Jacketing all your needs!

The onset of the winter can mean various things to people around the world. This may range from hot soup meals and staying in with cups of coffee to even extra travelling in the fine weather. All the same, the dropping mercury and sudden change in climate spurs people to look for that extra layer of protection, be it in their food or even clothing, seeing how scarves, stoles and jackets tend to fly off the shelves. So if this winter you are looking to gift your man a jacket you can steal legitimately soon, here’s a few things to keep in mind!

Quality > Price

Good quality has never come at a subsidy. While you may save up on some cash in exchange for a more economical jacket, keep in mind the fact that the extra premium often makes the difference between something that will endure wear and tear over the years and stay intact against the forces of regular usage. Thus, while the final tally may be a bit pricey, take solace in the fact that the item will last, a testament to the superior quality you paid for.

Colours and makes

While leather has traditionally trumped other materials such as cloth, fleece and even hard-knit wool, the situation and climatic setting will have some influence on which is best suited. Find out about the general comfort in each kind and keep in mind that the colours are nothing too garish or bright. A jacket is, at its most basic, an accessory that shouldn’t overshadow the remainder of one’s attire. So pair makes and colours well.

Knick-knacks and customization

Is the wearer a fan of rivets and shiny buttons? Would having an anchor logo stitched on the side lend a touch of likeability? Do they prefer zips or Velcro? Jackets for men allow for a lot of customization beyond colour and material, giving you impetus to mould it to the wearer’s likes. Make the most of this!

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