Giving towards a better future!

One of the biggest strategic advantages India is thought to have among developing countries is widely accepted to be the huge proportion of a young workforce, with about half of the country being under the age of 30.

However, the ugly side of this is that there are practically millions of children who are abandoned, orphaned, underfed and often exploited by nefarious sections of society. With children being one of the most important resources that mankind has for the future, it is necessary to take some protective steps. The UN-mandated Convention for the rights of the Child and the Child Labour Law in India are both either legal or social measures to alleviate the condition of children who end up in challenging situations or backgrounds. But for those among us ordinary citizens who wish to participate in the cause of bettering a juvenile’s means of existence, donations come as a good alternative. Here are some things to know about donation.


It is easy to implement

If the issue is important enough for you to take notice but your schedule does not allow for engagement or allotting time, then the ability to donate can guarantee that your contribution is counted. For instance, plenty of people who live abroad or are not directly related to the cause/industry protecting the underprivileged, still manage to make their presence felt when it comes to making collective progress in this regard. This is possible due to…

Digital access

With many portals acting as online representatives for charities and NGOs, it is not a cumbersome task to take action, as an online donation ensures that you can aid even in a non-personal manner. Moreover, for those who are sceptical that a charity may misuse it or the amount may never reach the children, there is no worrying factor as the nature of a donation online is such that it reduces the number of hands/intermediaries that the money or aid passes through.

So just donate online and get someone’s life back in line!


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