A Place to Protect the Young

We live in times wherein contradictory states or situations tend to thrive and exist even despite our best attempts at order. One such sphere that sees the majority of idealism being betrayed is the true extent of peace and health exuded by the society around us.

No matter what laws are enacted and what measures are enforced by the judiciary or executive, there are plenty of sections in society that continue to get a raw deal, remain increasingly susceptible to exploitation and get simply ignored, because voices have not been raised by the right people over their treatment on an every-day basis.

One such section is of children, arguably the most impressionable and consequently, vulnerable group in society. Despite legal provisions and advocacy, millions of kids are regularly subjected to horrible treatment such as exploitation, racketeering and poverty just to name a few.Cry america

Every child is entitled to some basic aspects like food, shelter, care and education. And due to the skewed controls that fail to safeguard them, the basic rights of children are often upheld in the world by non-profits, also known as NGOs.

A NGO (non-governmental organization) is essentially a legally existent entity whose raison d’etre is not profit, hence the moniker ‘non-profit’. These look to take care of the needs and requirements of sections of people who are disadvantaged or lag behind their peers due to a social or physical shortcoming that keeps them that way. The NGO does this by way of drives, teaching, recruitment, fundraising and even community service or volunteering activity that aims to raise a voice over the need to better conditions for them, in turn garnering the human and monetary support that is needed to realize these initiatives for the affected groups.

The best NGOs are global in outlook and highly mobile, with online as well as thriving on-ground units that aim for maximum reach and impact through their programs and branding.


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