Baggage is no Hassle when Flying with Qatar Airways

Is carrying baggage always an issue while flying to other destinations? Do you wish that baggage could be managed in a little better way by your airlines? Well, if that is the case, you should opt for Qatar Airways which provides a range of options for its customers in terms of baggage allowance. The airways has a specific baggage limit depending upon the class and destination of travel. For example, if you are flying in the region between Doha and Casablanca, there is a certain weight and dimension limit set in accordance to whether you are flying in First Class, Business Class, or Economy Class.

However, there are times when everything that is in your baggage is of importance and cannot be reduced. This is mostly the case when you are shifting to another place or going to attend a wedding or for other reasons. If you are flying with Qatar Airways, you don’t need to fret over excess baggage. This is because you can purchase excess baggage at any of the Qatar Airways offices, ticketing offices at the airport, or even at the time of departure from the airport. Moreover, you can also purchase excess baggage through the online mode. The Airways lists out rates for separate regions that are applicable on excess baggage.


If you are travelling with infants, the Airways permits you to carry a pushchair, a stroller, or a collapsible carrycot free of charge. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your infant’s need at the time of travelling. For those of you who need to carry equipment such as a bicycle, musical instrument, or golf equipment, the Airways accepts them as a part of the checked in baggage. However, in case the weight of these exceeds the permitted allowance, the equipment would be subject to additional baggage charges. For those passengers carrying sports weapons or ammunitions, the accurate export and import licenses need to be presented. Also, the weapons must be unloaded and safely packed.


Flying world-class also comes with a lot of safety, which is why the airlines restricts passengers from carrying a few items. These include insect repellents, pepper spray, screw-drivers, guns or firearms, blunt instruments, liquids that do not meet the mentioned criteria by the Airlines. Lithium batteries, flammable solids and liquids, are few others items whose transport is monitored by Civil Aviation Regulations. In case of delayed baggage, Qatar Airways takes every measure possible to return your baggage at the earliest which in most cases is within 24 hours. Besides, the airlines also reimburses any expenses that you may have incurred due to the late delivery of your baggage. If your baggage has been damaged, you can file a complaint at the Qatar Airways services desk. In case you have left any personal belongings in the aircraft, there services desk at the airport is available to provide complete support in case of any problem faced by the passengers.

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