Make Your Trip Memorable With Nas Air

Nas Air is Saudi Arabia’s first low-cost airline that has been introduced for all those who wish to indulge in economical travelling. This innovative airline offers a plethora of services to its customers in order to ensure that they enjoy an enhanced travel experience, making their trip memorable.Nyas air

One of the recent features to have been introduced in the airline is that you can receive your boarding pass directly in your smart phone. Saudi Arabia is one of the pioneering leaders to have introduced class-apart luxury airlines to the world at competitive fares, smart services and the provision of a young fleet. One of the youngest fleets of the nation is Nas Air that comprises innumerable flights covering several destinations, within and outside of Saudi Arabia.

Where do we fly?

This Saudi airline operates from Jeddah, Riyadh and twenty four other cities across numerous countries. Try booking Nas Air Dubai for that next trip, in order to experience a blissful trip, filled with the comforts that you find at home.

Nasair provides special services like no other

You can avail special services and fly even if you are an expectant mother. Some of the special services that you rarely find in other flights are listed below:

  • For expectant mothers: You can FlyNas even if your pregnancy is up to 27 weeks old. This would require you to provide your doctor’s certification at the check-in counter
  • Discounts for children: If you are a parent and are travelling with children, then you can avail special discounts and other offers. A discount of up to 50 percent is valid on domestic fares and up to 25 percent on international fares. In order to book child fares, you should log on to and follow the verification procedure of your child or children
  • Medical needs: Nas Air takes care of all your needs; be it special needs. You should simply inform the team about the nature of your illness and submit a doctor’s certificate

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