Fight for the safety of future generations!

Living in the modern world has seen humans accomplish some breath-taking feats and achieve great heights in fields like science and art. However, despite exponential progress and countless testaments to being the toughest species on the planet, there are a number of socio-political problems that continue to plague societies worldwide. While some, such as extremism and poverty, tend to get global coverage, others such as the issue of child labour are yet overlooked. So for those who wish to know about the situation around child rights, here are the essentials!

Knowing them

With the rising levels of nefarious activities like prostitution, child trafficking, forced beggary, bonded labour and even delinquency pervading the world, the United Nations found it necessary to articulate and officialise the fundamental rights of children. This has been done through the Convention for the Rights of the Child, which outlines the following four fundamental child rights as a precedent for all legal purposes and framework to work with. These are:

  • The right to survival (to life, health, nutrition, name and nationality)
  • The right to protection (from exploitation, abuse and neglect)
  • The right to development (to education, care, leisure, recreation and cultural activities)
  • The right to participation (for expression, information, thought and religion)

cry india.jpg

Problems faced in real-life

The rights are meant to be a guide, having influenced CPS laws in the US and labour laws in India. However, there are countless cases where these rights are simply denied to children being oppressed under any situation. While sometimes it is businesses that spearhead this opposition, at other times it may be lack of action from governments themselves.

Acting on them

The rights of children are something that can only be protected with acute awareness and action. Working in tandem with the local authorities or the police can help in seeking and rescuing kids being denied these privileges. One may also approach NGOs like CRY India to seek assistance as well.



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