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Fly at Pocket-friendly rates with Air India Express

All of us need to fly to other destinations either for leisure, work, or other reasons. So what is the main point of concern each time we travel? It is to get a ticket as affordable as possible. This is of greater significance when flying international. One of the first airlines to provide affordable connectivity to international destinations is Air India Express. The airline has its network across Middle East and Southeast Asia. It is also a subsidiary of the national carrier of India, Air India. The airline offers a pattern of single economy class along with a 180 passenger seating capacity.

The airline also operates in the domestic region between some of the destinations in South India. Air India Express aims at facilitating budget services and providing the best of comfort. Once you are on board the airline, you will be served mineral water as well as refreshments. There is also an option of purchasing magazines or snacks whenever you wish to read or eat. Passengers can also choose from a range of entertainment options. Special assistance can be requested for unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, or disable passengers. The warm and hospitable team at Air India Express ensures that all your needs are taken good care of.

You can make online bookings by visiting the website of the airline. Fill in the destination of departure as well as arrival. There are three choices that you can make a selection from which include multi-city, round trip, and one-way. You are also required to mention your date of departure as well as return. Mention the total number of passengers travelling on the flight under the age category. The lowest fare finder feature lets you find the fares suited to your choice. Moreover, the online system is very convenient to book tickets for the passengers. You can even book your tickets through travel websites such as Makemytrip, Cleartrip, etc.

Air India Express consistently strives towards providing better facilities to its passengers. The airline will also be introducing flights on other destinations on the international and domestic front which shall be based upon the trend of the markets. For any complaint or issue related to Air India, passengers can contact on the 24-hours customer care centre. Remember to opt for Air India Express whenever you wish to fly reasonably on an international airline. You can save a good amount of money on the travel expenses.


Experience the finest Air travel with Oman Air

Oman Air is counted among the premier airlines of the world. It is the national carrier of Oman and is headquartered at Muscat. It serves primarily in the Middle East and is renowned for providing safe and reliable air transport. Since its inception in 1970, the airline never had any fatalities or accidents. It is also the first gulf airline to secure high end airplanes such as the Boeing 737 into its fleet. In its service of 14 years, Oman air has built a decent reputation for its professional attitude and exceptional services. The airline has partnered with several international airlines and expanded its network to all the major destinations of the world. Over the years, Oman has gathered several awards and accolades to its name, one of them being the prestigious Gold award for being the ‘Airline of the Year’.

Fleet details and connectivity

The Oman Air fleet consists of state of the art aircraft models from Boeing, Airbus and Embraer. It has a fleet of more than 39 aircrafts in operation. Additionally, the airline has also placed orders for 18 more aircrafts. Oman Air operates fights to more than 27 countries and covers about 46 destinations. Furthermore, the airline also has codeshare agreements with leading air carriers of the world such as Emirates, Turkish airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Royal Jordanian etc.

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Inflight services

Whether you are flying first class or business, you will be able to make calls or send messages to your friends, family or colleagues with the On-air mobile services. You can also log on to the inflight Wi-Fi and browse the web or check emails. As far as food is concerned, the expert chefs ensure that you are served with meals with the highest quality ingredients. A wide range of cuisines are served on board which also includes many signature Arabian dishes.


Loyalty programmes

Oman Air launched its first loyalty programme ‘Sindbad’ in the year 2007. The loyalty programme has a three layered structure which includes Sindbad silver, Sindbad Gold and Sindbad Blue. Passengers can accrue points for their frequent flyer points by flying with Oman Air for both international as well as domestic travel. The airline also has a partnership with Etihad Airways for frequent flyer miles.

Fly with American Airlines

Established in the year, 1930, American airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. The airlines is commonly addressed as ‘AA’. It was also one of the founding members of the largest aviation group, One World Alliance. American Airlines has been a recipient of several awards such as ‘Best Elite Program’, ‘Best Customer Service’, ‘Best Promotion’, ‘Airline Program of the Year’, ‘World’s Leading Airline to North America’ and many others. The airlines has a wide network of connectivity such as American Connection and American Eagle. The airline offers bookings to more than 260 destinations across 50 countries in the world.

