A place to work for society!

In a competitive age, most people around you will determine your worth by the monetary ambitions you are able to achieve once the rosy days of college and irresponsibility are over. However, for some individuals around the planet, work that they enjoy is more than just interesting tasks or even a fat pay-check at the end of the month. For such people, the idea of serving or giving back to the society that equipped and educated them is a highly prestigious thing, because the remuneration is moral in nature.

Which brings us to one of the most involved forms of not-for-profit endeavours; NGOs or non-governmental organizations, the best places to work not for yourself, but for others. Whether you are interesting in being a contributor or just curious, here are some things to know about them.CRY UK

The basics

An NGO is a body that exists for the sole purpose of bringing betterment in the condition of certain sections of society. When not catering to the needs of the underprivileged, these firms often initiate programs or drives that seek to improve awareness and collective help across societies regarding an important issue (e.g. The Red Cross offers medical aid while Amnesty International seeks clemency to delinquents and convicts)

Why work for them?

While to some the thought of working without pay (or comparatively lesser pay) may be an ego booster, there is much more to extending a helping hand here. For instance, working in an NGO for child rights may see you teach children basic subjects, gather old clothes or food and even conduct activities for them. These are possibilities that most children born in rough backgrounds will hardly experience if not for the concentrated effort to make this happen for them. While the experience may give you a professional edge, the abstract return from it is much more fruitful and cherished, as one learns how to work without expecting and can realize how deeply issues like poverty or exploitation can affect society.

Where to start?

Plenty of NGOs in UK or outside of it exist to be able to begin working for one. Places like CRY UK are a good option.

So ditch chasing cash and bring someone’s life back on track!


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