The undisputed king of Arab Aviation!

Air travel is possibly one of the most important aspects that technology has brought about when it comes to convenience and speed in today’s world. With time being just as valuable as money, billions now take to planes to save the commute. However, while reasonable rates are what people expect en masse, a good number of flyers are read to pay the extra buck for a level of service that exceeds the ordinary and gives you a luxurious mode of treatment, which explains why Emirates air tickets demand the price that they do. Here’s what to know about Emirates, arguably the highest-earning airline in the Middle East!


Origins and numbers

Conceived in the year 1985, the airline is headquartered in Garhoud, Dubai. Run by the Emirates Group that is a subsidiary of the ICD (investment Corp of Dubai), it has become a benchmark when it comes to excellence on-board for its peers. Although starting out small, the current strength of the airline is a massive 245 aircraft, with Emirates flights connecting 164 destinations around the world, boasting of the Airbus A380s to effect.



An Emirates booking allows you to access destinations not just throughout the Arabian Gulf, such as Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, Bahrain and Baghdad but also nearly every international hub such as Perth, Mumbai, Oslo, Moscow, Madrid, London, Sau Paulo and L.A to name a few. So if you are at a terminal, just a look at the Emirates flight schedule tells you how far-reaching the airline is!


Getting Emirates tickets gets you access to on-board services which are unparalleled across the aviation circuit. From the award-winning ICE in-flight system that caters to every need regarding movies, music, games and books, to the exceptional experience guaranteed in their First-Class cabins, everything is geared for utmost comfort and luxury. For regulars, choosing Emirates air fares repeatedly rewards them with exclusive perks such as shuttle services from the airport to the hotel and even lounge access around the world.

So don’t leave it to fate, fly Emirates!


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