The seats on American Airlines comprise of Main Cabin extra which allows you to book seats at the front. This option is also available at all times such as during check-in or any other time. Preferred seats can also be booked by passengers anytime. While main Main Cabin seats are complimentary for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members, preferred seats are complimentary for AAdvantage Elite Status members. The other new service launched in American Airlines is Premium Economy Seats which will be in front of the Main Cabin on select aircrafts which will open to passengers from early 2017.

For all passengers travelling on international or domestic flights, there is a wide range of eatables that you can choose from to suit your convenience. The snacks and drinks are available for purchase depending upon the flying hours. You can select from wraps, sandwiches, fruit and cheese plates. All the non-alcoholic drinks are offered by the airlines. American Airlines provides access to free inflight entertainment where you can choose from 160 movies, 300 TV shows, 20 games, over 700 music selections, and even enjoy Live TV. You can also stream the movies to your personal device such as laptop, tablet or phone.

If you are flying within the US, you can enjoy access to Wi-fi on almost all flights. On international flights, Wi-fi is available on select flights. For those who fly frequently with American Airlines can take advantage of the AAdvantage loyalty program through which you can earn miles each time you fly with American Airlines, American Eagle, Oneworld as well as other participating airlines. These miles can also be used to upgrade to another travel class such as First Class or Business Class. There are a number of benefits associated with the program once you are a member. American Airlines is a great option to fly with.


Enjoy Comfortable Journeys with Air Berlin

Flying can be an exciting and nerve wracking experience at the same time. Flying to new and far off destinations while suspended miles above the earth makes a flight journey indeed a thrilling experience. Be it leisure travel journeys or business trips, a comfortable flight journey can be a great start or end to an exciting endeavour. With Air Berlin, you holidays begin with the flight journey itself.

It is one of the leading air carriers of Germany and has been operating since 1979. Air Berlin is distinguished for setting high standards in the aviation industry. You do not have to be travelling in the business or first class to have a comfortable journey. The economy class of the Air Berlin also offers a superior comfort level.


Improved comfort and more leg room:-

The comfort level provided by Air Berlin in second to none, in terms of the relaxation. You will have a choice of four different seats in the main cabin, the standard seats of A and B category, the preferred seat and the XL seats for extra leg room and comfort. If you want to arrive at your destination feeling more relaxed, you can reserve the comfortable XL seats for a little extra fee.

Shop while you Fly:-

On the medium and long haul Air Berlin flights you can shop for exclusive products during the journey. You can access a variety of products such as high quality perfumes, exquisite jewellery, fashion accessories or children’s toys.

Guaranteed entertainment:-

With Air Berlin in-flight entertainment programme, you are guaranteed to be entertained exhaustively. The inflight entertainment in Air Berlin includes:-

  • In-flight TV with series, cartoons and music videos
  • A variety of Feature films for more than four hours of entertainment.
  • An extensive selection of newspapers and magazines

Gourmet Meals:-

On flights that are more than 60 minutes, Air Berlin offers an additional choice of gourmet meals created by Sansibar. If you wish, you can also choose a wine from the Sansibar cellar, to complement your meal. Customers can book the gourmet meals 24 hours prior to departure by viewing the menu online.

Fly Egypt Air for Delightful Journeys

Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip to Egypt, the generous services provided by Egypt Air will be the perfect start to your journey. The Cairo based Airline offers direct routes that extend to all major international destinations in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Besides being the national flag carrier, it is also a member of the Star Alliance group. The Star Alliance Network provides a true end-to-end service for frequent flyers which ensures a convenient, smooth and efficient worldwide travel experience. As a result, the passengers can experience several benefits such as faster and smoother journeys, rewarding frequent flyer programs, upgrades and airport lounges.

Egypt Air makes sure that it complies with the highest standards in term of customer service, security and technical infrastructure to ensure that the passengers have a safe and comfortable travel experience. The airline operates the finest Boeing and Airbus aircrafts to offer state of the art comfort and safety for its passengers. Apart from the safety and the technical aspects, the in flight services are also designed to offer utmost comfort while travelling. The Airline also offers exclusive services such as:-

Special meals: – All the meals provided in the Egypt Air are prepared by adhering to Islamic dietary laws. As different passengers have different dietary needs, the airline offers many special meals such as Sugar free meals for diabetics, Hindu meals without meat, fish and eggs, kosher meals, Low fat and low salt meals  and special meals for infants.

