Singapore’s greatest jewel!

Travel and tourism is something that most people enjoy, especially when they have the time to kill and a lot of money at hand. Moreover, while some people are more geared towards the quaint and rustic, others still prefer the epitome of opulence and grandeur when it comes to treating themselves. Perhaps the best contemporary alternative mirroring this expectation is the Marina Bay Sands. Here’s what to know about it!

Basic facts

The hotel-cum-casino is a property jointly developed by the Singapore government and the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Being an integrated resort that benefits from exceptions listed in Singapore’s strict gambling laws, this property is thought to be the costliest in the world with a rough valuation of $8 Billion. Situated on the banks of the Marina Bay, the hotel is impressively portrayed through its three towers, each about 55 stories tall, with the famed SkyPark connecting them at the top.



Be it the open spaces, the artistic installations and canals or even the brilliant external finishing that gives the property an alluring look, the Marina Bay Sands pulls no punches when it comes to going for the best in design. Part of the shock and awe it elicits from first-timers is largely credited to this. Moreover, this is also continuant in the assorted parts of the hotel that are aimed to make it an all-round wonder of architecture.


Making a booking here is not for the faint-hearted. However, doing so will also mean that one has access to facilities that are practically unrivalled globally. From the world’s largest atrium casino which accounts for most of the gambling crowd, to even the theatre as well as the SkyPark, where the Infinity Pool will keep you satiated for ages at a go, no stone is left unturned to give you the experience of a lifetime. It is no surprise why reviews on Tripadvisor are so positive about the place, with most patrons missing the nightclubs, the luxury mall or in-house celebrity restaurants, weeks after they return!

After all, a trip here isn’t like checking into your typical inn!


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