Fly international at the Best Rates with Air India Express

Flying across the borders is always an expensive affair. The number of international tourists and businessman has increased manifold over the past few years. Booking an air ticket with a foreign airline often burns a huge hole in your pocket. Thanks to Air India Express, you can get international flight tickets at reasonable rates. Air India Express is the first air carrier in India to offer low cost flying across the borders. Indians have always been a pocket friendly crowd and value for money is a part of the Indian culture.

Air India express offers great value for money along with efficient and timely services. Although it is a low cost carrier, it does not compromise on its services to compensate for the low costs. It is operates on an efficient business model that utilizes the resources of the airline at an optimum level. It uses a brand new fleet of state of the art Boeing 737-800 aircrafts. The vision of the airline is to become the most efficient low cost carrier in terms of quality, convenience and comfort.

Fleet information:- The airline offers only one class economy seating to fit its budget. The aircrafts of the Air India Express have an average seating capacity of 180 seats. These aircrafts offer the highest safety standards and comfortable seating.

On Board services:- Although it is a low cost carrier, Air India express provides all essential services such as free standardized on board meals and basic entertainment facilities. Exceeding customer expectations is the main objective of the airline.

Routes and destinations:-It offers direct flights to short range international flights to the Middle East and South East Asia. The airline is headquartered in Kochi, Kerala and operates more than 200 direct flights per week. Passenger can choose both morning and evening departures for flights to Dubai on a daily basis. The airline has also two daily separate non-stop services in the busy routes between Kozhikode and Bahrain & Doha in its new schedule.


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