A Gulf you’d happily jump into!

What once started out only as an alternative mode of travel has now gone on to become a global industry that spawns millions of jobs and an entire dimension of commerce. Commercial aviation is big business today as it attracts investors and loyal customers year after year. But the high costs and higher expectations of onboard treatment notwithstanding, many flyers continue to seek an option that provides commendable service at reasonable rates, which is what Gulf Air excels at providing to customers worldwide. Here’s what to know about the airline!


Gulf Air was founded in the year 1950 and has been headquartered at Bahrain’s International Airport ever since. The airline is the national carrier of Bahrain and is wholly owned by the Government of Bahrain, operating as a public company. However, Bahraini legislation allows it to operate under special ordinances that are drafted to promote its expansion.


Although the airline’s fleet is only about 28-strong, Gulf Air flights allow a flyer to connect to over 43 international cities around the world. While Gulf Air Airways connects one to most Middle Eastern hubs like Riyadh, Dammam, Dubai and Doha, making a Gulf Air booking for getting to spots like New York and Rome is just as easy to do!


The rush for Gulf Air ticket fares shows just how sought-after the airline is in the region. With an assortment of seating choices to specialized culinary options like Jain meals, R&R is hardly a problem. Other on-board perks like the ‘sky nanny’ for mothers and provision of neonatal essentials like cotton buds ensure that passengers can have a peaceful and uninterrupted flight.

Moreover, if a Gulf Air online booking becomes habitual for you, be prepared to enjoy some of the many perks like lounge access and discounts that their frequent flyer programme offers.

So take care, just fly Gulf Air!


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