The best of Qatari luxury!

Time has essentially become quantified to money, giving rise to the adage and justifying why so many people choose to pay extra for shaving off those precious hours off commute. While this has been implemented to limited extent on roads and rail, air travel continues to be the best bet for this. However, purely standard service doesn’t always cut it, as the long hours make flyers wish for an impeccable level of service. This is where Qatar Airways comes into the picture. Here are some things to know about it.

History and Statistics

Since it was founded in the year 1993, the airline has been headquartered at Doha’s Hamad International Airport, being the national carrier of Qatar. Distinguished for being one of the first Gulf-based airlines to join the one world Alliance, it started with humble origins, having just two aircraft flying to about 15 destinations in its maiden year of operations.  Under the control of the Qatari government, the airline has expanded to boast of a massive 167 aircraft.



The airline’s size and connectivity is almost unparalleled around the planet, with only a few close rivals. Qatar Airways flights travel to about 151 destinations worldwide, connecting flyers to international hotspots such as Miami, Durban, Beijing, Kuwait, Copenhagen and London.


When it comes to luxury, Qatar Airways ticket fares are often the most sought-after. This is because each Qatar Airways booking grants you a number of commendable perks onboard, namely:

  • Qatar Duty-Free allows you to browse through and purchase from an enviable collection of merchandise onboard, letting you skip the entire ritual at the airport itself.
  • It’s Oryx in-flight entertainment system is a class apart with one of the most comprehensive inventories of movies, books and music to be found in aviation.


Calling itself the ‘World’s 5-Star Airline’, every Qatar Airways flight’s status is backed up by the 75+ awards it has won in its lifetime.

So if you are looking for the right avenue to pay, trust us and fly Qatar Airways!

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