Travelling with pets: – Egypt Air accept animals for carriage on its flights. If you are planning to travel with your pet, you will have to contact the Egypt Air reservation department well in advance. However, there are certain terms and conditions that you need to understand. You can visit the official Egypt Air website for more details.

Young travellers: – The Airline provides due assistance for the travel safety of unaccompanied minors. On board, all the needs of the child will be taken care of by the flight crew. Once the plane lands the Airline ground staff representative will escort the child through customs and immigration to the departure gates.

Special needs assistance: – Egypt Air has set a number of guidelines to ensure that these special needs of the disabled are understood and provided for. While on board, seats that are close to the cabin crew are allotted to individuals with special need to ensure their comfort.

Discover the Beauty of Bangalore through its Resorts

Renowned as the IT hub of India, Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. The climate is quite generous and you will find abundant greenery wherever you go. Besides the big corporates, it boasts of having some of the most reputed educational institutes such as Indian Institute of Management and Tata Institute of Science. The piquant mix of academic institutes, strong culture, and the ready reservoir of world-class companies has turned Bangalore into one of the most sought after destinations.
‘The Garden City’ is full of parks and gardens that are spread across several acres. Indeed, there is no dearth to breathe in fresh air and go on morning walks. Whether you visit Bangalore for work purpose or leisure, a trip to Bangalore is incomplete without taking a retreat at one of the Resorts in Bangalore:
Clarks Exotica Resort & Spa
Situated in the heart of the city, Clarks Exotica is one of the largest hotel in Bangalore. Spread over an area of 70 acres, this hotel offers luxury par to cater all your needs. Whether you wish to stay in a room or a suite, you can enjoy a residential touch in every type of accommodation. With soothing interiors and smart technology, the hotel promises lavish comforts to all. You can indulge in the choicest foods at any of the restaurants from Blue Alps, Buvette, and Illusion. With a spa and a fitness centre, Clarks Exotica ensures that you get the best of everything.


Discovery Village
If you wish to spend a unique holiday then Discovery Village is an ideal place to unwind at. Equipped with modern amenities, the resort provides you the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself. Discover Village is well-known for a range of fun activities whether you are with family, friends, or office colleagues. The resort is built around the concept of a weekend getaway where you can enjoy lots of indoor and as well as outdoor activities. Some of the famous activities include zorbing, cave exploration, safari, bazooka and many others.

Discovery village.jpg

Angsana Resort & Spa
An ideal getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city, Angsana Resort & Spa brings you in close touch with the nature. The resort has plenty of soothing views such as waterfalls, a swimming pool, flowers, and lush greenery. You can sit by the lakeside that are in close vicinity to the resort. Besides, there are facilities such as the gymnasium and yoga rooms to complete your fitness routine. The rooms offer a blend of modern amenities with comfort. The dining facilities offer multi-cuisine meals for you to relish. The spa at the resort provides some of the best therapies to rejuvenate your senses.Angsana resort.jpg

Giving to make a difference!

In the world that is ruled by the power of money and competitive manoeuvring, most people around the world and across many walks of life tend to singularly pursue their goals without much consideration or thought to anything else. It is only during times of festivity that we tend to remember those around us who perhaps aren’t so fortunate or well-off. All the same, it is important to acknowledge that there are, indeed, several sections of society that do look to us for help from time to time. While not everyone is of the type to translate their efforts on the field, one way to go about this is donations. Here are some things to know about them.

An introduction

The act of making a donation corresponds with essentially pledging a certain monetary amount towards an endeavour or individual pursuant in the betterment of conditions for disadvantaged folks in society. These could include acid attack survivors, orphaned children, housing or war-affected people, children rescued from abusive homes or the streets and so on. The idea is that, even if one is unable to participate in efforts to uplift their condition, they can contribute significantly by means of being able to donate.


Why it works

This avenue holds credibility to be used for those people who have neither the time nor the ability to directly involve themselves in an effort to make things better for the downtrodden in society. With the pervasiveness of the internet, the capacity to donate online makes this easier than ever, even for laymen.

Increased security

While some people worry that their amounts may never reach the end user, online donation puts paid to this notion, since fewer physical hands actually get a hold of the money. Thus, the likelihood of someone’s life being better through your amount is greater here.

How to start

Many varied NGOs around the world and India have their online portals to make it easy for anyone to make a donation online. Take your time and research before making one!


Give to make a life better!