Rights of children as per United Nations

We all have witnessed children begging on streets barefoot, with tattered clothes. Such sights are always disturbing. Every child deserves to enjoy pleasures of childhood, but is often exposed to child abuse. Child abuse exists all over the world and has taken its most disastrous form. Children are abused physically, emotionally as well as sexually.

According to a health survey, 65% of school children have faced physical or verbal bullying. Sexual violence has also been reported in millions of children under the age of 18. To stop this brutality from happening to children, United Nations convention on human rights have listed down child rights in three parts and 54 articles. Following are some of the basic rights stated by United Nations.

Right to Education.jpg

  • Right to education: Education is an essential part of child development. It increases intellectual abilities among children, and also plays an important role in developing moral and social values. Several NGOs are working towards ensuring every child gets his right to education.
  • Right to protection: According to United Nations, children have the right to protection from any kind of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Right to safe places for children to play is also included under this section. Exploitation and discrimination in any form is a violation of this right.
  • Right to provision: This right includes an adequate standard of living for children, healthcare facilities, proper nourishment, and access to schooling. Right to provision plays a crucial role in developing physical abilities.

Right to Provision

To ensure that every child has access to all the basic rights, several NGO’s  like CRY are working in the direction of helping children. Volunteers and organisations are creating awareness against child exploitation with the help of campaigns and missions. Such organisations also have donation programmes, where you can also contribute your part to this noble cause.


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