with regard to developing countries. After all, children are the future leaders!