Enjoy a Comfortable Flight with Kuwait Airlines

Travelling to another destination requires a lot of planning. It isn’t about packing your bags and reaching the airport. In fact, it is about the journey that begins right from the airport until you reach the other destination. Whether you are travelling for a holiday or going on a business trip, your comfort and safety is of utmost importance. If you are flying international, Kuwait Airlines is one of the best options you can choose. The airline promises quality services at affordable prices. With a philosophy of a global reach and a local touch, a journey with this airlines is sure to leave you happy.

Before flying with Kuwait Airlines, it is recommended that you find the check-in time for the airport you are flying from. This is because the airlines lists out a different check-in time for every place. For example, in Abu Dhabi it is 2 hours before the departure whereas in Bangkok it is 3 hours and it can reach up to 4 hours during the peak season. The baggage allowance for Kuwait Airline also differs in terms of destinations and the class of travel. You can also carry some items mentioned by the airlines under free baggage allowance. Also, if you have excess baggage, you can pay for the same and carry it.

For some reason, if there is any change in your flying schedule, you can manage your bookings in accordance with your needs. Onboard the flight, Kuwait Airlines offers a variety of meals to suit people of every age. Whether it is for a small child or an old person, you can request for your preferred meal on the flight. For example, baby meal, diabetic meal, low fat meal, vegetarian raw meal, etc. The cabin crew in the flight are at your service for anything that you need.

Kuwait Airways also extends complimentary services to its passengers. For those of you flying First Class can avail of Limousine services at London airport. The passengers on board have headsets for watching movies, magazines and newspapers for reading, toys for children, and blankets for better comfort. The airlines also provides carry cots for infants below the age of 2 years. Apart from these, you can also enhance your comfort on the flight by booking seats online in advance. Special services are also provided to those who require medical attention and unaccompanied minors.

Kuwait Airlines cabin understands the needs of a first time traveller and provides complete assistance right from arrival to departure procedures. There is also a special services unit that manages all services in the Oasis and Dasman lounges. There are also special provisions such an extra seat to carry precious items such as musical instruments, metals, or courier baggage. If you wish to welcome a special guest at the time of arrival or departure, the special services unit takes care of the same. If you have a pet, there are special arrangements made for the same. Kuwait Airlines aims at re-establishing its network to more than 46 countries across the globe.

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