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Luxury Hotels in Dubai that Offer the Best Accommodations

One of the most populous cities in United Arab Emirates, Dubai is home to some of the most breath-taking constructions in the world. With beautiful sights and destinations to see, Dubai is also one of the major commercial hubs in the Middle East. Some of the most famous tourist destinations can be found in Dubai, from the beaches and recreational places to the hotels and artificial islands.

For those who love to travel, vacationing in Dubai should definitely be on your list to witness some of the most stunning sights the world has to offer. With the many luxury hotels and resorts open for visitors, and the Dubai hotel packages offered by many travel companies, you can make the most of your vacation by enjoying a wonderful stay at some of the best hotels in Dubai, some of which are mentioned below.

Dubai Hotels

Warwick Hotel

Warwick Hotel in Dubai offers the best amenities like a swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasium, spa, lounge, bar, and restaurants where you enjoy scrumptious meals. You can also organise business meetings and conferences at the hotel in one of the many meeting rooms the hotel offers. The hotel also provides babysitting services and shuttle services, along with a multilingual staff present to help out

Atlantis, The Palm

Nestled on The Palm, in Dubai, Atlantis is a luxury hotel on the manmade island, offering the best luxuries and thrills to those staying at the hotel. The hotel was built surrounding the myth of Atlantis albeit the Arabian ambience, and was the first of all Dubai hotels to be built on the island. The Aquaventure water park and Nasimi beach, affiliated to the hotel, offers a wonderful respite to all staying at the Atlantis, adding to the bliss of staying here.

The Ritz-Carlton

Offering a wonderful opportunity to witness the culture and tradition of the land with a camel ride on the shores of the beach, or a tour of the Jumeirah Mosque, The Ritz-Carlton gives you a wonderful opportunity to bask beside the five exotic swimming pools or the private beach, letting you have the time of your life. Guests can enjoy the breath-taking view from the hotel that includes Burj Khalifa along with the many attractions Dubai offers.

By opting for Dubai holiday packages, you can stay in one of Dubai’s best hotels along with experiencing the best of Dubai.


Beating the numbers with effort!

Despite everything that may suggest how things are quite completely under control with technology and communication, the true fact is that the modern world is besieged by innumerable real-world problems that continue to plague every layer of its society, such as the exploitation of classes based on monetary control. Perhaps one of the most afflicted due to these are children, whose true plight is visible only through a comprehensive look at the statistics of children CRY America and other NGOs release periodically.

The situation in India

Some child statistics CRY America has collated to gauge the situation for children in the East and West respectively:

  • 47 of every 1000 children in India perish before their first year of life completes.
  • 1 out of every 2 children in India are malnourished.
  • 4 of every 5 children in India are anaemic.
  • About 22% of children are born with a lower body weight than average
  • Only about 54% of children have immunization at the district level.


However, the situation is no different elsewhere around the world. Children’s statistics don’t exaggerate, with the documentation of underprivileged children CRY America has collated allowing us a closer look at the primary problems befalling children in the West; abuse and neglect:

  • About 12% of the juvenile population in the United States of America has faced maltreatment and been victimized to some extent.
  • Only about 43 of every 1000 children have received a proper investigation by CPS agencies based on tip-offs, complaints and reports filed on their behalf; an appalling rate of 4 children for every hundred distress calls dispatched by complainants.
  • 60% of abuse victims reported and rescued had shown signs of neglect.


In a scenario like these, a slew of measures is needed indeed to tackle the menace, such as follows:

  • Sensitization of schools toward children from difficult backgrounds
  • Increased social watch programming to report instances of exploitation
  • Better legal protection to build a case against perpetrators swiftly to name a few!

The odds may be stacked against children but a focused effort can turn things around!