Get Ready for Winters with Hoodies

Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India, is known for its tropical climate. However, it witnesses mild winters, which steeped down to 11 degrees this year. The peculiar weather of the city calls for clothing that is warm, but not too winterish. Implying that if you go for the winter collection, it might leave you sweaty and sweltering, especially later in the day. On the other hand, you are sure to suffer the chills if you don’t cover up. In such a scenario what should be Mumbai’s winter wear?

Hoodies should be declared as the official clothing for cooler months in the city. They are available in wide range of colours, styles and fabrics, and you can pick yours exactly how you would like to have your cuddly-fit. They either come equipped with a zipper in front or in a pullover style, and comprise a string to adjust the hood closer to the face.

These hooded sweatshirts come in different fabrics:

  • Fleece hoodies are very popular due to their soft and mild warm cover.
  • Fleece and wool blends in hoodies is the warmer counterpart of Fleece sweatshirts, and are apt for winter mornings or evenings you plan to spend near the sea.
  • Brushed cotton has a velvety feel to it, and its thin covering is like a shawl wrapped around your body. You can wear it all day long without any discomfort.
  • Nylon and cotton blends are more suitable for humid and rainy climate.

Hoodies are handy, convenient and require very less maintenance. Most of the fabrics are hand washable and don’t even require ironing. Woollen fabrics, however, would need dry-cleaning. These exterior covers can be removed when the temperature increases during the day time, and its light-weight makes them very easy to carry around.

Hoodies are available in all sizes from XS to XL. You can order a slim-fit, zip up or an over-sized from Myntra to match up your style.

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