Guys: Here’s How You Smell Good All The Time

Men, in your lifetime, you must have received many compliments. From ‘you look so handsome’ to ‘you’re so funny’, these make you feel good and give your confidence a real boost. However, when someone tells you ‘you smell so good’, it’s different.

When someone says that you smell good, it’s the real thing. You can fake confidence, smile, or even the one liners you crack but to fake the way you smell? No, you can’t fake that. To get such a compliment, you need to smell really good, here’s how you do it.

  1. Take Regular Baths

It a shocker when we hear guys don’t bath daily. No, you can’t mask that dirt with perfumes or deodorants. Bathing is an undisputable part of hygiene which you shouldn’t miss. Bathing not only helps you clean the dirt and germs of your body, you get a peace of mind when the water runs all over your body, something no deodorant will ever give you.

  1. Wear fresh ironed clothes

Some think that they can get up, take a bath, and wear the t-shirt from yesterday. While this might work for some, you don’t do that. You many think it’s still fresh since it was only worn yesterday, you forget it also houses yesterday’s sweat and bacteria. You may not feel it but others sometimes can smell it and fell repulsed. Always, always, wear fresh clothes.

  1. Invest in a good fragrance

There are fragrances and there are fragrances, you shroud invest in the latter. You can never ever underestimate the power a good fragrance can give your personality. Invest in branded or luxury perfumes or colognes than run of the mill editions. Go to websites like Myntra where you can get top brands at discounts. High-quality fragrances smell better and contain a higher concentration of perfume so they’ll last longer

  1. Spray it right

There are many theories, discussions, and magazine covers on how you should apply your perfume or deodorant. Contrary to popular belief, spraying it into the air and walking through is not the right way, although it does give a good laugh to those watching. You need to decide where you want to spray and the intensity of your spray; that’s the magic formula. For instance, you apply a two-three firm sprays on the collarbone, chest, arms, and neck. That’s good enough.

  1. Switch your fragrances every season

When you wear the same fragrance all year long, it will begin to not work in your favour. Perfumes and colognes contain ingredients which work well in one season and go down in another. Heavier fragrances do wonders in the winters but don’t smell as fresh in the summers. As the summer approaches, go for lighter notes, more floral or citrusy, you will smell amazing and fresh, of course!

There’s never any downside to looking and smelling good. Now that you’ve learnt how to smell fresh, follow these tips, turn them into habits, and get that compliment.

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