Watches: Your Personality, Not Just an Accessory

No matter how much we deny and try to break the stereotype, a book is always judged by its cover first, before it is appreciated for its profoundness. This establishes my initial nub that your first look makes a big difference, in determining the approach of the person you will be interacting with. While well-groomed appearance, occasion-apt dress sense and a firm hand-shake is the regular code of conduct, there are certain things that strike the spectator more than other things. This brings me to my second idea, which I bring up with a question—Do you recall the famous saying that ‘a man is judged by his shoes (even a woman!)’?  Well, let me tell you that it is old-school. Watches are the new shoes!

When it comes to visual indicators that cement one’s novel personality, watches top the list today. A British friend once mentioned—In Europe, a person who doesn’t wear a watch is not taken seriously in business; and guess what, it is not just Europe. The theory proves to be true across borders and is not limited to the business world alone. Each one of us has a diverse voice, which should be acknowledged and respected. A watch is a strong visual sign that gives you a smart and serious aura, well-appreciated as a social etiquette.

The things that make your watch so noticeable, also bestow on it a major responsibility to showcase your personality suitably; a bad sign is more fatal than no sign. Get to know about the trending watch bands and pick the one that defines you the best. You can easily find these varieties in an online store. Browse through our list below:

Classic Leather Band

Elegant design that goes well across different attires and occasions. Although the leather requires safe keeping from water and high-temperatures, they work best as daily-wears.

Tropic Band

Water-resistant rubber bands with high durability.

Link Band

Fancy bracelet straps, providing a range of options in the material they are made of—gold, titanium, stainless steel, and wood, to mention few of the eminent ones.

Zulu Band

Rugged nylon/leather straps with bulky stainless steel detailing. Suits best for a casual and relatively rough look.

Nato Band

For a casual yet simple and mellow look. These bands are made of nylon, which is durable and water-resistant. Available in a wide range of designs.

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